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Me, Myself, and Resident Evil

Resident Evil: what can i say

All of the last few months or so, i've read all 7 books, watched both movies, and played RE4 non-stop. Not only that but i post a lot on the RE4 ps2 board, RE4 Wii edition board, and the RE: Umbrella Chronicles board. I've become Resi-holic. I first became addicted in 1999, i believe i was only 8 or 9, when i rented RE 2 for my N64, i got scared so much, i didn't finish it but I made a decent length, cause of my age. I can tell you every single way a character died in the games and movies.

The movies themselves could have been better. They should have actually did one going on the story of the game. I don't know why they did not do it, but they should have. I still have to play REmake, RE CVX and RE 0 not to mention the arcade shooters. But i will always remember this