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My 360 experience.

So it's been about 25 days since I got my 360, and I already accomplished a lot:P

I've beat Gears of War 2, Dark Sector, and Mass Effect. I played through most of Fable 2. I have to say I'm having quite a lot of fun. I already have over 3000 gamerscore and my online experiences have been quite enjoyable.

Mass Effect, which I'm still playing has been most likely my favourite. I always liked Bioware's RPG's and this has to be my favourite after the original KotOR. I went good and I'm trying to get my character up to level 60 before I make a new one. My next one is going bad.

I'm just waiting for the RE5 demo that comes out Wednesday, I hope I can find someone to play some co-op.;) Now for a shameless plug for my Youtube channel:P I've put up a new video, F.E.A.R. 2 360/PS3 compariso, so check it out when you have the chance:)

That's all for now, and I can't forget this:P