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Vice City or a new City altogether.

This, a new Vice City has huge potential, with both story and gameplay. I wouldn't mind going back to the 80's either. Maybe the character could be a corrupt cop? If they go for a new city, maybe an area based on Las Vegas, and down into South America.

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Resident evil 2

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Too be fair, there is a big difference of redoing a game made specifically for the PS3 architecture over to PC/PS4 architecture, compared to improving a PC game and porting that to the PS4.

But it looks like they have done a great job of improving the Metro games though, I may end up getting them.

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That game looks stunning with those pre rendered backgrounds and high poly characters, and will look stunning when upgraded to 1080p. It already looks like a current gen game when emulated and upscaled on PC, just too bad it wasn't widescreen support on the GC version.

I will buy it again, I just hope it will have some added content.

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Only in America

Yep.. You lie to Americans... Expect wallet to be lighter.

Here's a hint...Don't lie.

Really? Americans are the reason why we have all these stupid warning messages on everything you buy. And this is just another stupid lawsuit, the game actually runs at 1080p, but it upscales the horizontal lines in multiplayer mode. Why not sue Microsoft for having 1080p on all they're X360 games when it's just upscaled from 640p - 720p, or whatever the native res is.

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Only in America

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I have been playing REmake alot using dolphin emulator on PC. It's a great game, and it looks really good. With this new version I hope they add surround sound with added and improved sound effects, and some new content aswell.

But I am a bit disappointed, because most fans including me want a RE2/3 remake. Those games has soooo much potential.

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Another crap game from Ubisoft, what a surprise.

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If the game can have better animation, visuals, physics, and more, when using 30fps, I prefer that. But of course, it would have to be stable, not drops much under 30fps. On last gen consoles people seem to prefer COD's 60fps and lower latency over Battlefield's more visual pleasing 30fps, but with the better visuals, sound, and the more realistic feel in the Battlefield games, I enjoy those games alot more.

There is absolute no reason in my mind to have games like Uncharted and TLOU in 60fps, what's important in those games are a stable framerate, and awesome visuals and animation.

Sports games must be 60fps though.

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They did say that they are working at removing framerate drops, so that it will be constant 60fps. ND isn't releasing a game at 60 fps with drops down to the 30's, that would be pretty pointless. And by the looks of it, it seems they have done a very good job with the port, it's almost completely redone. And remember, the original game wasn't made for PC with scalability in mind, so the porting is a pretty big job even if they hadn't changed textures and such.