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Announcement! I hate my username so much that I am creating a new account! Does he have the guts you all say. Well my fine friend I do! It shall be of the'll...get back to you on that...OH!...MR.JENKINS! YEAH! W00T!!!

Okay so umm...send that guy a friend request...yeah...:P


Edit: It is Mr_Jenkins.

My Xbox 360 Quest!

"Where are you guys?" I say to my parents on the phone.

"At the store. Why?" My mom says back.

"Just wondering." I say, "What are you buying,"

"Oh. Tye got an Xbox 360. *eye roll*" my mother says, I can tell she is annoyed. Then...the world stopped...


"We got and Xbox 360."

"K, love you, bye" *hang up*

"OMG WE GOT A FRIGGEN' XBOX 360!" I shouted dancing at the time. Then it came home. I made David install it. (Sister's boyfriend. Basically husband though.) Then I played Boom Boom Rocket. Omg I missed that game so much. It is sooooo fun! Then I played Pure. Why am I racing ATVs? Who the hell wants to race ATVs? *stops playing*


*plays Lego Batman*

"Tee Hee! Robin you are so silly with the way you can't do anything right,"

*stops playing*


"Hey! I got Gears of War 2!" Tye says as I walk into the door.

"Oh. Cool."

*plays Gears of War 2*

"Lol...that guy named his vehicle thing Betty."

*stops playing*


"Tye got two new games." David says, "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2-"

"Ugg I hated Ultimate Alliance! The powers were stupidly hard to pick and control."

"and Tekken 6." And then my life stopped...


"Tekken 6."

"As in the game that is the sequel of the sequel to the 2nd best fighting game I have ever played Tekken 4?"


*begins playing Tekken 6*



OH MY LOVE OF LIFE TEKKEN 6 IS FRICKEN' AWESOME! I AM SO GOOD AT IT! I use Eddy. I love the fluid combos! The controls are so easy to pick up! *starts with up-right B, then does right-B, A-B, MASH MASH MASH combo* Anyways, my gamer tag is waytogo24, but that doesn't have online. My step dad's gamertag is SEROKOOL which does have online. He won't talk to you if he is online, don't worry. Unless you talk to him first. Then he'll be like, "Who the hell are you?"



Now. Because I love being mentioned so much in other people's blogs, I will mention many of you.

Slyfur, Aidan, twilightlullaby, Courtney, Red, pspitus, dragon, psp, pag, RikusGirl, mprezzy, koopa_shell, stalpno, can't think of anyone el-oh yeah Desulated. :P

This is Marrium1 signing off.

Story Page 16: A Few Days Later

Characters involved:

Aidan - Aidan

Leon - Desulated

Nicole - Twilightlullaby

Courtney - Courtney

Jet E. Evil - pspitus

Red - Red

Dragon - Michael

Squirrel - Fur


Finally! It felt like they had been on that stupid plateau forever! They were finally back though. Well...not back. Leon had insisted that they all go to his stupid facility. Nicole wasn't freaking out this time, so they actually had to listen to him blabber on and on about cyborg commandos and how they would soon head into space to see if they could find life on other planets using wormh-blah blah blah. Aidan was so bored with this guy that he contemplated slashing random machines and projects just for the fun of getting into trouble. Courtney seemed to be listening intently, maybe he should. What was that?

"-three days we will be launching the first band of cyborgs into space, along with me and Commander Smith," Leon said to everyone.

"Oh, that sounds so interesting!" Courtney said, "May we come?"

"Umm...If...proper preparations are made I suppose," Leon said.

"Us? In space?" Michael said.

"The real estate in space is pretty expensive," Mr. Evil said.

"There is no real estate in space," Red said.

"There will be soon though," Mr. Evil said, a maniacal smile coming to his face.

"Umm...Okay..." Leon said, "Er...I only thought I was going to bring Courtney, Nicole, and Aidan though." Squirrel glared at him. "And umm...what was your name again?"

"Squirrel." Squirrel said, angry that someone could possibly forget her.

"I'm sorry, but shouldn't we be focusing on destroying the people who have continually tried to destroy us?" Nicole said.

"Umm..." Leon said.

"And why should we trust cyborgs when that's all we seem be getting attacked by lately?" Nicole said.


"And why isn't Ben here? He has just as much of a right as these three," Nicole said, pointing at Jet, Michael, and Red, "to be here." No one answered. Nicole looked around. Everyone seemed to be very depressed about this, except for Aidan, Courtney, Leon, and herself.

