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The Force Has Been Unleashed!

Well not quite, it has been unleashed in demo form. Today it was released on the PS Store and I guess yesterday for the 360. So I played through the demo and I have to say it's fun! You take control of Darth Vaders' secret apprentice as he is sent on a mission to take out a Jedi General that is raiding a Tie-Fighter factory.

Anyway, it's your basic demo. It gives you a Force Grip tutorial in the menu. Once in the demo, it will give tips along the way. It shouldn't take long to get used to the controls since there are a few astro droids and gunk droids before you get into any action. You basically have a force for whatever buttonis assigned. You have Force Push, Grip, Lightning, Dash, and Jump. They all can be combined to make some awesome looking combos. I can't really explain much more. I will post recorded gameplay of it as soon as it's converted and such.

I got a DS!

Well I finally decided to pick up a DS after so long. I had a GBA SP for a while now and I decided it was time to upgrade. So today, I got paid and picked up a DS as well as Final Fantasy 4. I'd like to know which games are good for the DS so that maybe I'll look them up in a bit. But for now I'm going to settle down and play some FF4.

Reset Generation

Today as I was watching the latest Zero Punctuation, I came upon an interesting advertisement. This advertisement was for a game called Reset Generation. At first I was iffy on the game, since it was from a link on a site and it was for the N-Gage... But, as I read, it also is a browser based game as well. So I decided to play it. I have to say, the game is quite good, why it was put on the N-Gage I don't know. But it still plays extremely well on the PC.

This game is made out of basic ingredients:

1 damsel in distress

10 different characters

1 game board

1 simple rule: save the princess.

And last but not least it's FREE!

But that's not what makes the game fun. It's the fact this game is a game based on games. Each character has a parody in some way to a character(s) from other games.

You have the:



Sci-Fi Knight

Dr. Love Bomber

Monster Trainer

Level 50 Elf



Babe Gunner


Each character has thier own unique power. It makes the game extremely fun to play and watch.

The trailer

Now what I don't understand...Why the hell are they still making games for the N-Gage? I mean is there really a big market there. This game could be better on the Game Boy Advance or even the DS. The game is a 8-bit worthy of being on any system really. If your in for a good time or your just bored, check the game out. You might get attached to it.

My Laptop Died -_-'....which means good bye

My laptop died..., no I didn't drop it, nor did I spill something on it, it just died, the battery wouldn't recharge no more not even the AC adapter worked according to the light on the laptop. So I'm without internet for the next while. I can still use my PS3, for some things, GS is horrible on the PS3 mostly getting blank screens. I'm using my sisters computer atm to post this. So I don't know when I'll get my laptop back. So do't expect to see me till I get it back. But till then this is good bye.

PS3 - Almost 2 Years later...

And some companies still can't develop for the PS3. Now I'm not one for choosing sides in system wars. In fact I'm against the whole fanboyism thing. But when companies end up not bringing a game to one system, some people might say it was because the company bought exclusivity. But that's not the case.

Some companies still can't get around the concept of the cell processor. Well that's what EA is stating for the cause of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 being cancelled on the PS3, due to development issues. The crew at EA LA have stated the PS3 is a "Exotic, Tough" system to develop for. Now, it's not all surprising though. Development for the PS3 is can cost a pretty penny. Even games which are ports can be difficult to do. Lost Planet is an example of this. It first premiered on the X-Box 360 2 months after the release of the PS3 in NA, so it had been in development before the release. A year later, a port for the game on the PS3 was released, and it was a sad port. Another port which came to mind is The Orange Box. Now we all now that The Orange Box is a great collection of games in a single set, with the entire HL2 series, and the 2 new games, Portal and Team Fortress 2. But although gameplay was similar, many things were different. The PS3 version suffers from framerate issues and absolutely no support from Valve.

Speaking of Valve, they have stated themselves that they are not PS3 developers. But why is that. When The Orange Box was ported to the PS3 it was not handled by Valve. Valve just gave EA London the code and told them to port it, and they did. Now neither EA or Valve will offer support because they blame each other. EA will say that they were only given the code and cannot help since they did not develop it. Valve will state that they are not PS3 developers and say too bad. Now I see no reason why Valve shouldn't develop for the PS3. Yes, I know that Valve started out developing PC games and then started working with the 360 along with PC. I guess the change from the 360 system to the PS3 system is too tough for them. Valve is not the only company suffering from lack of PS3 development. Id Software is now on the brink.

