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University Life

Well everyone, its been a long time. Lots of stuff has been going on lately and I've actually missed writing down whats been happening.

I'm currently in the my second year studying Physics at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. As of this writing, I'm in the middle of studying for my Electricity & Magnitism, Quantum, and vector Calculus finals. Its been a pretty tough term; I've basically abandoned my old way of playing video games all the time due to time contraints.

But lets back up a bit, I have a lot to type about. I didn't do a single post in my freshman year here, so I'll do my best to sum it up. Looking back at it, all I can say is "Stupid Frosh". I honestly have no idea how I managed to survive last year. In my 1A term (that would be first term, first year) I tried to partake in far to many activities than I should have. Frosh week was amazing though. Too many good stories to type them all up right now, but I remember convincing the manager at a Lexus dealership to bring down one of his expensive cars for the science scavenger hunt.

In 1B, I pretty much dropped everything in order to play World of Warcraft. It was a terrible idea looking back on it, but I did have some of the best fun I had had in a long time through that game with people, who at the time, were my friends. I'll talk about that in a while too. By talk I of course mean type. Back to how I did, 1B was worse than 1A. I almost completely became your complete sterotypical WoW player. Didn't do anything with people. Didn't do my homework. Sometimes I didn't even shower for days at a time. It was bad. I ended up with a 50% in calculus 2, and a 56% in chemistry. Granted, I've hated chemistry for a while now, and will never take a pure-chem course again, but I should have done much better for such an inherently easy course.

In the past summer I was employed in a summer-student government IT position. At this point I still played WoW too much, and got distracted easily at work. Although to be honest, I wouldn't dought that they expected this. My main project for the summer was to build an internal website for them to use. Normally this would take about, oh, a month or so of solid work on my end. I had just over 3 months to do it however. To top it off, I didn't receive the exact specification of what they wanted until close to the end of the summer. It was at this point that I had to impliment a lot of database stuff in a short period of time....and I didn't know much at all about db work. Oddly enough I'm taking a db course right now as my CS elective.

The job treated my well though. I made some good contacts with some of the people that work there; some of the people in accounting and the actual IT guy.

Close to the end of the summer I had to let a good friend of mine go. AKA I told him to frack off. Some people who look on the situation see it as "just over a video game" or what not, but its deeper than that. This guy, named Dan, decided to become power hungry. You see, up until this point, in WoW there were 3 of us that decided to make a guild to have fun. We've known each other for all of highschool. When we created the second guild (this time on horde) our friend that we made online came with us. She helped us level up these new characters with the ones that she transfered over to the server that we chose. Skip forward a few months (this guild was made at the beginning of the summer when we rolled the horde characters) and now Dan is insulting myself and the girl that came with us in the first place. What really did it for me was all the lieing and insulting to her that he did. We all talked to him about it several times, but nothing changed. So I just said frack this, and haven't talked to him since.

This term has been much better. I cleaned myself up, started to attempt to look respectable, and really buckled down on my studying. Its been a difficult term, but now that I'm living on the upper year floor in residence again with my friends, I have some good friends to help me get through the work, including a great roommate this year. I kinda feel bad right now though, right as I'm typing this he's going to bed, but he said that it was fine with him that I finish typing this. He really is a great roommate. He's on coop this term though, so its not like he has finals to study for tomorrow.

Now where was I? Or right, 2A term. At the beginning of this year, I was a frosh leader for our residence, which was an amazing time. I made everyone think that I was a loving person, but in fact, that's only when I don't know them. In general, this year's work load, combined with my lack of martial arts and having to fix the noob's computers really made me sour in general to everyone. This showed when I was given all around poor reviews by the residence in regards to my attitude when helping people with their internet issues. Since 1A I've been the internet-fixit-guy, but after that review I was essentially fired. This honestly doesn't really bother me as I was mostly doing the residence a favor than wanting the job (the pay was terrible for what I was doing...$250 a term for my skill set? Yeah right...). Oh well, I've actually already been giving off less of an angry attitude towards the frosh here already. It'll be fun to see what happens next term though as I was the one with all the knowledge around here to fix anything. Not my problem however :)

Speaking of martial arts, looks like I've found a group of people to practice with starting next term. This makes me happy as I've really gotten out of shape since I started university. I'm going to be very happy to get back into it.

Going back to good friends that I live with, I made a new friend here that I enjoy hanging out with on the floor (other than my roommate that I hadn't met before coming here this term). Her name is Claire and I really enjoy hanging out with her. I'm not going to go into more details however since I respect her and I'm not sure how much she wishes random stories that involve her to be on the internet.

