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Command and Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath.... Guide to Beating a Brutal

Your Faction: Scrin

Brutal Faction: Black Hand (they have NO airforce)

Go to Sargitio (level thats split in half with 2 bridges)
send an explorer to the otherside of ur half of the level, build vehicle defense turrets to guard and blow up bridges
SPREAD OUT base ALSO build in in the back so the specters cant reach it with their bombs
build tons of refinaries (cuz he'll use catalyst missle alot) and spread them outr nicely
build 6 Warships and 6 PACs and about 6 tripods
build a Rift Generator
When he puts his up, get ur attack force ready
then wormhole your tripods and destroy his Nuke, Barracks, War Factory, and AA defenses send your air units and make ur Planetary Assualt Carriers use their Ion Storm Power to destroy whats left of that half of his base
Pound his other half of his base with ur rift and other powers then once its clear of AA call ur Mothership over their by ur units hit his remaining structures with it and all his buildings that are grouped up *Keep it protected from AA*
Since he is nod, he will have a bunched up base and ur mothership atack will blow up all his remaining buildings
if their is some left, use ur PACs Warchips & Tripods to take out the left over buildings
and BAM theres ur Achievement ;)

For any more Help, PM me :D