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Street Fighter 4 Online: My Turn Offs...

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Street Fighter 4 has been out for a week now, and odds are you have played online. Now when your online you will notice several things that might irritate you, but you never address it. But I am here to that very thing. As I've played online, I've studied distinct habits of players your are bound to face while fighting.

1. The Ken & Ryu duo: As many people who play Street Fighter these 2 have been the 2 most used characters ever. Now, this has not changed one bit. As I've played, I'd probably face 10 Ryu or Ken per 1 other character fought online. Now, that might not bother some as they use Ryu or Ken themselves or they just don't really care. But after facing a few hundred in a single night, it gets kinda irritating. The constant spin kicks, uppercuts and hadouken-spam get very annoying to deal with, even for the experienced players. Now, the reason you see so many is because they are the easiest characters to play as. Their combos, and moves are very simple but powerful when put together. I doubt this will ever change.

2. The Stalker: I created this term in order to convey the technique of the fighter in which uses it. These fighters, are ones that stay long range and all they do it block and duck. Now, while far away, they might fire off a few long range attacks. This forces the other player to come close. Now that's the goal. Once the other character gets close to the Stalker, the Stalker unleashes a flurry of attacks, then go right back to the fedal position. To wait for the time to attack again. This technique can be used by many characters. But, I mostly see this in Guile, Ryu, Ken, Zangief, and Blanka. These characters can really pack on the hurt in close quarters. The problem is that these kind of fighters are hard to beat since they hit and run while ducking and blocking constantly.

3. The Low-Hitters: These fighters are those that constantly hit you low so you can never get a footing. Since you can get up, you can't attack. They will most likely get you into corner and try to keep you there to pack on the hurt. If you do happen to get up and over, odds are the players who like this technique has a character that also has a vertical attack, that takes you right back down to Earth. As I've played, the characters I see using this technique are Cammy, and Balrog. But others can use it. I've just not seen many others other than those 2.

Overall, the online play can be quite addiciting. But if your looking to put yourself on the leaderboards, be wary of these fighters as odds are they will chew you up and spit you out. As for me, I'll probably never play a ranked match again. The constant fighters of these type have turned me off it. If you ever see me online, I'll be in the player matches, having fun!