Some of you may remember a certain ex-girlfriend of mine that I typed about a few years ago. Well, long story short, she decided last night to send me a message on gchat. Now, everytime I've seen her since that summer, my blood pressure has just about doubled as I feel my heart fill with rage or something. I'm not quite sure to be honest, its probably adrenaline pouring straight into my heart or something causing it to beat really strong (not fast mind you). Anyways, the moment I saw her name in the message, bam, there it goes. I didn't even respawn; just blocked her. I couldn't sleep for a while after that because I had to wait for my heart to calm down. Enough about that though.

I really hope that I do well on my exams this term. I don't really have the option to screw up anymore.

Also, I just remembered: STEPHEN HAWKING IS COMING TO THE PERIMETER INSTITUTE!!! Ahem. Yes I'm excited for this. The location of that building is very VERY close to the campus so I'm going to get a chance to meet him! EEEEEEEEEE SO EXCITED!!!!

I'll leave this post at this for now. I've got more things that I want to talk about, but I'm starting to feel really bad about doing this while my roommate sleeps. I'll leave it at this though, I'm looking to move to a different blogging site. Something more dedicated to blogging than GS :P. Man I feel odd typing blogging. I'm not really interested in making something that hundreds will read, but more of a way to keep track of my adventures for future reading in a format that I wouldn't mind other people reading (such as my friends). I did some quick checking while typing this up, and I've seen Blogger and LiveJournal. If any of you have some feedback as to what I should use, that would be great.

Until next time!


End of my Senior Year

Today was my last 2 exams in highschool for ever. I had physics on wed, discrete math on thurs, and chem + comp sci today. Chem was my worst of the 4, but comp sci the best :P. Took me only ~25minutes to do that 1.5 hour exam lol. Totally owned it.

Anyways, I'm just so happy that I'm done. Happy, yet sad at the same time. I basically ran my school in the background, and made good friends with some of the teachers there. I'm also leaving a lot of my life long friends as they go to UoT and I head to Waterloo :(. Oh well, life goes on!

I also got my mark for my comp sci final project. Perfect of course :). He had low standards though, many people got above perfect (due to there being a few bonus marks). I would have too if I made my manual better with more screenshots (kinda should have because of the complexity of my program, but that's ok!). He said on the bottom of the page that it's one of the best programs that he's ever encountered. I'm currently applying for a project space on sourceforge for my program, and I'm already getting some ideas to make it better.

Back on topic, I'M DONE! YEAH!

2 weekends ago was my prom. That was sweetness. Other than the fact that the music sucked (it was 97% indian rap music). And I know that it actually sucked and not just my opinion because some of my dancing machine friends didn't enjoy it, and like 1/2 of the entire ****didn't. Oh well, my guest and I looked totally awesome. We were clearly the best looking people there! I also managed to snag Prom King...which is a fluke. You one voted except I won by one They never even showed the list of the nomenees, so they let me win :P. We didn't have a crown or king + queen dance though, mainly because we found this all out just after the dance ended and people were leaving. To tell you the truth, I didn't even vote until they came up to me and my friends asking if any of us wanted to be prom king or queen because nobody voted. I said yes right away, wrote my name down, and put it in the box. Which made me win lol.

Well, now I have more time to devote to my job. I'm a supervisor at the new theater that's just about to open up in my town, so I'm excited. I'm loving the work so far, so I should have a good summer :).

Until next time!

Back From Vancouver!

Yeah! That trip was sweet! Our jazz band got gold, our vocal band got gold, and the jazz combo group got silver! YEAH!

Right, should explain. Went on a music trip to vancouver for a week for MusicFest 07. I had a wicked time with my friends.

There are way to many stories to type about. However, if any of my good GS buds want to see some pictures, just hollar. I was the official photographer, so I took a TON of pictures in the course of only one week :). 


AHHHHHHH poop! The past two days have been good and bad. VERY BAD.

Yesterday: Pirate Day. Good! Job interview that went well. Good! Finding out that they are putting a DDR machine in the new theatre that's opening in my town. Good! Finding out that I can no longer go to Games Day. BAD. AHHHHH!!!

Today: Went back for another interview with the same people. Good!  Finding out that there is no alternative way to get to games day. BAD! There was also something else that happened today that made me a little sad, but I have to make sence of the situation first because I can even start to type it in some sort of understandible method.