"He died." Red said simply.


Awkward silence set in as they walked deeper into C.R.E.A, the Cyborg Reasearch and Experimentation Agency. The entire building was made of what everyone thought was glass, but was probably some other crazy substance that was "Top Secret." It was very odd to walk along a floor made of glass even on the first floor, you could see down to the ground and it felt like you were floating. You could also see into every room, unless it was "Top Secret." Black curtains surrounded these important experiments. Most of the rooms were filled with creepy humanoid robots.

"Those aren't cyborgs, cyborgs are part human part machine," Leon pointed out, so no one would become confused. This didn't break the silence. As they kept walking, they finally got to a glass elevator. As they ascended the floors, they could see themselves going away from the ground. Now the floating felt real. The doors finally opened upon the 9th floor, which was something like a conference room. They could see the plains all around them for miles. Leon took out a card, put it in front of a light in the elevator, and suddenly they kept going up. There was no more floors after this, where could they possibly be going? Everyone looked at each other behind Leon's back with looks of fear in their eyes. They went up for about 12 minutes. The doors opened. Leon stepped onto thin air. Suddenly they all realized it was another glass room, with no decorations making it completely invisible. It was floating with nothing beneath it. No one else stepped out. Leon pressed a small glass button at the farthest wall in the room and suddenly, it was filled with tons of filing cabinets, and a carpet. Everyone jumped, the objects had just appeared.

"What the hell is going on?" Aidan said. Leon opened a filing cabinet and took out a brown paper folder.

"This is all the information we have on them," Leon said, taking out a bunch of paper, held together by a bent paper clip. He handed the paper to Nicole and she gasped as she read the horrors before her.


Teehee, you have to wait. :P

Sorry for the cliffhanger, couldn't resist. :lol:

I umm...have no further comments. Oh, I made C.R.E.A. in chapter umm...5? So no, I'm not stealing Fur's CEAR.

Check it out! I can draw...kinda


Anyways here is the original drawing it's cropped and improved from:

MrJenkinsInked.jpg picture by plickityplop

Best picture ever right? I went heavy on the shading...but it's a suit I just found out, I can copy and paste! I just have to use keyboard shortcuts! So now I can update hurt and heal without asking someone else to do it! To all the fattys out there that aren't in my union, I hope I just made you feel guilty. I know that you can scroll down and click on the link, don't pretend like you can't. :x Sorry I'm kind of...hopping from one topic to the know why. Lol! I ate 3 pieces of cake at once! The cake was soooooooooooooooooooo good! It was rainbow chip! YUUUUUMM!!!

I can't find pokemon! I've been needing a pokemon fix after about a year of absense, and I can't find gold or ruby! :cry: I can't go by the new ones. Don't even tell me too. I'll kill every last one of you if you do. :x Just kidding, I'd only kill everyone not in my "main crew." You know who you are ;). Hopefully. If you really want to know you can ask, I'm not a good secret keeper anyway. CHECK OUT MR. JENKINS, ISN'T HE JUST STYLIN'! :P

I...have a problem...I play...World of Warcraft. :o If anyone else does, tell me so we can be friends. :P [rant on] It used to be a black hole of fun, but then my step dad started playing, passed me in levels, and to top it all off, took the fun out of it. Seriously. When your step dad plays it, it's not fun anymore. Take every game I have ever liked for example. LoZ, he actually play TP and beat it...before me...because he found I was about to beat it and played for, oh...maybe...12 hours! He called Wind Waker gay Yeah. I couldn't believe it either. He said Scribblenauts looked stupid. He hasn't touched a Mario game, unless it's "NES." He thinks Super Smash Brothers Brawl is stupid and (lol) too hard. It's because I'm good at it that makes it hard. :P He refuses to buy Wii Ware and only buys VC. I had to beg to get OoT and Majora's Mask, only getting both because my parents owed me money. He likes Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, and...all the other games like that. I actually liked those games when I played them. He doesn't like mine. Is it just me or is everyone that doesn't like any game made by Nintendo really closed minded? [rant off]

Computer programming is so much fun! I do not look like a computer programmer thank you very much. [Proof on]

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Fur tagged me! It's so stupid too because the comment she made before that is, "That's why I didn't tag anyone." WHAT THE CRAP! It's okay, I haven't done this before and have actually been...wanting someone to do this for a long time. So anyways, I only need to do 5, but I believe I will do 10.

