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Sooo... yeah.

So turns out when I said last time that I was going to stay active... yeah I kind of forgot. Sorry!

Well its been like 2 years since I last posted (WOW! does time fly!)

So much has changed, that I really can't even compress it into a simple blog post.

But I CAN tell you that I'm absolutely FLIPPEN excited for Battlefield 3 and Halo:CEA! I've been watching those games with a keen eye ever since they were announced!

Looking forward to the days ahead. This time I PROMISE I will stay on!

Until Later, Das Vadanya!


P.S. The new Transformers is completely kick ass!

I need to ask you of something..

Participation will be required lol:

ok so im going to need a new theme... but im going to rely on you to vote for me!

Oh course the catagorie with the most votes wins.. so the catagorys arrrreeee....

Gears of War Theme:

Fallout3 Theme:

Robotech Theme:

Halo theme:

Half Life Theme:

Call of Duty Theme:

or last but not least:


ok you choose (u better chose correctly or ill kick your.. jk :) haha)

there you go and choose well.


How long has it been??!

Its seems as its been 4ever since I was last on this site! So much has happened since I last blogged, but instead of boring you with stories, You want to play on xbox live? haha.. but seriously, if you want too, just send me a message over xbox live and i will send a friendrequest back. This time, I'm going to stay active... I promise. ttyl, Evan

Mercinaries 2: World In Flames

Yeah i finally got the game that made me actually want to buy an xbox! (idk if that makes sence) Yeah soooooo, so far i think its an awesome game and should NOT deserve a 5! what was gamespot thinking! Gamecrippiling bugs? Mindless AI? ive died about 70 times to AI (and i dont suck) and the bugs well all i have to say is that there are bugs but they usally make you laugh. soory i had to let it out.

oo if anyone has the game, just tell me and we can play coop.



Im a comander now in halo 3. i got a 35 in lonewolfs and a 30 in team doubles.
Um in other games ive gotten to lvl 25 i n bfbad co. and thats all

this update is brought to you by marshstomp

Lone wolves are making me mad!

Lone wolves.... ugh! so im trying to get to a 30 skill lvl in lone wolfs, rite now im at 27, the highest ive got was 28 but went down, now every time i go to lvl 28 i go down to like 25 or 26. Thats all i have to say haha.


I lied, but now its offical.

I got carryed off from this website, playing my xbox and my guitars. umm so yeah, i will probally have to convince people to come back to me but wat ever. i hope to meet new people, and all that stuff.

C ya!

Im back and staying!!

OK this is offical Im back and staying in contact!!!

Also please if any one wants to play on live with me just send an invite!

Ok just to clear things. I had a bad sickness that i had since december and ive gotten better in FEB. and now i just finished all my make up some im ready to talk again!


P.S. I was just fooling around and i clicked the join the COD4 tourny and I actually got to play!! and got the elmbem and Im not even a Plus Subscriber!

Does McDonalds Prevent WAR?

NO it dosen't all it dose is make the terrorist more fat and now they can absorb more bullets.... americas 2nd offence has failed.....

Lol that was the discussion in our English class today!!