So ya. Basically a few months worth of planning all down the drain. Great.

End of April Update and Soon to happen stuff

First off, I didn't get around to typing up the rest of that prior blog. GS's glitchyness turned me off it. lollerskates. Plus, I can't really remember what else I was going to say :P.


Anyways, on to current times! Last Friday was the Pasta Dinner at my school, good times that was. Showed off my new found rubik cube solving skills to everyone. Yes, that's right, I can solve the rubik cube in less than a million years. Actually, Friday was the first day I got it. I timed myself on sunday and I managed to do it in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Not that bad! I love it when people at my school are like "omg can you solve that?!!?!?!" and I'm like "no, I carry it around for the hell of it......of course I can!". I also love it that everyone the first thing they say is that I must have just taken the stickers off or something about that's how they would do it. Lmao, I then do it and they're like :O ZOMG. lollercopter

Next thursday is Pirate Day at my school! I've been assisting with the planning of this new day that the music councel is running (I'm on that in case you guys forgot). So, for that day, me and the music councel pres are not shaving for 2 weeks to grow some mean beards for pirate day. As of today, it's about the half way marker, and it's already pretty bad :P.

Then not to long after that, I'm heading out west to Vancouver for the music nationals with my school. I may not actually play an instrument, but I get to go anyways as the photographer / filmer / instrument caddy. WOOP :P. It's a week long trip on May 14th to May 20th. It's going to rock!

A few weeks after that during the first week in June is my prom! I do have a date already too (no Fayt, it's no a guy). My friend and I are going together, and, she just happens to be like the best lookin girl at my school! Boo ya!

Oh ya, got my midterms too. 90% average, not too bad!


I think that's it for now. Later guys 

Blog from the Dead

Ya ya ya, I know. I haven't posted here in ages. I kept wanting to, but never got around to doing it. Meh, it's all good. I also would like to point out that FireFox is being all laggy on me as I type this, so if there are mistakes, oh well. lol

Let's see here, what's happened since last post. Well, lots of stuff. We had Rockstar day shortly after Funday. I got the entire day off to play DDR. I was also dressed up with my friends as the Village People. lol, we did the YMCA with thrusting and everything to the entire school. lol. It was also my first real DDR experience. I have since managed to secure myself an xbox (for free btw), soft modded it, and put like every ddr song ever made on that thing. I now play on heavy :D.

First semester is over, did pretty well for poop arse courses. Averaged an 86%, which is good considering I had biology and english, two courses I've always hated. I've now got physics, chemistry, descrete math, and computer science. Woot woot.

Been accepted to a few universities so far. I'm happy. I should see a few more pretty soon. Woot to that too.

Had a snow day on valentines day. So what does a nerd like me do? Learn like half the entire computer science curiculum for this year. lol, that was interesting that day. My eyes were bleeding. No kidding either, the bottom of them were pretty darn red. lol. w/e

Started my final project in computer science already though. It's going to be a high forbidden drive to do some sweet stuff has gotten my friend (who's equally awesome in programming) off his arse and start an epic final project as well. He's choosen the game path. But he's going with 3D. So now we are basically helping eachother out hear and there. We're trying to basically figure out how to make a 3D engine from scratch, so we have to do all the math and physical experiments in the halls and stuff to figure it all out. At least it keeps us engaged.

I did finally get Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the 'cube though. Around 40 hours later, I beat it. With OoT being my favorite game of all time, I was died without TP. It's quite the awesome game, one of the best for the 'cube. This is a game that everyone should play. Now I'm trying to figure out all the events told in it fits in the Zelda timeline.

Did the computer science competition agian, got first again (as far as I know so far, scores will be in soon). Me and my friend were once again the only ones to do the senior problems, all the other little noobs did the junior ones. That was a fun 3 hours though.

[edit] good job GS, you ate the rest of my post. Now I'm going to have to retype it all. Well, I'll do that at a later time though.


Well, last night was the Music Activity Councel's (of my school) special event, Funday. It's suppose to be a music student only thingy, but I got to go because I do their website. I don't even play an instrument :P. Me FTW++.

Anyways, that was an amazing day. Got to leave early from school to help setup (it was off school, that's why). I had to carry the Mac on my lap in the van the entire way there (I am the tech guy after all :P). So that was WAY too close that I ever want to get to an Apple product. Har har har.

