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recent gaming.

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So, it's been a while since my last blog, no surprise, I've become more busy of late with school and work. But, now I have time to properly make a blog.

So as of late I finished Fallout 3, and Resistance 2, both were fantastic.

Fallout 3 is an amazing game no doubt, I don't even use most of the aid items I get. The stroy is just great, and gameplay is good, although gets tedious after a while. I will also point out that when you can wear a suit of power armour that says cheesy lines when your about to fight, makes it just fun to play. I still have to do a neutral and evil playthroughs, can't wait to go on mass murder streaks once I get a good evil character.

Resistance 2 is another great game, although it gets so fustrating at times. It is one of those "you learn by dying" games. As in, you'll be going through a level, then get pounced by a chameleon and you die, now you know it's there, so you play again and kill it, but then get killed from behind, and so on and so forth.Butwhat truly makes this game fun is the co-op and competitive online. More and more these days, we have games that are allowing for online co-op which is great, much better than the days of splitscreen co-op, where you can barely see anything your screen is so small. But anyway, back on topic, the co-op is great, and is only over-shadowed by the 60 player, no lag competitive. The whole conflict is just epic. Although I prefer the smaller TDM to the huge 60 player ones, so much easier to work as a group, and no squad system.

I've also had a chance to play CoD: WaW. Now, I was surprised at this game. For one, CoD went back to WW2, and two, Treyarch developed it this time. The game is great, I played through most of it on Veteren, and man it's tough. I'd have to go through some parts 20-30 times before I could beat it. But hey, you beat the levels on Veteren, you get a shiny new trophy:P I never did beat it completely, ahad to go back to the rental place:( As for online, it's pretty much the same as CoD4. the most common weapons I see are MP40's, Thompsons, and Type 100's. They are the SMG class of course. But I like to challenge myself so I've been using mostly the bolt-action class. They have slow fire rates but high power. But most of the time now, no one goes down in one hit like they should considering the bolt-action class are the sniper class. I just use it without a scope. The bayonet you can attach to weaons are a godsend, it's pretty much a 4 foot knife:P I also think they should have added some online achievements. Like surviving a dog attack or killing 5 dogs during one, which I have done, quite annoying to do so, but I did it.

That's it for now, but I can't forget this