1. Mia just fell off the couch, that's sad. :cry: I guess that has nothing to do with me though. :P

2. I'm in the yellow stage of my drawing cycle! The yellow stage is defined as not being able to let a piece of paper pass you without drawing something on it. Drawing skills improve, and everything you draw is the new best thing ever. To you at least...

3. I'm very pissed that Freeman won to everyone else who was in The Greatest Game Hero Contest.

4. I hate Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. I laughed a lot at this parady of the movie on youtube though. :lol:

5. I'm watching the top 100 90's songs on VH1 right now.

6. The Killers are my favorite band.

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Swim Team.

WHY!? WHY DID I DECIDE TO BE A DUMB*** AND JOIN 2 WEEKS LATE!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? I just went to my first practice for swim team, like the 10th for everyone else. That was the most tiring thing I have ever done. I don't mean tiring as in muscles, I feel fine, I mean tiring as in, "I CAN'T BREATH!" It was horrible, I got out the pool trying to catch it for like 30 minutes! I don't know how to dive correctly, only know two strokes (my friends say my technique is weird, too bad I wasn't there to learn the right way) , and I just can do that flippy thing to kick off the wall at the end! LFGJDLFJDLFJ. Okay enough ranting. Oh I'm not unhealthy, I can run a mile no problem, it was just the breath thing.

Sorry for such a short rant.

Story Page 15: The Regular People

Characters Involved:


pspitus - Jet E. Evil

Slyfur - Squirrel

Red - Red

Dragon - Michael

Stalpno - Ben

Courtney - Courtney

Desulated - Leon

Aidan - Aidan

Twilightlullaby - Nicole


He could feel them. He could tell they were near. His senses, finely tuned to detect the slightest scent, could smell them. He could taste the air they had exhaled. He was going to kill them. How fun. He liked it best when they didn't know it. When he came in, the surprise on their faces, that was his favorite part. He could also hear them. There were three who weren't supposed to be there. It was just supposed to be the two who had escaped captivity. They were his property. They belonged to him. He was going to get them back, one way or another. One plan or another. He could see them. Gazing out the window, he saw four stupid children, and one who could pass off as an adult. The kids were lanky enough that he knew they were in their teens. He saw his property sitting there, completely unaware. Unaware of how they were going to be enslaved once again. The upstairs window was unlocked. He almost laughed. It was too easy. he got through the window without making a sound. He was in some sort of bedroom. He saw a picture of his prey next to two other girls. Those two were his predators. He hated them. He knew their names, Nicole and Courtney, two of those deadly weapons of those on high. He was the predator and, at the moment, the prey. He would be sure to turn that around. Sneaking, quiet, he opened the door and crept to the staircase. He threw down a flash bang. He didn't like to play with his food.


Mr. Evil was quite, how is the best way to describe this, odd. He had many stories, even if half of them weren't true. In fact he had excellent stories. Squirrel actual smiled quite often around him. Red had a little attitude, contradicted some of Mr. Evil's stories, and was quite nice to everyone else. Michael was very nice and didn't say anything out of line, he was funny when he wanted to be though. Suddenly everything in the room went white, and intense screeching filled everyones' ears. Squirrel couldn't see or hear. She could still touch, taste, and smell though. Suddenly she touched a person, it was Ben. Ben was so skinny Squirrel could tell it was him. Then she touched something else. A knife. Quick as a whip, she twisted it out of the assassin's hand. Then, she realized her other hand was touching nothing. Ben had moved somewhere. Vision came back in sprawls, and she finally saw the assassin. It was a man wearing a white shirt and white sweats. Then Squirrel noticed something odd. He was albino. His eyes were red and his skin was an intense shade of white. He was bald which only made him look more freakish. He seemed familiar. She was about to stab him with the knife when, he was gone. As soon as he had come, he had disappeared. Where was Ben? Then she heard someone shout, "Oh my god!" it was Mr. Evil, which was completely out of character as he was usually unsurprised by everything. Then Squirrel looked where he was looking, the floor. She saw him. Ben. Ben was bleeding profusely, his eyes wide, his face still shocked. Unmoving. Ben was...dead.


