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The Zombie Survival Guide part 4

This part of the Zombie Survival guide will be on combat techniques.

  1. Never fight a zombie barehanded, for it is very hard to kill without a weapon, unless you come from behind and snap the neck.
  2. Blunt Weapons: These can be used as a last resort, this set would include: hammers, clubs, bats, crowbars. These do have enough power to crush the skull of the zombie, but these would have to be at close range and close range combat is not recommended.
  3. Bladed Weapons: These weapons are good for a secondary weapon, they can be long and small. They include knives(smooth and 6-8 in. are recommended. serrated,and saw-like are not recommended),axes, swords, katanas, machetes. These are mostly used for decapitations and dismemberment of zombies and are safe to use at close range.
  4. Power Tools: people might think these are all-powerful, but in truth, their not very good to use in a zombie attack. An example of this would be a Chainsaw. A chainsaw might be able to dismember, but it's fuel is finite and the sound attracts more to your position.
  5. Slings and Arrows: This weapon set includes slings, slingshots, bows, shurikens, crossbows, throwing knives, and blowguns. These are somewhat powerful, but it takes skill and time to use these weapons. They should only use these if you wish to be silent. The crossbows are the most powerful of this set, in being able to shoot a bolt through the skull and it is also very silent. The bows take time to master but once mastered can be somewhat useful, especially if the arrows are lit on fire.

Firearms require a section of their own:

  1. The Heavy Machine Gun: This is the most powerful weapon set you can have. This weapon can mow down so many waves of zombies if used correctly. You should line the weapon up at their head level and fire away. Hopefully you will be kill most of them, you can clean them up after. This set includes the M60 and counterparts.
  2. The Submachine Gun: This weapon is a smaller version of the heavy machine gun, it expends as much ammo and is used in the same way. It is good in close quarters. You should also keep it to single shot and always aim for the head. It has very bad accuracy at long range. The only problem is that it might jam. The weapons might include: the MP5, and so on.
  3. The Assault Rifle: This weapon is good for short to mid-range fighting and was supposed to be a hybrid of a rifle with auto-fire capabilities. It has different settings like auto, burst and single shot. It will waste ammo quickly and it's still good to aim for the head. It is very accurate with burst and single shot mode, but in full auto it can be very inaccurate. The best weapon in this set is the AK-47, other weapons in this set include the M4, M16, G36C, Chinese Type 56 and the Israeli Galil.
  4. The Bolt/Lever Action Rifle: This weapon is very powerful and accurate at long range and good for sniping if you have a scope but if you at close range don't use it. It takes a long time to load and you must pull back the lever after every shot to chamber another round.If you are to use this type of weapon, I suggest you get to a high place where it's safe and snipe from there. The weapons you would find in this set are: the Springfield, the Mauser Kar 98k, the Lee Enfield and so on.
  5. The Semi-Automatic Rifle: This is the best weapon to use against zombies. It has a power of a BAR and the speed of a handgun. Someone could take out twelve zombies in 15 seconds. It is light and easy to carry. The weapons in this set include: the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, the Ruger Mini-14, and the Chinese Type 57.
  6. The Shotgun: The most powerful weapon to use at close range, can easily blow a head off a zombie. But it has it's drawbacks... slow reload speeds, no good at mid-long ranges.
  7. Handguns: This weapon is the most widely used and can be good if you have good aim. This weapon could last you awhile and is not bad at mid range. This weapon can be weak or very powerful. The weapons used in this set include: the Glock, 9mm, M1911A, Desert Eagle and so on.
  8. Accessories: These can help you a lot. Silencers for rifles and handguns can suppress sound and keep zombies from hearing you. Scopes and laser sights will incerase your accuracy alot.

That is it for now. Next time... Defense of your body.

The Zombie Survival Guide part 3

This part 3 of how to survive a zombie attack. This part will introduce the classes of Outbreaks and how to detect if a zombie is near.


Class 1: This a low level outbreak. It would happen in a third-world country or a first-world rural area. There might be anywhere from 1-20 zombies, in this type of outbreak. Casualties range from 1-50 (including ones who are infected). The infested area would only be a small area(no larger than a twenty mile radius). There won't be much response, just local civilians or law enforcement. There will be little media attention. This class is the easiest to go unnoticed. This would last between 24 hrs. to 14 days.

Class 2: This would be in a urban or densely populated rural area. The # of zombies in this class would range from 20-100. The amount of human casualties could be several hundred. It will most likely last the same duration as a class 1. This is due to a larger response. The area can differ from a 100 mile radius in a sparsely populated area to only a few blocks in a urban area. There will most likely be media attention. So the story will be reported, although, not reported accurately.

