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I'm back!+news:o

hey guys sorry I haven't been active or haven't been commenting on your blogs but I have been really busy with school and I was just too lazy to get on and I was thinking of leaving but I couldn't stop thinking about my friends on this site and I just decided to come back on.But I also got some more new you guys know that I haven't been commenting on your blogs for a while when I was active for a little it was because I just couldn't stand my user name anymore it was starting to sound childish to me so I made a new gamespot account I called it LightWarrior948). so one thing I gotta say is that I'm back online and this shall be my last blog on this user account and I hope that you guys track my new profile thats all I ask for.


level 16!!

wahooo I'm now level 16 magician lord8) so lets celebrate by haveing some cookies....

don't worry, you guys can take as much as you want theres plenty for everyone;).

the worst game I have ever played -_-

you guessed it it was super man on the N64 I don't know why I bought it but I can tell you I made a terrible mistake getting this game.

it all started one day when I was 8 years old I wanted to buy a new game so I got my dad to take me to the store and then I saw super man for the N64(and back then I worshipped super man:P) I got all excited so I got the game and when I got home I couldn't wait to play it but what I got was a big dissapointment:cry:. I played the game and guess what happend I achilly(spelled that horribly wrong:lol: ) found it to be super....Bad!!!!!!!!!!

uggh this game was horrible its graphics were crap,fighting enemys was like boring-_-, it had way too many gliches that you couldn't count at all. so since I was little all I was thinking was that it was to hard for me to play for my age so I didn't play it till I got older, so now that I'm 15 years old today I decided to play it again I may be better then I was a long time ago I was still having trouble with this game its just so bad that I decied to take the game outside and I grabbed our axe and I broke the worst game known to men in pieces, there was no point to selling it I mean why would anyone buy a piece of crap:?. so I can see why gamespot gave it 1.3 it was terrible:x.So if any of you don't have this game and was thinking of buying it don't do it this game was a waste of money and time so for your warning everyone just make sure to avoid this game at all costs.

4 new games in one day :O

wow it sure has been a while since I wrote my last blog, anyways what has happend is that yesterday me and my bros got some spanken new games yesterday cuz we were planing to get them since sunday, so my dad said that he would take us to game crazy yester day after noon so we each bought one game with our own money(excepted me I bought 2 games cuz I've been saving my money unlike my little bothers they using up their money on candy,toys and all the crap that kids want thes days:P). so the games that we got were:

Me: pokemon palituim: this is a great pokemon game its just like the others but with some new pokemon that you wish that were in the others.

I also got 007 golden eye for the n64, this game is the crap on the n64 its just too awesome:P

my lttle brother gamedude246 got punch out!! for the wii,the game is really great even though its a remake of the nes one this game totally kicks butt8)

and my littlest brother Luigiman66 got chibi-robo, this game is pretty fun even though it does have its kiddish moments its still a great game but I think of it as a virtule chore game since the game is about cleaning up someones crap they leave on the floor:roll:.

so these are the new games that me and my bros got so I don't know if I'll be able to be on gamespot that much anymore so thats about it.


the answers to your questions........

Slyfur: well I've been addicted to super mario galaxy that I decided to put a pic of it as my banner but it looks like it to big I need to fix it but I just too lazy >_>,and yeah I like that song.

psp8976: nope I've been a nintendo fan since I was 3 and I'll continue being one untill I get old^_^.

macrules_640: thats a tough one but if I had to choose I guess I go with pizza since I really enjoy it.

megamannt123: my favoit anima would have to be dragon ball Z, and my fav game series is the zelda games.

hmmmm I sure didn't get as much questions as I thought I would get but thats ok since this was my first time doing a blog like this I'll let pass.

ask me anything you want me to answer.

alright everyone today for a blog I'm letting you know that today I gonna let you all ask me any question you want me to answer you guys can ask me 1 to 3 questions or just go with one and tomorrow I'll read your questions and answer them.

so go ahead and ask me any questions you want me to answer.

I saw transformers 2 yesterday.

just like the title says,me and my friend went to see this movie it was pretty good but I like the first one more but this movie was really good if any of you haven't seen this movie then you guys should see it I recommand you see it but just so in case you have not seen it you must beware cuz this movie has a lot more profanity then the first one and it may have its fair share of some perverted scenes(which I won't say cuz I don't want to get in trouble with gamespot:P) but it really is a good movie.Right now I guess I'll talk about the good and the bad:

the good: a lot more action in it then the first, has a great sense of humer,and has a solid story.

the bad: the twin autobots were very annoying,bumble bees voice wasn't in the movie at all(WTF?).

overall transformers 2 is a great movie it may not be as good as the first one and it may have gotten bad reveiws but if your a fan of the first one this is a great movie for anyone.

my score: 8.5