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Yeah that's right you all. February 23, it's on. Sadie Hawkins lol. It's time us guys get a break for crying out loud. Except, i've never been to a sadie hawkins, so what's the rules of engagement here? Do the girls pay for everything, or do they just ask you and you have to pay?

Life is Crap

I think girl's only purposes in life is to take men's hearts, rip them out, and crush them. At least all the girls I met. Yeah, life is terrible.

New Games B-Day Friday

GETTING a couple GREAT games for my b-day, or so I think..... :)

I think its assassin's creed, maybe COD4 and someting else too.

Anyways, im excited, btw my gamertag is methd2mymadness now

Getting Graw, I hope to review it for you all soon!

That's right.  I downloaded the demo from the marketplace, and I found it simply irresistable.  After all, who can refuse ghost recon?  Anyways, I am getting that. And you all, I just got a year of online for 360.  My gamertag is cmbak2009, so send me a friend request you all!!

Dang. School's over, and I didn't ask out the girl I wanted to.

Well, there was this hot girl at school I wanted to ask out before school was over, but I never got the courage to.   Socomgamer, do not ask me who it is.  I will NEVER tell you.  Anyways, I will probably never contact her over the summer, so I guess I will have to try next year.  I just got to ask her out....

Anyways, getting 1 year of online, and making a clan.  More details later!!

I'm back

Haven't been on in a while, can't explain.  I have just been MAJOR busy (you have no idea!) 

Anyways, got Oblivion and KH2.  I beat them, and I dominate, of course.  They were INCREDIBLE.  I totally recommend that you guys get them. They are great stories, and they are well worth the wait.


I'm sorry I haven't been on guys.  I am so sick.  I have over 100 degree temperature and all that jaz.  Coughing, headache, all that jazz.  So now you know why I won't and will not be on for a while.  Sorry guys.

KH2 or Oblivion?

Well Oblivion is awesome. I can play it on my 360, and I can up my gamerscore. On top of that, it is an RPG. You could pretty much never get tired of it. KH2 is awesome though. I have been waiting for this game for over 2 years, and it is supposedly REALLY long. What do you all thing?
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