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Urgrent 360 Help

Recently got a update from live, try instailled it console froze so turn off and turn once again instailled new update clicks yes...about 7 updates in kinda getting bs so went on live forum remove hard drive try again...same bs so remove hard drive about the 5th time and no console doesnt reconzing a hard drive. Question is what am i to do next heres are the option

1. Get a new hard drive praying hopefully will solve my problem

2. Call their tech support and seeing what help they can offer me

3. Send in my console hoping to get it repair

4. Buy the new console and transfering everything all to the new console

A little side hoping to avoid option 1 and 4 cuz really short on cash at the moment but if its comes to that then i will proceed with it oh and ps already check their fourms...didnt really help

As of today i am now 19 years of age

Now im gonna to do something enterinty different now and thats open my blog with a quote that i either made up or is simmilier to somebody whohas already said it anyways.

"They say as you age more and more you shell be more responsible, mature, and more knowledge" MS17 quote or some other famous person...I laugh why cause im not more responsible, still inmature and i think over the past years my knowledge has been going down instead of up...

Anyways moving on update in FF13 i still havnt beathen the second encounter with the pope...still being a pain in my...well you know what area. Been playing alot of Boarderlands lately, blackops, NFS hot pursuit and starting to get back in gears of war 2 before the 3 one later this year.

Waiting for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 even though i despiy fighting i still cant work wont go online though cause gonna get my butt smoke either by somebody whos button smash, Pratice really hard and play no other game or choose the cheapest character in the entire game on their team. Bullet Storm why u ask...well lets just say u can do funny things to kill people and that shell keep me entertent for GoW 3 beta...yea and so on

Also i have notice i been here for(Insert amount of number)years now and i havnt really open my self up to my friends list or any section of my profile so i will like anybody with question to take the floor and ask dont be shy i wont get mad and im doing one of those "Ask user question bio and user shell replay" blog but thats near the botton of this blog and do you want me to blog more or leave like this sorry for the pole. Usuelly u can either catch me on live or "Social Networks" so yea

Update Entry

Just here to make a update and to make sure nobody heres thinks im gone or worst just updateing my games list so forth and its been a awhile since last blog

Need help in FF13

On disc three how do you beat the pope the second time. Feel free to post what characters u use the paragrim system u use, items and any other helpful tips for me cuz he really been a pain in my... lately and i well try these tips myself to see if i can beat him using your stregtey


Which Arcade game should i get?

Got some MSP points to kill which arcade game would you recommand

Marvel vs capcom 2

Toy solider

castle crasher

or should i get add ons

Halo wars add on (Dont know which one yet)

MW2 Map pack said to be relese this spring

Dont know wat to get so can anybody help

Boxing day update

So after waiting inline at bestbuy for an hour. I manage to get Fable for $19.99 with no taxes and 28 MS points i decided to skip buying Borderlands and DA.Origins cuz i misestimate the amount of money i had in my bank by $30 doller and i got sick the next day...nice Plans for next year go about 2 hours eariler to be further in the lines

Huge tech sale day aka boxing day or Black friday

First lets just say i got my 360 bck from wherever they fix it on December. 16. Sencond thing is that in canada right after x-mas we have a holiday called boxing day (kinda like america's black friday) except all electronics are 70% or more off beside 90% that would be true hell. Ok i ask my dad is we can go to boxing day to get my x-mas/b-day presents he said it was ok. First store i went to was Best-Buy lets just say the parking lot was crowed and the store was even more crazy. I went to the game section to find world at war for $39 doller good deal right. well onced i got there wasnt any copies left so i ask the guy and he said they were all sold out. So next i went to future shop and guess what same thing. Wal-mart is next cause i always got a backup store just incase i cant find a game when i got there were two copies left of world at war sadly i waited too long to ask the store clerk person to get me a copie and i lost both of them. Well one of them went to this one person to look like he enjoy FPS while the other one went to these two girls who look nothing like viloence gamer type people (no offense to any girls reading this blog). After that i decided to go to EB games and see if they had world at war. Lets just sayd the line went from the store all the way across the midde of the mall to almost HMV. Then i saw a flyer and it look like they had some good deals so i told my dad to wait in line just incase so i decided to check HMV and it turns out they did have a copy so i told my dad and we bought it from there oh and heres some of the great deals i saw

52" flat panel HD tv for $677-that was a great deal

the guitar hero world tour and the previous guitar hero guitar for $15 doller great bandle

oh here's a littite reminder if you ever going for black friday or boxing day. Go early oh and ps get ready to smell some bad Bo and smoker clothing