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Dark Souls & Skyrim

Really enjoying going back through Dark Souls and Skyrim. Forgot how addicted Skyrim is playing for hours straight without putting it down. Really hope that the PS3 gets the new Dragonborn DLC this crap where PS3 is getting screwed on the DLC is retarded. The first two sound pretty meager actually and I'm disappointed with what I've seen. Think I will get the DLC for Dark Souls as well.

Sleeping Dogs Platinum

Been trying to get the platinum for this game, the only game I've really put an effort into trying to get 100% completion. I hate the medals in game. How some medals like the stealth kill one will go 5, 10 and then 20 but then one like the wrecker is goes 10, 25 ,50. I don't get it . Kind of makes me hate the game when they do that and the trophy system. Some of the medals are good but others are just stupid and take grinding to get. You'd think they would try to make them more fluid like the headshot one. I only have 6 in the fluid strike one which I guess is something with free running attacks/disarms and I am pretty sure I have disarmed a ton of people while hopping over obsticales as well as the spring attacks. Still got the loan shark and car missions and then buying all the clothing and cars and I think thats it after I get the 30 silver and gold trophies.

Borderlands 2 Fun

Having a great time playing Borderlands 2. It keeps everything that made the original awesome and takes it up a notch. Also the customization to the characters looks is a bonus. I feel that the progression is a little slow though, maybe that's just me. I felt that in the first game as Roland, I was able to upgrade my turret quicker while in here as axton I haven't got a single upgrade to it yet. I have branched into all three trees though so if I would've stuck with just one or mostly one I would have one by now. Currently going for the bubble shield and then the mag-lock.