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If the game can have better animation, visuals, physics, and more, when using 30fps, I prefer that. But of course, it would have to be stable, not drops much under 30fps. On last gen consoles people seem to prefer COD's 60fps and lower latency over Battlefield's more visual pleasing 30fps, but with the better visuals, sound, and the more realistic feel in the Battlefield games, I enjoy those games alot more.

There is absolute no reason in my mind to have games like Uncharted and TLOU in 60fps, what's important in those games are a stable framerate, and awesome visuals and animation.

Sports games must be 60fps though.

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They did say that they are working at removing framerate drops, so that it will be constant 60fps. ND isn't releasing a game at 60 fps with drops down to the 30's, that would be pretty pointless. And by the looks of it, it seems they have done a very good job with the port, it's almost completely redone. And remember, the original game wasn't made for PC with scalability in mind, so the porting is a pretty big job even if they hadn't changed textures and such.

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Crytek haven't delivered where it matters, which is games. They have used they're time developing a very good multiplatform game engine that no other developer have used. If it's the marketing, or the price that has failed, I'm not really sure. They have had some of the best sponsoring through the years, the sponsors are probably tired of not seeing money in return. It would have been cool to see the CryEngine in different games than rubbish games made just to advertise the engine.

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Next gen we will see them pushing visuals even further, pushing for 4k even. But 1080p will still be the primary target on consoles next gen, cause more powerfull consoles gives devs alot more room for even higher resolution textures and shadows, better lighting, better physics, bigger environments, and more polygons. All of that is what really pushes the visuals further along, not resolution alone.

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My livingroom setup currently looks like this. 52" Sony TV and Bowers & Wilkins speakers hooked up to a Onkyo receiver. I am using a modified HP PC with a stock I7 2600, 8GB RAM, GTX 670 4GB. I have a PS3 in another room. My plan is to get a PS4 later on.

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This is a game that I must play a bit more than the two hours I have played it to try and see if it will grow on me. But for now, I am really disappointed with the driving, and police chases, which is really bad compared to GTA 5. They didn't really put any weight on that in the review which was a bit weird, since it is a big part of games like this.

It's a bit like LA Noir, the devs are prioritizing so much other stuff, that they neglecting some of the most basic and important functions in open world games.

But the city in Watch Dogs does at least feel alive, which I didn't expect them to achieve.

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The most important part is having a stable framerate, and that's easier to achieve at 30fps, especially with the visuals and cinematic experience they are going for.

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This game looks like complete ass, and still they can't do 1080p native throughout the game. Even the textures are low res. This game engine is pretty awful.

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It shouldn't get more than an 8. The game feels incomplete, and isn't even close to being in the same league as games from Rockstar games.

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This game is disappointing, just like I predicted, specially if you are used to the advances done in Mafia 2 and GTA5. The driving physics is rubbish, the police are retarded, over powered, and they always know exactly where you are. The shooting mechanics is also way behind GTA5.

The graphics are very good, specially during rain and night, but I have a feeling that GTA 5 on PC will destroy it when it comes out. The gameplay is fascinating and cool, but in games like this the driving is really a big part of the game and is also the most disappointing part.

Driving is subjective u know it may not match your taste and by "Driving Physics" you mean...?

When the car feels like it floats above the ground, and jumping the car it's more like flying a car that weighs 100 grams, and when you crash your car, it suddenly weighs 100 tons and pushes everything away. So yeah, it's pretty bad driving mechanics and physics.