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New Gameplay video.


This is a new gameplay video I recorded, converted and edited today. The game is Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, it's only the demo, but I have to say it's a pretty good fighter. The intro video which is included in the video is very good in my opinion. I have it both here and on my Youtube account. So please check it out both here and Youtube.

I'll be getting Haze next week, and I'll be recording every second of it's magnificent gameplay, and put it up both here and Youtube.

That's it for now.

What do you know, I'm Wicked Sick!

I'm not usually one for level blogs but I just reached level 30, so woo....

Ok, enough of that, back to what really matters. Well I got a call from a place I had applied to for a job, and they want a interview. So I have that tomorrow at 9:30 pm, kinda late for a interview, but I really don't care, it's a job that I can do and get paid for. Now with this job, I'll hopefully be working good hours, most nights, and weekend days and getting minimum wage of $8.00 a hour. I will be able to hopefully get a Wii and a 360 in no time. Plus I can still do my other job that makes me $80 every 2 weeks. I'll be raking in the money, based on how many hours I get with the new job I could be making up to $400 every 2 weeks with the 2 jobs combined. So that means I could get a Wii after my first pay, which ain't bad. I forgot to mention what the job is:P I applied up to the local grocery store, actually where I bought my PS3. I'd probably start out as a cashier, working 6 hour shifts, probably 2-3 times a week and weekend days. So that works out to be anywhere from 36-48 hours every 2 weeks, which is pretty good for someone my age.

So with the 360, come the choices...what games should I get? Well I know a few games I'll be getting:

Bioshock: most obvious

Gears of War: hey, it's a great shooter

Dead Rising: I like to beat up on zombies.

Mass Effect: If it was made by Bioware I'm getting it.

Other than that I have no idea, this is where you, the people with 360's come in to give me advice. I'm still not sure if when I get a 360 should I get live. I have my PS3 and I keep saying to myself that I don't need it, but I'd like to experience both sides of the online world, and if you notice above, only one of the games I want are actually online, that being Gears of War.

As for the Wii, as soon as I get it, I'm buying 3 or 4 Wii point cards and going crazy on Virtual Console. When I do get a game, I'm getting Brawl (no brainer), Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, possibly Mario Kart.

Recent Purchases:

First Blood (Blu-Ray): I found it at the local Wal-Mart for $20 so I got it, I wanted to go through the entire Rambo series, and might as well get them on Blu-Ray.

Maximum Overdrive (DVD): This is possibly one of the most cheesiest Stephen King movies out there. But I have to admit it's pretty funny and it even got AC*DC for the music.

Bully (PS2): This is one of the greatest games on the PS2 and I got it brand new for $13:D So I'm playing that now.

They Live (DVD): This is a cult favourite and is one of John Carpenter's best in my opinion. It stars Roddy Piper, Keith David, and no one else you'd probably know.


I plan to record some more gameplay to upload to GS, maybe when I get Haze I'll make a few videos of that. Now only if they release the PSN cards here in NA, I could get some things off the PS store.

Well that's it from me for now, but I'm going to end this blog off with something special

[spoiler] Greatest Movie Quote of All Time [/spoiler]

Tagging has returned O_o....this time 7 songs, 7 people.

The whole tag thing is back...this time in the form of lsting 7 songs your listening to now.

so here is my list:

1. R.E.M. - Bad Day

2. Huey Lewis & The News - I Want a New Drug

3. Huey Lewis & The News - Hip to Be Square

4. R.E.M. - Man on the Moon

5. Ok Go - Here it Goes Again

6. Van Halen - Hot for Teacher

7. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

And to continue the chain blog, I'm gonna tag gamah_killah, jediknight52501, Shiggums, GreggD, Faller88, doombreaker, Abgoj.

Sorry guys, it's just the way it is:P's purely AWESOME!

Yes, by now we all know it's true. The games story is brilliant, gameplay is awesome, and characters are frankly...hilarious.

What I like to bring up is if you noticed already and if you have don't bother telling me it already was, I've kinda been off the internet the last few days due to GTA4. But if you have seen the movie Behind Enemy Lines you will notice a similarity between Niko and one of the characters Sasha.

Meet Sasha:

Just look at the face, not to mention the clothes.You can see the hairstyle and facial hair is similar to that of Niko, and the track suit is similar to that you can get for Niko (which is my personal favourite outfit.) I've actually created a new avy to establish the fact:P

I'm about 75% done the entire game, and almost finished the story fully, only 2 or 3 missions left I think. I love the fact, that one of the challenges is to shoot 200 pidgeons all over Liberty City and Alderney. I also rarely use vehicles, most of the time I take taxi's, and I rather take motorcycles than cars when I do have to drive. Now I don't want to spoil anything for people so I won't say anything specific about the story.

I'll also try and start to post a video walkthrough of every mission in the game to help anyone out, that is once I finish the game the first time.

I got GTA: IV...the Special Edition

Yes, I splurged on the Special Edition of the game, it cost over $100 but I didn't really care. Anyway, I wanted to show the stuf that came with the game in this next line of pics.

The whole GTA:IV: Special Edition set.

the game and it's manual

The Black Safety deposit box it all came in.

The golden lined duffle bag

The artbook that came with it.

Inside the game artbook...:surprised: Niko Bellic:P

The nice boxart that everything came in.

It also came with a soundtrack of songs that are on the different radio stations. But I saw no point in showing that. I still say it's a good deal to get all this plus GTA:IV for about $105.

Man...I'm a Wow addict again.

