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A new blog on Shadow of the Eternals

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Shadow of the Eternals

Okay, I noticed Asagea_888 on the Gamespot blogs has already done something like this but I wanted to make a blog of my own about one of the more talked about Kickstarter projects in recent memory, Shadow of the Eternals.

Check it out.

My quick thoughts on the Fez II cancellation

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While I have yet to play much of the first one on Steam, I can't say I'm disappointed the sequel isn't coming.

Mainly becaue I believe that Phil Fish should change his name to Phil D*ck. That is all.

My experience at PAX Australia

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PAX Australia

As the title implies, I was at PAX Australia over the weekend (Friday excluded, sadly) and had quite of a great time there. So well organized, so many things to check out, etc.

So in order to go into more detail, I've posted two blogs on my blogspot page about what I saw. Check them out. Video to come soon.

Part One: The Event

Part Two: Hardware & Games

Xbox One shock + The Last of Us review

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Xbox One

So a bit of shocking news has appeared about the Xbox One where they've decided to remove the DRM, online checks and other anti-consumer BS. I don't have much to say besides this...

I am happy that they're doing this because it was really hurting their image (besides the TV aspect and the Kinect being bundled in the console) and this was going to happen and I'm surprised it happened before the console is released. Now they could go back to it though but considering on how much bad press they got because of the Xbox One's DRM, etc. They'd be stupid to do that.

However, they need to show a strong showing of games at launch in order for me to buy one at said launch or otherwise, I'm going to wait for a price drop or until Quantum Break comes out. End of story.

Btw, no region locking? That's a surprise!

Now with that out of the way...


My review of The Last of Us is up on my Blogspot, so feel free to check it out but be warned, it may contain spoilers!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all later :D

About Deus Ex: The Fall

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Deus Ex: The Fall

For those of you who were disappointed at the reveal of Deus Ex: The Fall, let me englighten you...

This is probably all of Square-Enix's suggestion conisdering their new strategy is less focusing on console/PC games and more on mobile. I don't have the evidence to prove that claim but I do recall them saying something like that.

Although the thing that really cripples Square in the mobile department is how they ridiculously price gouge their titles when they're ports of classic gems or remakes on the DS and PSP and less about Final Fantasy: All The Bravest, the better.

I do await for a new Deus Ex for consoles and PC but for now, I want to get the Director's Cut on Wii U.