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The world is a confusing place, full of wonder and enchantment. I wish I could understand it all, that life could be easy; challenge is overrated, bloated by the words of the skilled and happy. Not to say that I am not happy, I enjoy this life as much as any other; I just want to relax, need to. Stress is an overwhelming feeling, and the worst part is, stress gives you more stress: it is an inhibitor, slowing you down like a brake until you don't know what to or where to go. Music is my medicine, it calms the mind and sooths the soul. I am good now; I've past the various difficulties set before me, and although I know that there is more to come, I know the worst is behind me, and am truly satified.

Thank you to all that listen,


my dragon

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my dragon is now a child, please visit her so she will grow up quickly! (the link is in the blog post below)

My world

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updating you on everything matchoupatchou...

first of all, my dragon finally hatched!! ive made six items for her (yes its a she) but she cant use them until shes level 10 so please visit her page.

i got the concert 2 module in mln

my new lego halo movie will be up on youtube within 20 minutes

and i have my second ski race of the year tomorrow

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