Courtney sure did know how to think on her feet. or in the air for that matter. She had already shouted protect, but she couldn't create a barrier big enough to stop her hurtling flight. "That's it," she thought, "FLIGHT! She quickly flipped through her book and found the right spell in two seconds flat. She gained the correct mind set for this spell, they all had a different one. Then shouted, as you probably predicted, "FLIGHT!" She sprouted wings. They were very colorful and reminded her of an exotic bird. They didn't sprout out her back though, they grew off her arms. She flapped and found it quite easy to stay up and even go higher. Suddenly she heard a shot from the top of the plateau, and saw Leon hurtling down. She quickly performed a strength spell on herself, then flew up and caught him in her right wing. She could still fly with only one, especially after the strength boost. She could go up almost fifty feet each flap. Now she heard a barrage of shots and explosions. She heard Aidan shout, "OMG!" then a couple seconds later, as she reached the plateau's edge, Aidan unleashing the craziest attack she had ever seen.

"Holy-" She had almost swore, but Courtney had much higher standards than that. Nicole was lying on the ground. She was nearly dead, in a deep coma in fact. Courtney could fix that. With a quick spell, Nicole was standing, and then, Courtney collapsed. Too much magic, Courtney was limited.


As Nicole came to, she saw Courtney collapse.

"What happened to her?" Nicole asked.

"I suppose she's completely out of energy," Leon said. Aidan was not too far away, on one knee, and breathing heavily.

"What's up with him?" Nicole asked.

"He just did the craziest move...well...ever..." Leon said still dazed from the cannon fire. Nicole noticed the wrecking ball was gone, Aidan had actually done something. Something cool apparently. "Do you have any way of transportation?" Nicole asked, "We need to get to our friends." Leon looked around and noticed his helicopter wasn't there. It was about ten thousand feet at the beginning of the plateau.

"I umm...did.." Leon said. That was a $3,000,000 copter, "I suppose I and...get something else." He whipped out a cellphone and pressed and held one. Pretty soon he was ordering transportation out of the area. Nicole needed to see Squirrel. She was pretty sure something was coming.


TAA DAA! I should have called this one, big paragraphs. Not much talking, but you know...a little actiony. :P

I am really glad for the support and comments you guys give me. Oh and if I get one person saying, "I don't understand," then please...for the love of god...find the first page and start from there or don't read it at all...oh if you don't understand the story then...well...I'm sorry...:?

Story Page 14: The Hero

Characters involved:

pspitus - Jet E. Evil

Red - Red

Dragon - Michael

Slyfur - Squirrel

Desulated - Leon

Aidan - Aidan

Courtney - Courtney

Twilight - Nicole

Stalpno - Ben


The mysterious, well dressed man finally spoke up and said, "Hello, I am Jet E. Evil, real estate agent." He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out 5 business cards. "Here's my card." He handed one out to everyone, except Courtney who was still sleeping.

"Hey, I'm Red," the teen said.

"Oh and Michael is in the helicopter, still sleeping." Jet said.

"So are they your...sons?" Squirrel said, confused.

"What!? Do I look old enough to be their dad? I'm cool, I still hang out with the youth." Jet said.

"I'm just in it for the money," Red said, quiet enough that only Squirrel heard him.

"So umm...Jet...what are you doing here?" Leon said, also confused.

"Why I was on my way to a business trip to Denver, when Red here had to go to the bathroom, so we landed on this convenient plateau," Jet said, "Oh, and please call me Mr. Evil." Aidan let out a snort, trying to hold back laughter.
Suddenly Courtney's eyes opened wide.

"IT'S COMING!" she shouted in fear.

"What's coming?" Nicole asked, worried.

"THE MAN BEHIND THE CYBORGS! He is coming right now with a secret weapon!" Courtney shouted.

"Calm down, it was just a nightmare." Nicole said, consolingly.

"No, it was a vision." Courtney said.

"Are you sur-" Nicole was cut off. She saw an odd metal ball out in the distance getting closer every second. Leon looked over, apparently he had seen it too. "We need to act fast." Nicole said, "Fighting stances people." Courtney, Nicole, Aidan, and Leon got ready for a fight, everyone else stared in disbelief.

"Is there something I don't know about?" Squirrel said as her friends took out an assortment of weapons. She couldn't remember anything from when she was a cyborg. Suddenly the odd ball was there. It touched down on the plateau, lightly. It opened and a man got out. Squirrel screamed, she didn't know why. Ben did too, which was even odder.

"Who are you?" Nicole asked. Suddenly the man took out a gun.