I had so much fun. I was a leader of a group (naturally). Yellow team specifically. I was way to energetic that day. I would start random yelling contests with my friend (leader of Green team). Whenever moving fro mone location to another was involved, yelling was manatory. I also insisted my team call me Commander Steve. Yellow face painting occured. It's funny, they went from not really trusting me with painting their faces, to absolutely loving me in a matter of an few hours. It's amazing what I can do :D.

So then to the purpose of the Mac. After we did all the activites (longest and pretty damn fun was our loose-boundaries CTF), we had some BBQ (140+ hambergers for $36 :D...good job Dan!), and then to the dance. Me taking off my clothes (at the request of M.A.C. president of course) while dancing on a chair was 100% needed. Pictures of that to follow :twisted:.

Dan (friend) bought 3 cases of Moutain Dew Fuel for all the important people (basically the leaders :D ). Now I'm not one to drink caffiene or cabonated drinks, but damn it, a good portion of my pictures I was holding one. Caffiene + Sugar + Need-to-be-uber-energetic + Adreneline + My Personality = By far the most insane person last night.

Lastly though, at the end of the day, after the last song, I managed to loose my balance, fell backwards, and for some reason, choose to break my fall with my wrists :(. My right one is 95% ok now, but the left is STILL hurting like a B!TCH. Had to write a test, and since I'm left handed, that took me like 3 times as long as everyone else :(. I basically had to drag my pen around, tighting any muscle hurt to much. *tear*. LOL. But then I couldn't play vollyball, so I had to keep score. Damn. Oh well. It was worth it (as in Funday :P ). At least it's feeling better now. Or that may just be the drugs talking.

A Few Weeks Later

Aight, I feel like a blog post. Not sure why, but I feel that I should give you all an update, maybe you'll have something to comment on.

School is tuff being in grade 12. Although gym is a breeze, english and bio aint a walk in the park. Especially english. Damn I hate english. Soooo many essays to do. Oh well, gotta get a good mark for university entrance.

While on the topic of school, we're giving the soundroom a makeover. In case you didn't know, I'm incharge of the audio equipment at my highschool, I've got a key and everything. It's the powerful stuff that is used in the cafe where school assemblies are held. So I get to pick the music and stuff. Neways, we just put in a much bigger mixer, added an equilizer, and got some more cords to perma hookup the CD player and the tape deck player in addition to the computer. Now were getting some more lighting, shelving, moving outlets around, etc etc. It's going to be hawt. Plus, the room is designed in such a way that it's the perfect makeout room :wink:. Now of course, if I had a gf then I could use it for that :P.

Remember those earings that I made for Victoria for her 18th birthday back when we were dating? Well, I'm making some more geek bling, this time for myself. I managed to get my hands on some old Pentium 1s, so I cut all the pins off on of them in preperations to make it into a necklace. Problem is though, that these old chips were covered in very tough ceramic, so cutting a hole through it is going to be a b1tch. It'll be worth it though. I'm going to use my position as "the cool geek" to make being a geek cool. I see sooo many geeks at my school that are just so shy, afraid to show who they are. I'll be damned if I go back to that way of life.

Oh, mentioning Victoria reminds me of something. Yes, we are talking again.'s just...she seems like she still doesn't want to. No, I'm not dweling on our dating relationship anymore, I just want my very good friend back.

Went to a fall fair with my friends the other day. Their was a destruction derby. One car had a pirate flag. Let's just say that that car became our favorite, and that we were by far the biggest @sses there :D. "PIRATE CAR!!!!!" Good times, good times....

Oh, no, I haven't gotten those sunglasses from Sam yet. I was like "WHERE'S MY SUNGLASSES?!" and she said that they are on her shopping list, but she hasn't had a chance to go shopping yet. Oh well. I got a pair of versace ones from my house, so those will be fine for now. Plus, they're actually very nice.

Anyways, if you have any comments, please leave them. I always like to hear from you guys. Also, if you have any ideas for more geek bling (for example, ideas for rings) please leave them.

I shouldn't have a computer...

Well, ever since Victoria broke up with me, I had this surge of extra time and carefree personality when it comes to the computer.

There has been specific milestones in my computer knowledge where it's increased at a rapid rate. Most recent-ish include getting cable internet and joining the OCU. My latest turn isn't the prettiest.

I promiced myself a few years ago that I would try to stay away from hacking. I knew that if I started back then, I would become too good for my own good. Well, I'm older now, and now that Victoria isn't as much of a distraction when I'm on the internet, I've pointed myself towards other activities. I'm sure you can guess. And no, it's not porn :P.

Oh well.

I shouldn't enjoy it so much though.