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Snake Eater + Other stuff.

I have finally reached level 32 here at GS, so that merans I'm a Snake Eater. I never had Snake before and I doubt I ever will, but I bet it's tasty. This level is named after one of the game jewels of the PS2, MGS3: Snake Eater. Where you play as Naked Snake (aka. Big Boss) before he was Big Boss. You are sent into Russia to stop World War 3 from happening and destroy the Shagohad. The game is like a Bond film, except a lot more action! It even has a Bond-like opening.

So lets take a look at my current stats for GS.

Profile views: 19034 (+ 17 new)
Friends: 189
People Tracking Me: 330
Games in Collection: 75


Forum Posts: 17213
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My Blog Posts: 125
Union Blog Posts: 205

Written Reviews: 6
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Now for the other stuff. As you know it's now July, and E3 is around the corner. I'm really excited since this time none of the confrences are in the night thank god. There are many games I'm looking forward to at E3. Them being Resident Evil 5, Bionic Commando, Dark Void, Dead Space, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, Street Fighter 4, Mercs 2: World in Flames, Left 4 Dead, Bioshock (PS3 version), Fallout 3, C&C: RA3, Mirrors Edge, Fracture, SW: Force Unleased, MK vs. DC, The Agency, Farcry 2 and Prince of Persia. I know big list, but I really want to see these games.

I played 2 new demos today from the Playstation Store. They were Monster Madness: Grave Danger, and Siren: Blood Curse. Monster Madness brought me back to the days of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. It's extremely fun to play, well to me it is, but unlike ZAmN, you don't have to save people, plus there are upgradable weapons! So I'm definitly considering on getting the game when it is released. Siren on the other hand had me creeped out. But I suppose that's what it's meant to do. The game is very interesting and I like the ideas it has. It could be the next good Survival Horror.

Ok, last but not least, the character battle. Before I can actually begin, I need some nomination for characters to use. I already have Solid Snake since he won it last year. So I need 15 other characters for the battle. There are certain limitations for characters. They have to have known videos of them, so no Gordon Freema. I'd also like to try and keep 1 character per franchise.To make it somewhat fair. Last Year I had 3 from MGS and 2 from MK and Zelda. So I want to diverse the field. So get those nominations in, once I get enough I will make the ladder for the battle and I will start the video entrences with a new cool thing for the battle videos at the end of each vid. So be on the watch out!

1st Audio Blog!


Thanks to Zeromus1337, I've been wanting to do an audio blog, so I finally did. I did this tonihgt after midnight, and then another hour in Windows Move Maker and Firefox trying to find pics to add. But it's finally finished. I also studder a lot but I'm just like that. So enjoy it.

Diablo 3 theme

With the huge announcement of Diablo 3 I decided to change my theme to match it. I'm a big fan of Diablo and I will be getting 3 when it comes out. I changed my sig, banner, and avy to match the theme. I still have to make a blog header to match the theme.

Here's the sig:

It's my first attempt at an artistic style sig. So go easy on me and offer improvements.

My banner is only simple and I plan to make a new one soon. My avy is that of the new character class, the Witch Doctor.

So, pleade rate and critique.:)

User Battle!!!

That's right, you read it right. This ain't a character battle, this ain't a franchise battle, and this sure ain't no cripple fight. This is a USER battle. That's right, 2 users are going to go at it in one on one battles to see who will come out on top between 2 great users of Gamespot!

In the right corner we have... The man with the plan who fights with no clan, the one and only Marksman2200(this is where the crowd cheers)

And in the left corner we have...Some say that he's genetically inserted into games, and that he only eats cheese. All we know, he's Dan_Lero!(crowd cheers again)

They will fight it out in 3 different online games over 3 weeks to see which is the better of the 2! Each game will be best out of 3 matches.

Game 1: Call of Duty 4: Week of June 29th - July 5th


Map: Shipment

Match type: Cage Match

Effects in place:

- Old school

- Headshots only

- Pistol and Scorpion only

Game 2: Grand Theft Auto 4: Week of July 6th-12th


Map: Prison, small

Effects in place:

- Deathmatch

- no RPG

- no grenades

Game 3: Warhawk Week of July 13th-19th


Map: Archipelago (8 player) map

Effects in place:

- Deathmatch

- no binoculars

- no bio-field generator

Now for the next 3 weeks (not including this week), these 2 will battle it out, and once the week is out, a video will appear showing our massive fight to the end, to see which one of us is the better gamer! Let the battle begin!

Mandatory MGS4 blog

So yea, that's right I got Metal Gear Solid 4 and loving every bit of it. To tell the truth, I would be playing it every hour of the day, but sadly I can't. I just happen to be in Exam time in school, plus since it is MGS4, I want to play it in HD. we only have 1 HDtv in my house, and it's usually occupied by my father in the night. But I've gotten my chances to play and I'm at Act 3 after 7 hours of play. The Gameplay of this game is just...well WOW! I mean, I loved MGS3 cause of the camoflauge concept. It has returned in this, but like 10 times better. I won't go into it too much. Because of this you probably won't see me on GS till I've had my time with the game. Then after I finish the game I plan to be play MGO for quite a long time.

