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Yeah, for strictly gaming there is no point in getting 4k monitor or TV. I have a 4K TV though, and having the desktop in 4k 60hz is awesome. And 4k demos and movies is just insanely detailed. But games are just too demanding to run at 4k. When it comes to 4k BluRay, I really don't understand how they are going to screw it up. The BD player will do all the processing and will have to have the latest codecs, which they are working on. So as long as the TV has HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, it will support 4k 24p at least. The problem with some 4k TV's and monitors now has been being able to do 4k at 60hz with full 4:4:4 chroma. But all 4k TV's support 4k at 30hz, and the new BD standard will probably be 4k 24p/hz.

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@kraken2109: I used motioninjoy, but with usb because I didn't have bluetooth. The PC sometimes went into bluescreen if the cable fell out. It's just much easier to use X360 controller, haven't had a single driver problem, just problems when I break the controller :p. The X360 controllers are also cheaper.

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One question I do have and this is kind of off topic, but I'm going to get a 1440p monitor for PC gaming, but I'm also going to get a 4k TV for my bedroom. Might be a stupid question, but is there any 4K TV's that have a display port, and is there anyway to change the settings on one for it to be above 60 fps? Never gamed on a TV let alone a 4k TV. I'm asking this question mainly cause my girlfriend likes playing Black Ops 2, and she doesn't like gaming on a monitor. Also, does a ps3 controller work good on PC? That's what she is used to playing with.

I'm currently using my computer on a Sony 55" X8505 4k TV and had to hook it up from DVI on my PC to get 60hz at 4k and use an HDMI adapter, because my GPU doesn't have HDMI 2.0 support. Didn't think it would work, but it works great, the picture details are insane. But I doubt any TV will support higher frequency than 60hz. The panel frequency has nothing to do with the input frequency.

The PS3 controller works good, but it's much easier to use an X360 controller since it's supported, unlike the PS3 controller which needs home made drivers that has bugs.

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I use wireless adapter and X360 controllers. Cheap and great controllers.

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It also depends on the size of the TV. The picture on a 32" and smaller CRT is allways better than a big LCD at those resolutions. 

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I recommend getting the ASUS version, it will probably have better cooling. I have the ASUS GTX670 4GB, and I'm very pleased with the temperature. 

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I would stay away from laptops for gaming if you can, the hardware easily fails because of heat. I have tried to use a laptop for gaming a few times and it's just noisy, hot, unreliable, and total crap compared to a desktop. Hook up a good desktop PC next to your TV if you can :). It's silent, reliable, and upgradable...

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It seems like you could do fine with PC speakers with built-in amplifier. Or do you have an amplifier and just need some speakers? A good pc speaker setup can sound pretty good.

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The Transformers movies along with the other awesome hollywood action blockbusters that has come out, Saving private Ryan, any Pixar movie, and I would also recommend Titanic double disc edition with DTS 6.1...a really good soundtrack for it's time. There are tons of movies out there with awesome soundtracks.