Id Software as stated by Kotaku, has a love/hate relationship with the PS3. John Carmack has stated that he believes that the architecture of the 360 is better than that of the PS3.Yet,at Id, he may be the only one. Many others at Id Software including the CEO Todd Hollenshead, say the PS3 has done a better in future proofing. Now all this is surrounding a current project of Id, called Rage.Now they are not saying they are having troubles with the PS3 but Carmack disagrees with Rage going on the PS3, thinking it will not work on the system.

But, what companies are starting to understand is that the PS3 is the leading system in ways of technology. It is because of this that companies are beginning to develop for the PS3 first before working on the other versions believing if they can make it work well on the PS3 it will be easier to backward engineer the code to be used on other systems. Lucasarts was the first to state their plans to do this. In the article, Scott Stienberg of SCEA stated that sooner or later all third party companies will have to do it for multiplatform games. So will it happen, I think it will. Many multiplatform games have had to delay due to development issues with one system or the other. Could development for the PS3 be the key? Should all third party companies consider PS3 development first for multiplatform games? It's up to them, all we can do is wait and watch.

Soul Calibur 4

Well yesterday, I bought Soul Calibur 4, and I have to say it's one of the better fighting games I've played. The controls are smooth and the graphics are beautiful. I started out on Story with Nightmare, finished it in less than 10 minutes. I have to say that's quite sad. I was hoping for the map again.I've unlocked every character already, not very hard, just beat them un story mode, or in The Apprentice's case, beat Arcade mode with Vader. I had my practie in and I had 3 fighters in which I was in good terms with.

1. Nightmare: He's a big mean, bloody huge sword handeling fiend:P

2. The Apprentice: He can shoot lightning out of his fingertips:D

3. Snake Eyes: My favourite ninja

You might be asking who is Snake Eyes? Snake Eyes is a character I created who I based off Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, which I hope at least a few ofyou have heard of it. Anyway, he's the awesome ninja, on the side of good, and prime nemesis of Storm Shadow. Anyway, being a ninja he is, I got him using Taki style. So far, he has been really good for me. Tonight alone I had a 15 win streak online using him. Since he's fast and acrobatic, he can get around most defenses, plus he's well balanced with amount of vertical, horizontal and melee attacks, giving him a good edge. I recorded his progress through Arcade mode, I couldn't post the vid on GS due to the file size restriction. It's about 200mb for a 10 min vid. Which is odd, but what do you expect with a game that got a good frames per second rate.

Snake Eyes in action

In other gaming news, I have completed Drums on Medium, having all 4* and 5*'s and I'm working my way through Hard in Rock Band. I'm doing well in vocals, I can almost 5* Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld on Expert. It's harder than you think.

As for activity, I know I havn't bee as active as I was in the past, but I've been watching a lot of Anime. First I watched all the available Bleach episodes in English, and now I'm watching Naruto, I started on Thursday or Friday last week and now I'm on episode 100, I think. I'm even surprised I like it, but Iit hung to me, and I got hooked.

That's all for now

Gamespot Beta

I just got home today, after a weekend vacation. And I came along someones blog which had a link to Gamespot Beta. The next possible version of GS. As far as I know, the your profile and home page of the site is the only things different. In my opinion I like the changes. It looks much better. One thing I really like, is the mini feed there is in your profile. Itgives you all the info about what your friends are doing on GS at the time. You should try it out.

Gamespot Beta

Sporry about the link to my profile, but you can go to your profile from there:)

I picked up Rock Band today

Today I bought Rock Band for a modest $149.99 new:D They had a good deal at Toys R Us so I picled it up. I never really got started in it. I created my character and gave Drums a quick go. But after playing it at a friends, I'm comfortable in saying I can do Expert in both Bass and Guitar. I'll probably start out on Easy or Medium on Drums and Easy in vocals. If anyone wants to make a band on the PS3 version online, just say so or PM me over PSN.

Don't expect to see me much this week.

It's E3 week, and I don't really feel like coming on the forums till it's done and over with. I might be seen on the PS3 forums cause I help out in the sticky and the REU since more and more news is released on RE5 adn I'm an officer. Other than that you will not see me. If you wish to contact me, you can add me to MSN, X-Fire or Steam if you wish.


X-Fire: Marksman2200

Steam: Marksman2200

See you guys once E3 is done and over with.