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The next, full GTA game will be released on...

October 2010.
I know there is a rumor with GameInformer saying new GTA game in 2009, but I don't think so.

Q1 2009 we have GTA IV Lost and Damned for the 360.

Q3/Q4 2009 they will most likely release the second GTA IV Episodic pack.
Not to mention they're working on GTA Chinatown Wars for the DS due for 2009, which pretty much rules out any chance of a full GTA game (on home consoles) in 2009.

So, looks like 2010 for sure? And my guess is that the next GTA will be released on October -- because it's long enough since they released IV and it will be going back to it's October release date tradition.

What do you think? Feel free to use this if you want.