I will leave you this: Unforgotten Realms

Uncharted Drake's Fortune review

I finally decided to review a game...well actually my friends has been bugging me to write another review for his site, so I decided to play through and review Uncharted. So if you guys get a chance, check it out. But for now, I'm going back to working on a Resident Evil 5 fact thread for The Resident Evil union, and getting ready for MGS4! It's only 2 days away now!

Bad Company: aka The Fun to Blow Things Up Game

Yea, I woke up this morning and I decided to quickly check the PS Store hhad updated which it shouldn't have been, but yet it was! So I got the Battlefield: Bad Company demo. Now at first I was skeptical, the Battlefield games were best on the PCs and I've played the console ones. But this one took that concept and bombed it to hell. In thgis game you take control of a single soldier, and you don't pick a class. You in a squad of 4 including you. The 3 others being Sarge, Haggard, and Sweetwater This demo you play is a mission called Green Acres. Your the new kid in "B" Company, and in Sarge's squad. The game quickly introduces you to the thing that will make this game too easy, the life-2 wich pretty much heals you whenever you feel like it but switching to it and pressing fire. I don't eally mind all that much, but I have to say it does help, when facing a mounted gun. When you start you also get quickly aquainted with the driving of the game, which is really smooth. You then come upon a farm, defeat the enemies and then prtect it from enemies. Now this is where you can have fun. In the area there is a small green box that will refill you ammo infinite times. Not to mention at the time you will have your rifle, rail mounted grenade launcher, and a RPG or a set of C4 charges. This where the title of the blog comes in, you can destroy almost ANYTHING!!!! That almost is there because of some awkward things, which you will see when I post some gameplay video I recorded going through the demo and demostrating the fun.

Now....multiplayer! The demo does come with an online component that if played can actually unlock things for you to use in the actual game. Now multiplayer is similar to CoD4 as in there are 2 teams, an objective. But that's where it ends, unlike CoD4 the levels are HUGE! It will take I would say about 5 minutes from 1 side of the map to the other by running. But why run, when there are vehicles to use. There are humvees, tanks (light and heavy), and helicopters. Then there are also artillery that you can use for long range bombardments. Another similarity between BC and CoD4 is the rank system, as you kill you gain points that once you get it high enough you level up and leveling up comes with unlockables. But unlike CoD4 you can choose what you want to unlock.

Like other BF games, in online play there are preset classes such as demolition, recon and support, but as you gain ranks you can unlock new weapons a items for these classes. The name of the style of match is Gold Rush, there is a defender and attacker. The attacker got to blow 2 gold caches in 4 different bases. Once either all attacker reinforcements are killed or the attackers get all the gold, the game is over. Another thing that caught my eye was the dog tag system. If you happen to kill someone with your knife, you get their dog tag which will appear in your online profile. I do not know much more about them. From playing the demo I can say that I want Bad Company now, but with so many games in my summer game list it will be hard to fit it in.

My rating for the the demo is 9/10


- good controls

- good graphics

- great online features

- online play helps in final game


- destructble things have a limit on what is or is not destructable

- online play from what I have played is kinda 1 sided with the Attackers always winning. (match type: Gold Rush only)

More to come when videos are finished and uploaded.

Resident Evil 5 trailer # 3 opinion.

So... It has gone back to the parasite. I'm not that surprised. The parasite... how to explain, it looks like the crawler plagas found near the end of the castle and on the island in RE4. Now we know that there are active volcano's and they may have released it. You must also remember that the plagas was also found deep in the caves under the castle and was released while the villagers . I myself really did not want another parasite story, but I can see it working.

Based on the trailer I can already see that it has top of the line graphics and smooth framerate. I like how they brought back the ability the enemies have to get through barricades. But it seems that not all of these enemies can do so, as it was the one with the chainsaw that opened it. The villagers are taking the Dead Rising approach as 20 enemies go after you at once from all directions, this is gonna make Chris claustrophobic very quick:P

I believe that RE5 will be going back to the survival horror that RE4 didn't have. The idea of being chased by dozens of enemies, that no place can really be safe, and if there is for how long, not to mention the parasite release that could happen at anytime will cause a great # of scares. Plus it's also making the game harder with the fact that running away may not be an option and your forced to fight through a crowd.

The co-op ability is there with the partner from what I can see. I can see it balance out the crowd numbers. Hopefully they do bring in the dodge function, because if there isn't one, your more than likely to die multiple times.

That's as much as I can say at the moment.

Have You been Folding?

Do you like to help people? Are you a person who wants to give something back to the world but don't have the time? Well here's a little thing that, you, yes you can do, when your not even at home. What I'm talking about is Folding@Home. Now anyone can use this nice little program, if you have either a PS3 or a PC, then you can help the research of protein folding and misfolding which leads to diseases, such as Cancer, Parkinson's and even Alzhimer's, but that's on'y the tip of this program puts research toward.

Today, there are over 1 million PC users and PS3 users. I myself use my PS3 for this great program. I currently rank in the top 50,000 of those who contribute, 49,165th to be more percise. They use work units as a way to work on different projects. At the moment I have 350 work units and you could too if you work at it. I only started folding back in January, and I fold every night and day when I'm in school.Some work units can only need a few hours to be complete, others can sometimes take anywhere from 1 to 2 days.

As gamers, you might think that your PC's or systems are only for gaming. But why not help when your not playing, so if you ain't playing you should be folding, join the rising population of the Folding@Home users, today!