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This is a schizophrenic thread. Widows can marry, and there is no issue about marrying in later ages. In most sects marriage is, however, considered to be irrevocable until one of the spouses dies.

People marry at older ages now because of extended life expectancy and longer educational and professional requirements to be able to sustain a household and reproduce.

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It's pretty much filler. If you do them you may get items, recipes and influence that's it. It's pure MMO grind.

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It's upsetting that in the wake of such attack, all we hear in the news are the same platitudes about Peace and the Islam. We often mistake cowardice as tolerance and become accomplices with such evil. We are for freedom of press and expression but we can't even candidly discuss whether there is merit to the issue of the conflict between modernity (and it's values) and Muslim populations.

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A similar thing happened in my country's capital. Operation Turtle they called; homicides quickly rose after that. It's bound to happen. That said, this sort of indiscipline is intolerable. The mayor needs to act to fuck syndical and brass leadership up the ass, show who's boss.

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Whore yourself.

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Religion. Of. Peace.

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Hysteria seens to be dominating headlines in the press these days. Agenda and journalism don't mix well.

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Divinity and Grimrock 2 for me.

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The problem I see, besides it's ineffectiveness, is that it creates the resources and the urge to use it whenever enemies may be different. It's already been shown that the U.S. is willing to engage in assassination campaigns against it's own citizens. Why not torture (that is, it's own citizens)?, it's a lesser crime than murder. Fact is, no state, even a relatively free democracy such as the U.S. is immune to the urge to opress and delve into authoritarian practices. Degeneration of the political system seens to be a trait common to many democracies, that's why such acts should be as clandestine and tabu as possible, imo (if not completely forbidden).

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So the Downscaling thing is for the R9 series only? Talk about reinventing the wheel and charging premium for it.