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My first proper blog!

Yep you read the title correct!Today I am going to make my first detailed serious blog!What will it be about well I dunno.Lets talk about food shall we?

What comes to mind when one says the word food?Space?A cat?Well this blog is actually about a very serious issue.My schools pizza.The shape of the pizzas are perfect.The price is perfect.The problem may you ask?Well the problem is the fact that it has nearly 0 tomato under the chese :evil:.I mean is this supposed to be a triangle shaped bread with cheese on top but 0 tomoato?

I found this pic.It is accurate pic about the pizzas they server in school

0 tomoato :evil:

My never blog will be more detailed.

I leveled up in a day!

Level 7!This is amazing I leveled up in a day.I would like to thank my pet cats for their devotion into this leveling up phase.I couldnt do it without them. :)

A blog at the request of a User in System wars.

[QUOTE="DragonfireXZ95"]Assassin's Creed 3 has the best animations.Master_ShakeXXX

No way. Compare the way how 47 moves to the way Ezicio Altair Connor Mcwhatthef*ck his name is. 47 clearly moves more realistically.

blog it.MaskedPlayer

You blog it! Any type of award discussions are allowed in SW. Always been that way, NOOB.

Here is a blog of someones thread.The owner asked me to blog it myself and I shall.

Ok now I want you all to listen to me very carefully here because I'm the only one who is going to tell you the truth. The media aint gonna tell the truth, gamers online sure as hell aint gonna tell ya, but IM gonna tell ya. Hitman Absolution is the best game of the year. Why you might ask? Well I'm gonna break this down for you with charts, bulletpoints, and other such professional techniques in order to present to you a well put together and strong objective argument for why you can bet on the Hitman. First...

Production Value

(film,performing arts)Plural form ofproduction value; the combined technicalqualities of the methods,materials, orstage craft skills used in the production of amotion picture or artistic performance.)

Production value, believe it or not, is one of the biggest defining elements of a true GOTY worthy candidate. In order for it to be considered it's gotta look good, sound good, move good, perform good etc. It's gotta be able to capture the voter's attention like any good performer. This is where Hitman shines above all else in the year 2012. Allow me to lay it out for you with a bulletpoint diagram I have constructed:

  • Hitman Absolution looks better than any other game released this year.
  • It has the best presentation (the main menu is absolutely fantastic).
  • It has the best animations.
  • It has the best CGI (seriously, it looks on par or better than Halo 4's).

Ok moving on to the next important category.



(Electronics& Computer Science / Computer Science) the plot of a computer or video game or the way that it is played

This is the area where Hitman shines most. This game is all about class you see. You don't go running around shooting at people, making a bunch of noise and leaving a mess. That's just pointless savagry and is done to death by shallow games such as Halo 4 and Far Cry 3 (or if you prefer, Skyrim: Shooty Edition). Hitman is a thinking man's game. A classy thinking man's game for gentlemen. It's all about wearing a classy suit, taking your enemies out in silent and classy ways, thinking ahead like an educated man. Senseless brutality is not a method that will get you through this game. You must use wits, and class. People, we just don't see games like this anymore. Games hat are not afraid to punish you time and time again for being a dumbass.To demonstrate what I'm talking about, I've gone through the trouble of creating my very own statistical graph to help you better understand and perhaps, take a little of this information to heart. Observe as I show you the difference between ass, and class.


As you can see, based on the chart I have presented to you, you can surmise that Hitman is indeed a higher level of game, not only in challenge and intelligence, but also in class and wits. Hitman is a thinking man's game. So hopefully now that you have witnessed the presentation I have presented to you, you can better understand the options this year, which game is the best, and why the other games don't deserve as much attention or love.

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