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Level 35 + Dead Space! (EDIT) *wrong spoiler >_>

So yea I'm lvl. 35!...Woo!:P

Anyway, I beat Dead Space Saturday night, and I have to say the game is amazing! One of the best horror games I have ever played. The ending is very good and the story is! Expect a review from me very soon. I'm now going through the game again for trophies, I have most exept for 1 weapon, 2 walkthroughs, and 2 enemy requirements.

This week, I plan to buy Bioshock, Far Cry 2 and prebuy Fallout 3, can't wait to play super Rock'em Sock'em Robots:P

And last but not least


Dead Space = Awesome!

So today I picked up Dead Space, and so far I have gone through the first 3 chapters. I have to say this game is G-O-O-D, GOOD!

The whole premise is quite interesting, it's like the movie, The Thing...but in Space! There are ugly creatures that you can dismember all you want:D Not to mention the gratuitous Head Stomp you can do:P But I have to say, dismembering has never been more fun. I still havn't gotten to the Zero-G Basketball or the shooting gallery yet. Oh! I should mention, the first gun you get... is probably the one you'll us the most. I can probably kill one necromorph in 2-3 shots with it. Shoot off a limb and then shoot the head off. Very fun:P A very fun combo to pull off if you wish is to pistol whip twice, blow off the leg, then stomp it's face in:D

I'll probably record some of the awesome gameplay in a bit after I finish the game for the first time. So far I'll give it a 9/10, but I doubt it will change. Note that those will weak stomachs might not wanna play this game...or watch any videos of it.

I'm also using the Obsidian Suit that was a free download on the PS Store, it does help quite a lot, since it has a full inventory screen, though I rarely use much health, and stick to the most common ammo.

Let me see...

Here's the suit:

And I can't finish a blog no more without one of these


Small Update

So, yea, been a while since my last blog. I've kinda been busy with work, games and the OT board:P

Anyway, I recently added 7 new videos to my Youtube page for you guys to check out.They are all gameplay vids, took me a while to do each, thanks to the conversion prcess and all, but hey they are in good condition.

I've also been playing lots of Team Fortress 2 on PC, it be very fun and very addictive. What makes it addictive is the achievements. Pyro, Medic and Heavy, not to mention the game is just plain great. If you ever want to play, just add me to Steam and we can play a few games of 2Fort:P

Yea that's about it, I'm thinking of doing 2 new reviews, don't know when I'll get around to them, so keep a look out.

Later...oh I almost forgot.


The Force Unleashed and Fracture

I recently rented Force Unleashed and I have to say the game is quite good. I finished it alreayd, it's only 8 hours long, but I think for a game like that, that time is just right. I'm currently working on a video walkthrough of the game and possibly a video review.

Other than Force Unleashed, I was recently able to play the demo for Fracture, another Lucasarts game, andI have to say that manipulating the earth is fun:P If you didn't know already, Fracture is a game that takes place in Futuristic US, where a new civil war has broken out between the Pacificans and the Atlantic Alliance, one side uses all cybernetics for soldiers, while the other uses genetics. The game puts you in as a Atlantic Alliance soldier as you fight in this war. Whatmakes this game different is the fact you can change the battlefield you fight on:o You can make craters and hills using your Entrencher (great for popping enemies into the air:P), you have grenades that do all sorts of different stuff. What I will find interesting is the online aspect of the game. I was able to record some footage and I have it up on Youtube if you wish to view. It's in 2 parts, 1 is a tutorial and the other is a level.

Part 1

Part 2

Lvl. 34, Burn After Reading and Job

So, today I reached level 34, after 1 and a half years on GS:) so yea...

On Friday night I went to see Burn After Reading, the new Coen Brothers film, and I have to say it was a laugh. It has a great cast with George Clooney, Francis McDormand, Brad Pitt and John Malkovich. The movie has a lot to do with idiocy and it's what makes the film funny. I have to recommend it to you guys.

And I finally got a part time job. I'm now a proud employee of McDonalds:roll: But at least now, I have something to do some nights and weekends. Don't know my pay yet, but I know that I start on
Tuesday night:D

I leave you with another surprise


OT got it's hooks in me

I was bored last night, so I decided to go on the OT board... for once. So, I went there, and there were a few Canadianpolitical topics so I said somethings and I got more and more hooked. It was then Elraptor posted a new Roll Call, apptly name the "We Love Canada" Edition. It gave me a good laugh, and I posted there till about 2am. Then after school today, I came home and I just went straight to OT for some odd reason. I think I'm hooked:P It's not bad, I spent to much time in unions. I think I'll be spending more time in the future there. I'm gonna leave you with this...


Got a new HD-tv

When I came home today from school, I had found out that my mother bought a new HDtv for our basement. So of course, I had to set it up, like I do everything else in the house. It's good tv, 19 inch, goes to 1080i, has an HDMI output so I can play my PS3 in HD whenever I feel like.:D

Other stuff:

Anyway, I'm still playing Final Fnatasy X, I'm at Macalania Temple atm. I'm waiting for Force Unleashed to come out so I can rent that and play through it a few times. After that it's Fracture for me, then it's the October rush of games that will make my wallet dry. LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3, BioShock, Dead Space, not to mention early November with MK vs. DC and Resistance 2.

As for school, I've had my first few classes, liking most, I'm getting out of one to beacome a teacher's aide in one class, and also during that time I'll be setting up our schools new Computer and Robotic Labs:D I'm also going to take part in our school's planned trip to NYC. I gotta a lot of fundrasing to do, it gonna cost $1800:o But it should be fun.


So, yeah, school starts up for me tomorrow, well, not really tomorrow, but on Thursday. Tomorrow is just a basic orientation, and we get aour school schedules and such. Probably there for an hour at most.

Now to what really matters games!:o

I finished the main questline of Oblivion with my Wood Elf Assassin and I finished the Knights of Nine questline with my Orc Warrior Thrak-Tar Gugh:P I still have to go through Shivering Isles with a new character. I'll make him a mage. But atm, I'm playing good ol' Final Fnatasy X for the first time. I'm currently at Luca and I am surprised thatr I like the game. I'm not really a fan of the 3d Final Fantasy games, as I prefer the 8-16 bit ones. But I like the attack system and upgrade system.

Also if guys want to, check out my Youtube Channel, I try to post demo vids or gameplay from games, mostly PS3, but when I get a 360 I'll do both. I might begin doing walkthrough of games soon.

RPG Fever!

So as you know, I've been playing FF4. I'm still playing it, but I am now playing Oblivion for my PS3 and I'm gonna get a lend of FFX from my friend to play. Funny enough, I recreated Cecil from FF4 in Oblvion. His Paladin form of course. I'm not very far in Oblivion yet, since I havn't played much, but in FF4, I'm just after beating Golbez for the first time using Cecil and Rydia only. (Thank god for Libra and Summons). So I'm looking for some good RPG's to tide me over till Force Unleashed and the October rush. (Fracture, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Little Big Planet). All suggestions will be great:D