So, after 372 days of not playing WoW. I decided to pick it up as a game to play in between GTA4, Haze and MGS4. If you take a look at my little X-Fire game card I have at the top of my blog. You will notice that this week alone I've played it for 33 hours. Those 33 hours have been toward making 7 different characters, deleteing 3 and keeping 4 plus the one I had from first playing it last year. So now I have:

1. lvl. 22 Blood Elf Mage
2. lvl. 14 Blood Elf Priest
3. lvl. 14 Dwarf Hunter
4. lvl. 14 Undead Warlock
5. lvl. 7 Tauren Warrior

These 5 characters are split between 3 servers, one on the Gurubashi PvP server, one on the Blades Edge normal server, and 3 on the Moonrunner normal server. I plan to make at least a character of every race and make them a cla$$ most suitable for their race. Blood Elves are going to be magic cla$$es (Paladin, Mage, Priest, Hunter, Warlock), Orcs a warrior cla$$, Trolls a hunter cla$$ Taurens are warriors, Undead are good rogues. As for Allience, Humans make good warrior/paladins, Dwarves are good hunters, Gnomes are good magic users (Mage, Warlock), Night Elves are very good rogues, and Draenei are also good magic users. I also want to make sure I have every cla$$ used.

If you want to quest together just ask, I'll get some pics of my characters to show them because I can:P

CoD4 vid


My friends in school always like it when I record some CoD4 gameplay of myself doing pretty good. So, I did it a few times. This video was somewhat of a fun one. I had been doing poorly all match due to Juggernoobs and random grenades. It was near the end of the match when I just had enough dying and began to kill. I went on a ten kill streak which only took a minute and a bit. I was on my 4th Prestige lvl.11 at the time. I called it The Comeback cause it was a comeback of sorts, too lose all match then to comeback to win it in the end along with having the second place on the team is good. Hope you like the vid, there's surely more to come.

What a Deal!

I know when I see a deal, but man this was a deal. Tonight, a local grocery store had a tax free night so I went up with my mother. First place I went was the Elcetronics department, and they had a bin of discount PC games. So I took a look at the games and I see The EA Warfare Collection for $10. Now this collection has Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault in it, along with Battlefield 1942, and it's expansion, Road to Rome. It also included Battlefield Vietnam. When I went to the checkout I found out it was only $5, which is an amazing deal even though they are a few years old. But the are still very good. I'm going to tell installation will be a pain, just take a look

the discs

Now that's a lot of discs:P


It finally happened, EA has taken over T2. All I can say, there goes another company to the growing video game giant that is known to EA. This is really a big upset to me. I wanted to see Take Two stay the way it was, but now it's apart of IT!

EA has really gone far to get more money, the only reason they went after Take-Two was to get a hold of the GTA series. Now due to this, EA will grow even larger having the rights to so many games. What will happen next? Well now that EA has a hold of Take-Two they can do whatever they want with the GTA series. Not only that but they could even delay GTA4...til 4th quarter. Why would they do that.... to make a bigger profit. But it might also hurt sales with the games coming out that quarter such as Resistance 2, and possibly Gears of War 2.

Now, I'm not the one to complain very often about companies who make games, because I'm a gamer, but some companies can go to far or too short on the games they make. EA does make good quality games like their sports series, Madden in particular. EA has simply become a monopoly of game companies all pushed together into a cramp room.

What lies in the future, who knows what other independent companies will fall to the gaming giant EA. Maybe in the near future, there will only be the giants of video gaming and no more independent companies. That would be a shame. But this day will be remembered as the day T2 was no more and there only stood EA.

R.I.P. Take Two Interactive, 1993-2008.

A company that will surely be missed.

*EDIT* it appears that it was a fake, I feel so stupid for believeing this ****. Well atleast it's not true and T2 still lives

Getting set for GTA4

As you all know, GTA4 is coming out at the end of this month. As such, I'm getting ready to play the epic sandbox game by playing another one, and no it's not one of the previous GTA's. I'm playing The Godfather.

The Godfather for all those who have seen the movies is a movie based on the book by Mario Puza about a Sicilian crime family during 1940's-1950's NYC. The game starts you off as a man protecting his wife, but ends up being killed by Don Barzini's men, leaving his son and wife. It then fast forwards to where the movie begins with the wedding of Don Corleone's daughters wedding. If you watched the movie, then you must know that no Sicilian can refuse a request on the day of his daughters wedding. Well that man's wife came to the Don and asked that he look after her son. You play as the son and you start of as a low outsider in the family and you work your way up by doing so many different things. You can extort buisnesses, do favours, do hired hits, rob banks, start rackets and of course do the missions of the story like plant the gun for Micheal to use in the diner or put the horse head in the bed. The game is honestly really good. I specifically like several different things in the game. You can conceal the guns your carrying, you can either have lock-on aim or free aim, in the lock-on aim, you can move the crosshairs wherever you wish. There is also positional damage, which means you someone in the head...their dead, you can also shoot the other major areas, knees, shoulders and other places. Then there are the crews and hit teams. You can hire gang members to be on your crew and stay with you at all times untill they die or you send them away. Then there are the hit teams which you can call in when needed. Upgradable weapons is another perk.

I wish more games would adapt the positional damage, well other than headshots are instant kills, but things like shooting the legs would cause them to fall or hitting the shoulder or arms would cause a disarm. This would make games like these more interesting to play. Upgradable weapons is another thing that these shooters need. I know that GTA4 wouldn't have these kind of set up because it's more of a pick up and shoot and you can get different guns of the same type. The way Army of Two's upgrade system work was good, but I'd rater just get a upgraded version rather than changing different parts on the gun itself.

The Godfather is a movie everyone must see at least once. The story is great, the actors are superb, and the series itself deserves to be something well deserving of appreciation. The game although not as great as a game deserves to have a good look into as well. It fills in the little things in the story plus the story of the game itself is well done. I for one enjoyed it and still am, not quite finished yet but getting there.