"PROTECT!" Courtney shouted, no one was getting hurt while as long as she was alive. "AWAY!" she shouted and all the people who couldn't fight were teleported back to their home town. The ball suddenly closed back up, grew arms, legs, a head, and some nasty cannons.

"Who I am is not important, but he-he is your last sight," the man said with a little chuckle toward the end. The man jumped into the air, then he was gone.

"Did that dude seriously just disappear?" Aidan asked. Leon shot a bright beam of energy at the ball thing, but it was suddenly shot back. The ball had taken out a mirror last second and reflected it.

"I don't think I have anything left in me," Courtney said. She looked pretty drowsy, like she might nod off right there. Suddenly the ball thing retracted it's arms, legs, and weapons and rolled right into Courtney. She fell right off the plateau. The distant shout of, "PROTECT!" was heard as she fell 10,000 feet.

"How did that thing break through Courtney's original spell like it was nothing?" Nicole said, dodging the ball thing as it tryed to ram into her. Nicole felt that if she hit it in its appendages, when they were out, it might do the trick. Suddenly, as it was rolling, the ball thing let out a cannon and shot it. It hit Leon right in the chest. He also flew right off the plateau.

"OH MY GOD!" Aidan shouted. The cannon shot at him, but Aidan jumped out of the way. Nicole was much too agile to get hit, she continued dodging no problem, then she struck. A searing cut broke the cannon right off the ball, unfortunatelythe thing seemed to grow another one out of no where. Now a laser had popped out of it's other side, which shot at Aidan. Aidan held his sword aloft and reflected it right back at it. The ball held out a mirror, but this time the laser flew at Nicole, who had just jumped into the air to dodge another cannon shot. The laser hit her right in the head. Nicole was knocked out. Aidan was scared as hell, everyone was out, but him. Then suddenly courage set in. His eyes turned a strange color of red. The sky went dark.

"APOCALYPSE!" Aidan flew at the ball at an insane velocity, then slashed the thing like crazy in every direction over a time of about 20 seconds, then the ball thing exploded in every direction. The shrapnel simply flew around Aidan like an invisible forcefield was preventing damage. The sky went back to normal and so did Aidan's eyes.


"WHAT THE CRAP!" Squirrel shouted in frustration after being sent back to crappy old, small town, Woods Cross, "WHAT THE HELL TOLD COURTNEY THAT I DIDN'T WANT A PIECE OF THE ACTION! I CAN FIGHT JUST AS GOOD AS ANY OF THE-" then suddenly Squirrel realized that Courtney had just teleported them, "How the..." then Squirrel was simply lost in thought.

"Oh no! I can't miss my business trip to Denver!" Mr. Evil shouted, pulling his hair in frustration.

"Mr. Evil, where are we?" Michael said, looking around.

"Some god forsaken small town in...what state is this?" Mr. Evil said.

"It's-" Ben began.

"Oh I don't have time for that rubbish," Mr. Evil said, "RED! Twitter all my co-workers and tell them I'll be late."

"Whatever," Red said pulling out a cell phone and fulfilling Mr. Evil's commands.

"So umm...Mr. Evil?" Fur almost laughed when she said the name, "What is your business trip about?"

"REAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE, REAL ESTATE!" Mr. Evil shouted, "What else would it be about?!"

"Don't. Shout. At. ME!" Fur said with a glare.

"Who wants coffee!?" Ben said, to distract everyone. Michael raised his hand and Mr. Evil gave a grunt.



In other news, scientists have found that 99% of goldfish go their entire life without seeing the sun (I totally just made that up.)

So anyways, I would just like to say that these are unions you should join. The Forum Games Union, The Catz Clan Union, The Aidan McKenzie Fanclub, and The Magical Cafe. We form an my mind...we're The Forum Catz Fanclub Cafe. *puts on monocle* indeed. Thanks to all mah readers. :D

EDIT: Oh and I didn't skip a page, I accidentally did the same page number twice a long time back.

Story Page 12: The Meeting

Characters Involved:

Courtney - Courtney

Twilightlullaby - Nicole

Aidan - Aidan

Fur - Squirrel

Stalpno - Ben

pspitus - ??? (if you comment give me a name you want)

red - ??? (same)

Desulated - Leon


Previously on...Story?

"Is that..."


