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I've Updated My Now Playing List

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Well as usual I've gotton back into some of my old classics, and got a new saturn game that i'm playing. They're all great games, and I'd recommend them to you guys.

Thanks for reading.

Another New Sig and Short Story

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Ok guys, currently my brother and I are playing Super Mario Kart. You guys probably don't know this, but Super Mario Kart was my first videogame ever. (well either that or Super Mario World but I'm pretty sure it was Mario Kart) Back when I was like 6 and my brother was like 5, we beat the entire game, golded the whole 150cc and everything, but then one sad day (this was a good while after we were done playing it) I turned on the game and it didn't work, which was typical for my SNES. Now here comes the scary part... :o. Despite my better judgement I turned the game on and off really fast a few times and it got erased. We never decided to try to beat it again, until me and Tomic2505 started playing it a little when he came over a few weeks ago.

Well now me and my brother are trying to beat it again, and I think that it is the hardest Mario Kart (at least console-wise) but also probably the most fun because it's actually in go karts and is unique.

So basically I decided once again to make another sig, so I made in on Super Mario Kart, even though I'm pretty sure I made one a WHILE ago on the same subject.

supermariokart.png picture by redblueyellow9

Please rate and comment. I like to hear what you guys have to say. Also check out my NiGHTS sig below.


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Hey guys, I finally made another sig. It is of NiGHTS because I just got NiGHTS Into Dreams for my new Saturn. I haven't got to play it yet, as I just got back from 2 weeks of sleep away camp, but I might post some impressions soon. Btw camp was fun it was a Greek Orthodox camp so we learned about religion but also had some crazy times tubing and jetskiing.

Here's the sig, please rate and comment please :D.

nightssigcopy.png picture by redblueyellow9

The Saturn Came

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Well, it shipped yesterday and is already at my house today. So far it looks pretty awesome, though I only have Saturn Bomberman so far. Also in like 2 hours I'm going to pick up Tomic2505 so we can try it out together.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

Sega Saturn, All Cords, Saturn Bomberman, 10 Contorllers, and a Multi Tap-$57

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Well, I'm getting a Saturn in a few days. I've been looking on ebay and found this deal. Saturn Bomberman supports 10 player multiplayer, and I got a Saturn with all cords, 10 controllers, and a multi tap for $57. I think this is a great deal because I've seen just the power cords going for $20 and multi taps going for even more. Not to mention 10 controllers lol and a game.

I also found all these games being sold together on ebay:

Panzer Dragoon Zwei II
Nights Into Dreams
The Legend of Oasis
Sega Rally
Virtua Fighter Remix
Jurassic Park:The Lost World
Fighters Megamix

And these Japanese Import games:

Deep Fear 2 discs
Vampire Savior
Thunderforce V special pack
Konami Antiques MSX Collection
Fire Prowrestling 2
Samurai Spirits:Zankourou Musouken
Samurai Spirits:Amakusa Kourin

The auction ends in a few days but hopefully I can get this group of games at a good price. Once I get this I will probably sell the Japanese games since I can't play them.

The thing is that there are excellent games that only came out in japan, especially 2D shooters, fighters and RPG's, so I will probably eventually end up getting an action replay that will let me play imports, but just as long as I can get those 7 American games I'll be fine for awhile.

P.S. I can't wait for Galaxy 2, Other M, and New Super Mario Bros.

Thanks for reading everyone, and if you read this please leave a comment.

Oh ya and I guess Tomic2505 Won the "Guess What System I'm Getting Contest" but I told him earlier so it really doesn't count :P.

And speaking of Tomic2505 He's coming over this thursday, but we're not doing that Pokemon thing cuz EV training takes SO long its not even worth it imo.

Again thanks for reading.

Well Look Who Decided to Post a Blog...

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Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in like forever, but here's what's going on currently with me game wise.

I'm now playing Pokemon Diamond and am in the process of EV training, its taking forever but I have 2 pokemon done already.

Also, my friend Tomic2505 is EV training also and when we are both done (which could (and will) take a while we decided that we are gonna film our battle and post it here for you guys.

Neither of us are that hardcore but I still think I'll be able to handle him :P.

and also btw here is a little sig I made for a friend about this inside joke we have at school

LAKN.png LAKŌN! picture by redblueyellow9

Thanks for reading guys and please comment if you read this and rate the image if you want.

C ya.

Sins of a Solar Empire

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So guys, I was looking some stuff up about Advance Wars DoR and I found the IGN strategy game of 08 called Sins of a Solar Empire, and it looked cool even though its an RTS and I usually play TBS games. So I got the free demo (3 hour downlaod lol) and I got the hang of it after awhile and I think its pretty fun so I'll probably buy it today or tomarrow, cuz the demo ran out.

Do any of you guys play it?

Thanks for reading guys.

Maskedgamer1 is Now Playing...

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For Christmas this year videogame wise I got Sonic Unleashed. It is alright, but not a stand out game. Then, using my newly-aquired Wii Points, I decided to get the GS Ranked 9.0 WiiWare game World of Goo. This game completely deserves a 9, and is the best WiiWare game out there. I'd get it if I were you. (Its probably one of the most unique and original games ever made.)

See ya and thanks for reading. Please comment, what did you guys get?