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Not from what I saw.

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Well to each his/her own. I love the game, and had a great time playing it.

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Sucks it was cancelled, looks like it would have been a good game.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy

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It seems that many parents want their children to go out and have similar experiences that they themselves had as children. What those parents don't understand is that the world is a LOT different than when they were kids. Kids can't go play unsupervised as easily anymore due to things like gang violence, pedophiles/kidnappers, places that are safe or fun for kids to play are being shut down due to lack of funding, and most of their friends that COULD be outside playing football with them would rather stay in and play videogames.

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Like many I hated how linear the game was. I also believe it had the WORST cast from any of the previous titles in the series, and the fact that it had a battle system that could pretty much play itself didn't sit well with me either. I missed having towns to explore, instead all my shopping was done at the save points. Over half the game you were on the run from the enemy, which also made for a bad story IMO.

It just didn't live up to the epic greatness that the other games gave me.

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Waiting for more games. What's the point of having a next-gen system if you have nothing to play on it?

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No, and it goes the other way too.

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Gabriel Belmont/ Dracula from the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy.