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Should entries in the Metal Gear series be remade?

Would it be a good idea to remake previous installments in the Metal Gear series? My answer is yes it would be. Many people complain about remakes all the time, but I believe that so long as they take the time to do good with it then it shouldn't be so much of a problem. I mean, I would truly love to see all the previous games in the series remade with all the current features seen in today's Metal Gear games, and more. I think it would be a great opportunity to bring old games in the series to a newer audience to bring in more fans and also to give the old fans a nice nostalgic feel.

Some people would say that they already tried that when they're made the first game to the Solid series, and that was for the Game Cube under the title of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Some liked it, other 's did not, for whatever reason. I however was a fan of it. One thing that was cool was that it brought features from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty over to it. Of course some things didn't feel the same as the original, such as it's grittiness. This could be due to whatever reason, probably regarding the fact that it was on the kid friendly system that is the Gamecube, or maybe that Silicon Knights handled the remake, or maybe a little of column A and B. Regardless, I say why not try it again, but expand beyond just the PS1 hit.

I believe that it would be a cool idea to say, start with remaking the original Metal Gears and bring those games to everyone because I'm sure a lot of people never got to experience that, even current and old fans of the series. Then if that works out move on up through the chronological, and sometimes confusing order of the series. Maybe make things more easily understood for those who have a hard time understanding it too. So I say yes, remake it, do it better and give it a nice new upgrade with features seen in the current games and maybe then some new ones. Though the timing on when they should start this I don't know yet.

There are still new games planned and coming to the Metal Gear series, so maybe they should just focus on all new entries and get more new stories fleshed out and maybe even move on to some new series to give Metal Gear some rest after they are done adding on to it. That way it will have a more nostalgic feel to everyone and it gets people to miss it all and want to go back to the series. Of course this series is still strong and I want to see them continue it as much as they possibly can so long as they continue to do a good job on it. So, do I think they should remake the games? Yes, but i believe they should wait until a later date. Whatever they do though, I will continue to follow and support the series for as long as it lives on and does good and hopefully that will be a long time.

P.S. Please do not take away features from previous game's in the series such as Peace Walker did like for instance with the absence of crawling. It was still a great game but i really missed that feature.

Long live Metal Gear!