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Guess who has a Ps3 slim!

i had a ps3 for a couple weeks exactly but i never got around to posting about it.

here a little lol for you i asked my mother to buy the station 3 for me so i gave her the money while i went to work. while at work i could think of nothing but my slim. it killed me being there but i fought through it and completed my day. so i get home and my mom tells me that they didn't have anymore left at gamestop or walmart. so i just shrugged it off thinking i have the money i just need to wait. then she ask me to iron something for her tomorrow since i have the only ironing board in my room. so i say "sure no problem" while taking off my work attire in front of the ironing board i get my shirt off and i just see my sister and mom staring at me and im like "what?" they say "nothing" we repeat the process about 3 more times i finally get to my shoes and take them off and there still looking at me so i say "what" with some authority in my voice and they just leave and say "nothin". confused and a little disappointed i sat at my desk and went youtube to watch ps3 videos (lol so pitiful) and out of the corner of my eye i see a bag and i now i didn't look go shopping today. so i turn and i swore to you i bust a nut as i see my ps3 in my gamestop bag. i then go out to my mom and sister who are in the living room and tell them "ok reallly....... really? yall some **** "well it about time you realized" apparently the ps3 was under the ironing board the whole time how i managed to miss it was unknown to me. i then asked her what did she want me to iron for her. she answered nothing i wanted to see your expression when i got it.

well you know how you look at a system for a while and then open it? i did that. owners manual? hahahahaha tossed that to the wind pfft who doesn't know how to hook a ps3 gaming system to a television. after a 3 min hook up i ran the system, did the updates and popped in resistance fall of man which is awesome but has cheap scares and then after a while played metal gear solid 4 both are awesome im so happy with my ps3 purchase i just need to get my wii back from my sister.

p.s. before i forget my psn name or whatever its called is nubzcake. (don't ask why)

Journey to play B3YOND (resumed)

well now all that money i had saved up... gone :cry:

i now have to start all over again, but worry not, i shall get there. but the saving process will take much longer this time as the job i have doesn't give me much hours.

Start date: June 19th,2009

$11 dollars


*sigh* man do i have a long way to go

Goodbye to one of Nicks best shows

Avatar the last airbender has aired its season finale :cry:

why.... it was the best thing nick ever had along with others (hey arnold, rugrats, rokkos modern life, etc.)

if you didn't see it then you missed out. if you never watched it then you really missed out.

Goodbye avatar we will miss you :cry:

R.I.P. to my buddy....

here lies my nintendo wii just yesterday it wouldn' t play any games anymore. not gamecube nor wii alike.:cry:

so i sent that sucker back to nintendo and demanded them to fix it. so i should get it back in a coulple of week.

but man thats a long wii-less wait. *Sigh* :(

MKDS time

i finally got my wireless router:D man MKDS is totally amazing online even though i got destroyed by someone snaking and PRBing what ever that other tecknique is:lol:. but anyway my FC is    


NIckname: Masterx1220

LEts race SomeTiME


Got my job

yes u read it right i finally got myself a job at demarco's i'm a dishwasher yes sir. so soon very very soon i will have my Wii and Xbox 360 plus other things i wanted like wireless router for the pc. and when that happens MKDS:D
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