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Why cant i buy Infamous SS for the discounted price but i can for all the other choices?? id pull the trigger on this but of course something goes wrong

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Id say the 360 as even tho sales were almost identical microsoft almost quadrupled its user based from the previous gen while sony lost half of theirs.

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Dead Rising 3 is a X1 exclusive, Deep Down is a PS4 exclusive... has Capcom announced a game this gen that isn't exclusive?

It could be, due to lack of funds, they are turning to MS and Sony to publish/fund their games in exchange for exclusivity. It makes good business sense if they are having issues funding them internally

Cant believe everyone just ignored this. Capcom is in financial troubles and cant even afford to make games so if Sony/MS is willing to provide the funding then they'll get the game.

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Im at 72% now if anyone cares to know. Definitely not a great start in terms of impressions as a new xbox one owner

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I was in the same boat as you having not played cod mp since mw3. I started playing black ops 2 this year and its amazingly fun after having not playing cod in forever. I also then went and tried ghosts mp and it is terrible in comparison to black ops 2. Black ops 2 still has 140k online at peak times (had 146k last night) so you don't have to worry about finding players as that's as much as ghosts right now lol.

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Got the titanfall bundle today too. Started installing at around 11:15am, its 5:04pm right now and only at 52%...

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The PS4 bundle is a ripoff. It would be a little bit surprising to me if it actually outsells the Titanfall bundle. It would also be a pretty good sign that Microsoft may be in trouble this gen.

How is it a ripoff? wtf?

The entire point of a bundle is to save some money on the bundled items. This bundle is exactly the same price as buying everything separately.

It's not even an official bundle. It's a Gamestop bundle because they are still sold out of standalone PS4s and everything comes out to regular price.. It's not like they jacked up the price..

Every online retailer does house bundleswhen they are low on console stock and demand is high.

So hes exactly right, its a ripoff. They are forcing you to spend more money on stuff you may not necessarily want for the sake of getting a ps4.

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Whats the point of making that a bundle tho? Doesn't seem like it saves you any money opposed to buying them seperately

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Amazon is finally listing it at $29.99 now. Cool. I'm not much of a clairvoyant, but something tells me we won't be seeing many new games produced by major companies (like Konami) priced this cheaply this gen. This is a rare treat.

A two hour game for 30 bucks is a treat???

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Because it's not the second fastest selling console of all time.

PS2 sold faster.Wii sold faster.

As an aside, right now, the sales trajectory of the Xbox One is like that of the Wii U; even the Wii U managed to sell 3.5 million units in its first month, and look where it is today.

Gotta love when people make shit up