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Diablo Three

nuff said....who am i? where am i? what is this thing we call life? i dont have it?. speaking of. any of you guys playing diablo 3? what classes. already maxed out my monk. have yet to reach inferno though. still on act 4.


and since i am pretty bored im going to see if its possible for me to write a review about one of the few games iv been playing since my coming and going of the gamespot community. If any of you are wondering how or what i have been doing in the past months i have recently gotten myself back into playing yugioh due to some friends getting me too. Iv also applied to a college that was near by in which from their i plan to transfer to NJIT for their digital design major. lets hope i find a good game to review but i will be seeing you guys soon.

-Marshalldbdx Signing Off


I have been accepted into the UAT online course as of now. I found some more colleges that I want to apply to that I will discuss in my next blog. I am still awaiting the response of NJIT however but we are making progress little by little.

Black Friday Game Hunt

Well I wasn't actually expecting to wake up that friday but the pops decided to be generous and of course we went to walmart and got some nice things...the games of course were all gone by the time I arrived but I did manage to scamper up some goodies.

Fifa 11- 30 bucks

Fossil Fighters-10 bucks

Band Hero-10 bucks

not bad grabs at all and they were worth the price =)

Game Studio Locations

I took some times to look at some job offerings for game studios for big companies like EA, Bungie, Insomniac, Infinity Ward, Naughty dog, and so on and i keep finding myself that they are almost all soley located in Cali? Why is this!? I know there is something legal behind it and it has to do with crunch time and all but can someone explain to me in englsih wth they mean? lol? I think GD's get paid minimum 38 bucks an hour which is nice if ya ask me =)

The Search For a Video Game Design School Part I

Ever since I was a little boy I always wanted to work with video games. I thought why not do something that I can enjoy doing while I make money. Now I'm 17 and I'm not afraid to tell people that I am pursing this dream. Some people think of me as immature for thinking this way and for still liking video games, but I think that it is just as immature to force yourself to dislike something you grew up with and loved for so long only because the common person believes that we should give up childish interests when we hit our adolescence stage. So now that I'm a senior in high school I'm in the process of looking for colleges to help me live my dream of being a video game designer and I have run into a couple of good choices. Now the thing is that I'm no rich kid nor am I hardly to be considered midclass so it's hard for me to do things like go out of state. So at first I believed well I have to look into schools in NJ, but later I realized "well, I am Hispanic and my mother raised 2 children with low income and 99.99% sure ill get a good scholarship or financial aid of the sort. I'm not too bad in school and hopefully my sat went up with the last score and since tuition includes on campus living...its wont hurt to send apps to other places. So here I am now boys and asking for your opinions more then I ever have before. I really need your thoughts here. I live in NJ so commuting is #1 choice BUT some other colleges have a lot better choices for me out there. So let us begin this list. So far I have really put an interest in the following schools for what convenience they are to me and my future:

NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Newark, NJ

Devry University, Paramus, NJ (Internship with companies such as IBM and such also can get degree in 3 years. Only down side is they have a Game development and design program but it's not located in NJ which only has Web Game design program.)

Neumont University, South Jordan, Utah (Can get your degree in 2.5 years and internship of course)

UAT (University of Advancing Technology), Tempe, Arizona (Internship with companies like EA, Bungee, Blizzard, Sony Entertainment, and Valve just to name a few.)

These are on my top 4 right now with UAT and NJIT being the ones I want to go to the most. Now UAT has online classes but I don't know how well that would work for me or my family....if they would agree....or if I really just rather go to their school...I don't know what I want to do with UAT but I would much prefer to live there but I don't know if my parents want me to leave because of money issues. Now NJIT isnt to far from me but as you can see I really don't have any info on their internship and such. Devry's intership isnt as attractive as UAT. I want to make a future for myself and I want to work with companies I know prosper. I requested info on NJIT so hopefully I get a call and not an e-mail.

So this is the run down.

-I want to go to a good college where I know I will prosper

-I know that I can go to a college if I can commute there.

-Still not sure how going/living out of state would work out with my parents and the cost.

-I much rather prefer to go to the school then online.

-I don't know how extacly well online would work.

-Really want to go to UAT becuase of their intership deals.

Guys I need opinions now more then ever. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Any advice? please feel free to post. :)

Infamous Review

Yeah it's up guys. Read it and tell me what you think. What you agree with and what you disagree with and added opinions you think i left out. thanks

New TV and HDMI

I finally got a nice new 32 LED LG Flatscreen in my room to replace my old Sony Triniton dino i had. Overall this TV is absolutley great and for the money i paid for it (547.99) it was absolutely worth it. Now The other thing i got to go with it was a "new" monster m2000 m series hdmi (google it) top notch cable that is 3d ready and everything for 35 off ebay. now im not to sure of this one. i got a bad feeling i didnt get the real thing. i got black bands on the cable while the monster pic shows yellow bands. so idk but it play 1080p so i might just be over worrying. the tv just makes my gaming life so much easier.

4 Games for the price of 1

65 bucks for God Of War 3, Assassins Creed 2, Fallout 3, and Mad world. Unfortunately for me two of the games were used which i didnt know but still they are in very good condition. cant wait to start right after i get platinum on infamous. ta ta boys