Squirrel crushed a mountain into a plateau. Then she decided she wouldn't mind killing Aidan as much as the others and almost crushed his skull. Courtney revealed her true power when she stopped Squirrel, saved Aidan, and made Squirrel explode into a million pieces. Meanwhile Ben found he could take over a guard's body, pressed a bright red button with the letters RS on it and put Squirrel and himself back into their bodies. No one was there to stop them from escaping, so...they did. Leon also began a search for Courtney, Nicole, and Aidan.


Courtney, luckily had a lot of magic. She had already healed Aidan and Nicole, but now she felt drained. She fell asleep on a rock.

"Wow Courtney is ridiculously powerful," Nicole said.

"Not as powerful as me of course," Aidan said. Nicole just rolled her eyes. Suddenly an odd light in the sky appeared.

"Is that a...helicopter?" Nicole said looking up.

"I think they see us," Aidan said.

"QUICK HIDE!" Nicole said. She pulled a veil of shadow out of thin air and put it around them. They were now invisible. The helicopter landed on the flat plateau that the Squirrelborg had created. A man in a dress shirt, a tie, and dress pants with hair spiked only in the front stepped out along with a teenager with red, well, everything except his skin and pants that weren't jeans. Were they track pants? He wore red converse and a red short sleeve shirt. His hair was as long as most skater's and was, you guessed it, red. The man looked very fancy, like he was on a business trip. The only thing that gave away that he ever had a normal life was his spiky hair, the only non-fancy thing about him, and the fact that his sleeves were rolled up. He had laceless dress shoes on.

"I swear I saw someone," the teen said.

" doesn't seem like anyone is here," the man said.

"Do you think we should reveal ourselves?" Nicole whispered.

"No I don't think so yet," said Aidan in a loud voice.

"What was that!" the teen shouted. Nicole hit her forehead. "God he's stupid," she thought to herself. She took off the veil of shadow.

"Hello," Nicole said to them. They both jumped.

"When the hell did you get here?" the man said with wide eyes.

"Just now," Nicole said, "We were umm..."

"Hiking," Aidan said.

"Yeah Hiking," Nicole said. They both smiled really wide in that, "I'm not suspicious," sort of way.

"O-kay," the teen said with skeptical look seeing Courtney sleeping on a rock.


Squirrel and Ben had made it out of the facility after meeting in a hallway and going through the ventilation system. Ben was much different. He definitely wasn't as shy as before all this. Squirrel and Ben got in a helicopter, which Squirrel hot wired. Ben wondered if all the recent auto thefts in Woods Cross were her fault. Squirrel still remembered where the 3 had been when she was sent to hunt them, so she flew there. Flying a helicopter was surprisingly easy, she wondered how she would land though. Ben found a manual and read off the landing instructions which Squirrel embedded into her mind. In about 2 hours they made it to the plateau in the middle of all the mountains. There was already another helicopter there.

"That's odd," Squirrel said. She managed to land next to the other helicopter without breaking anything. She got out followed by Ben. Aidan and Nicole saw Squirrel and automatically got into fighting stances.

"Don't worry it's just me," Squirrel said. They relaxed a little.

"How do we know?" Nicole asked.

"Well Ben is here too," Squirrel said.

"He's attacked us before..." Nicole said unconvinced.

"Umm...I'm not attacking you right now?"Squirrel said,"When I was a cyborg I would have attacked you on sight."

"Well...all right," Nicole said. Two other people were there just staring.

"Well who the frazzle are you two then?" Squirrel said.


The landsat search was complete. They were on a newly formed plateau in the rocky mountains, the specific area was called The UintaMountains. They were close to a huge mountain called King's Peak, the tallest mountain in Utah, towering at over 13,000 ft. Leon got in a teleportation tank, and waited for the machine to start up, a process that took about 5 minutes. Finally Leon dematerialized and appeared on the plateau right next to the towering peak. His superior vision saw park rangers scrambling up the slope to see what the hell was going on. 6 people were staring at him. Courtney was snoozing on a rock. He recognized the cyborg he had killed once, only he wasn't a cyborg anymore. He also saw Aidan, Nicole, and two others he didn't recognize.

"Well...seems we're all together," Leon said. Nicole looked like she might rip him to shreds. She didn't seem to like him much.


Okay, there we are. All together like a happy family now. Red and pspitus, tell me what you want your name to be. Now for other news.

I got new shoes! I got black and white converse with green laces and some skater shoes, no cool laces on that one though. I love my converse most! I need to get outside more though, I haven't worn them yet today. I also went to El Burrito today and had all you can eat enchiladas and tacos! It was awesome! That's all, see ya.