Class 3: This class is a true crisis. The amount of zombies will be in the thousands and the area would be at least several hundred miles in radius. The duration could be months. The media coverage would be huge and reported very accurately. This would be a full-blown battle involving the military. There will be a state of emergency in the infested area, and surrounding areas. There will be a lot of restrictions and martial law to be activated. At first, it will time to respond and civillians would have to defend themselves.

Class 4: The Apocalypse is here!!!!


1. If there have been homicides where people have been decapitated or shot in the head

2. If there have been missing people in wilderness or uninhabited areas.

3. If there have been cases of "violent insanity" when people have attacked friends and family without weapons at random.

4. If there have been riots or civil disturbances without cause or provocation.

5. If there have been disease based deaths in the area.

6. If any of the above happens and media coverage was forbidden.

 Anyway that's it for now... next time it will be Combat techniques

The Zombie Survival Guide part 2

These are the attributes of a zombie:

  1. They have the same sight they had before being changed
  2. They have very acute hearing
  3. They have a very good sense of smell, more acute the an actual human
  4. Zombies feel no pain
  5. They might have a sixth sense
  6. They cannot regenerate
  7. They can survive anywhere from 3-5 years
  8. They do not digest food
  9. Their lungs still function... that's the reason of the moan
  10. Zombies are sterile
  11. They are just as strong as us humans
  12. They tend to limp and/or slouch
  13. They are not very agile
  14. They are not intelligent
  15. They have no emotions
  16. They have only one need... to feed
  17. They can't communicate
  18. They are not social
  19. They will travel on and on till they find food... could be miles
  20. They can only be killed by destroying the brain

Those are the attributes of zombies... next time: Outbreak classes and detection

The Zombie Survival Guide part 1

Ok, there is a book called the Zombie Survival Guide, it gives you tips on how to survive a zombie attack.

The virus that causes zombies is called Solanum.

Here are the symptoms of a person who has been infected.

  1. Hour 1: Pain and discolouration(brown-purple) of the infected area. Immediate clotting of the wound.(only if infection came from a wound. 
  2. Hour 5: Fever (99-103 degrees F), chills, slight dementia, vomiting, acute pain in joints.
  3. Hour 8: Numbing of extremities and infected areas, increased fever (103-106 degrees F), increased dementia, loss of muscular coordination.
  4. Hour 11: Paralysis in the lower body, overall numbness, slowed heart beat
  5. Hour 16: Coma
  6. Hour 20: Heart stoppage. Zero brain activity
  7. Hour 23: Reanimation

Next time: Attributes of a zombie

Back to Basics

I've gone back to basics

I've been playing old games, and i like it... Lately I've gone back to early Gamecube, N64 and SNES, and i would play my NES but for some reason... IT WON'T WORK!!!!! I have so few, but good games for the system... such as Super Mario Bros.1, 3, along with Kirby Adventures and Duck Hunt(first lightgun game ever!!!! and in the top 10 ever). Then I have my beautiful Snes... I have had great times with my SNES, playing MK1-3...2 being my favorite(It gave us FRIENDSHIP!!!!), not to mention give us the first Mario RPG ever... and it was very good and i would put it in the top 10 of most memorable RPG's ever. Then I have my N64 an i have the best multi-player game ever...Goldeneye. That game is so good and should be in a gaming hall of fame... it's just too bad it will never be able for the virtual console on the Wii. Then, i have been playing one of the greatest launch games ever...Resident Evil for the Gamecube. The graphics are amazing it could possibly match the graphics of today's games. so yeah, you could say that i have gone back to basics. Well that's it for now

Me, Myself, and Resident Evil

Resident Evil: what can i say

All of the last few months or so, i've read all 7 books, watched both movies, and played RE4 non-stop. Not only that but i post a lot on the RE4 ps2 board, RE4 Wii edition board, and the RE: Umbrella Chronicles board. I've become Resi-holic. I first became addicted in 1999, i believe i was only 8 or 9, when i rented RE 2 for my N64, i got scared so much, i didn't finish it but I made a decent length, cause of my age. I can tell you every single way a character died in the games and movies.

The movies themselves could have been better. They should have actually did one going on the story of the game. I don't know why they did not do it, but they should have. I still have to play REmake, RE CVX and RE 0 not to mention the arcade shooters. But i will always remember this