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I'm back! :O

Yep, I'm back. It's been a good year and 10 months since my last blog post. So I'm a tad bit rusty at the whole thing. I'm not back 100% quite yet. with me being in college and exams coming up. I'm not going to be full on ready for another week or so.

You might ask me where i went? The answer is, school, work and well World of Warcraft. Most of 2009 was spent working and my first try at university. however, the program I went into university for was a major let down, because the program was many years behind industry standards. Oh, I never mentioned what I was doing. I was doing Computer Science. I am currently at another school, doing a program called "Programmer Analyst (Business) co-op" Which is basically the same thing but at least this one is up to date.

2010 had been mostly a year of full time work for me. From January til mid-April, I worked normal shifts. The around mid-april, I started doing the weekday overnights at work, which then made me lose most of my time during the weekdays. I worked these overnights til late July when I had to start getting back to a normal sleep schedule for school. But at least during that time of work , I made lots of money :P. I now have all 3 consoles, including a new PS3, which I had to buy after my original 60gb bit the dust. I also bought a 40" tv for my room as well :). I had also bought myself a half-decent gaming pc which I've alreadt upgraded once and plan again soon.

Around late March, I got back into World of Warcraft, and I've been playing it since. You could say I'm somewhat entranced by it. I now have 2 80's, and I'm now leveling my 3rd 80 now. I actually leveled him from 1-60 in a week >_>. But I'm loving the new world that they have made, however I wish they could've shuffled up some quests in Outland and Northrend a bit.

I'm currently playing Black Ops, and I'm loving it. Not to mention they are bringing back quickscoping :D

I will hopefully see most of you soon as i ease myself back in ot my GS life :).

Street Fighter 4 Online: My Turn Offs...

Street Fighter 4 has been out for a week now, and odds are you have played online. Now when your online you will notice several things that might irritate you, but you never address it. But I am here to that very thing. As I've played online, I've studied distinct habits of players your are bound to face while fighting.

1. The Ken & Ryu duo: As many people who play Street Fighter these 2 have been the 2 most used characters ever. Now, this has not changed one bit. As I've played, I'd probably face 10 Ryu or Ken per 1 other character fought online. Now, that might not bother some as they use Ryu or Ken themselves or they just don't really care. But after facing a few hundred in a single night, it gets kinda irritating. The constant spin kicks, uppercuts and hadouken-spam get very annoying to deal with, even for the experienced players. Now, the reason you see so many is because they are the easiest characters to play as. Their combos, and moves are very simple but powerful when put together. I doubt this will ever change.

2. The Stalker: I created this term in order to convey the technique of the fighter in which uses it. These fighters, are ones that stay long range and all they do it block and duck. Now, while far away, they might fire off a few long range attacks. This forces the other player to come close. Now that's the goal. Once the other character gets close to the Stalker, the Stalker unleashes a flurry of attacks, then go right back to the fedal position. To wait for the time to attack again. This technique can be used by many characters. But, I mostly see this in Guile, Ryu, Ken, Zangief, and Blanka. These characters can really pack on the hurt in close quarters. The problem is that these kind of fighters are hard to beat since they hit and run while ducking and blocking constantly.

3. The Low-Hitters: These fighters are those that constantly hit you low so you can never get a footing. Since you can get up, you can't attack. They will most likely get you into corner and try to keep you there to pack on the hurt. If you do happen to get up and over, odds are the players who like this technique has a character that also has a vertical attack, that takes you right back down to Earth. As I've played, the characters I see using this technique are Cammy, and Balrog. But others can use it. I've just not seen many others other than those 2.

Overall, the online play can be quite addiciting. But if your looking to put yourself on the leaderboards, be wary of these fighters as odds are they will chew you up and spit you out. As for me, I'll probably never play a ranked match again. The constant fighters of these type have turned me off it. If you ever see me online, I'll be in the player matches, having fun!

I have been infected >_>

It's another bloody tag >_>

So I have to tag 5 people, now I don't really want to...but, I feel like being a jerk:P

So I choose macrules_640, rockguy92, julian_jr, vidplayer8, DDman009.

They were randomnized so I didn't choose any by choice. Now those chosen have to do this same type of blog and infect 5 more people. Just you can't pick me:P

My 360 experience.

So it's been about 25 days since I got my 360, and I already accomplished a lot:P

I've beat Gears of War 2, Dark Sector, and Mass Effect. I played through most of Fable 2. I have to say I'm having quite a lot of fun. I already have over 3000 gamerscore and my online experiences have been quite enjoyable.

Mass Effect, which I'm still playing has been most likely my favourite. I always liked Bioware's RPG's and this has to be my favourite after the original KotOR. I went good and I'm trying to get my character up to level 60 before I make a new one. My next one is going bad.

I'm just waiting for the RE5 demo that comes out Wednesday, I hope I can find someone to play some co-op.;) Now for a shameless plug for my Youtube channel:P I've put up a new video, F.E.A.R. 2 360/PS3 compariso, so check it out when you have the chance:)

That's all for now, and I can't forget this:P

I'm now a PS360 owner

Today, I got my final paycheck of the year, and it was a big one:D So, I finally picked up a 360 which was on sale, for $239.99:o So I got the holiday bundle which came with Lego Indy and Kung Fu Panda. I got some playing in:P I'm enjoying it very much. So go ahead and add me to XBL:D I plan to pick up Left 4 Dead and Gears 2 soon along with a Gold Membership:D

Till then all I can do is chat:(


Yea, first blog in a while. Well, I've been busy with work and a major English project, which I happen to do very well on:P

Now you can probably guess, based on the title, I've come to talk about Street Fighter:P I found a Mastercard Gift Card and I was able to download Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. Now this game is HARD! Medium diff. is harder than you might think. I have finished it twice. Once with Ken and once with Fei-Long. Now some characters can be hard to get a use to. Now I've gotten used to only a few characters so far, Vega, Ryu, Ken, Fei-Long, and Zangief. Online play can be fun, but once you play so many people who only use Ryu or Ke, it's gets quite annoying.

Now I'm going to be downloading another game soon, and I could use some suggestions. I'm also hopong to pick up a 360 during the Boxing week sales. I'm already getting Gears 2 and Left 4 Dead. Any other suggestions on what to get?

And last but not least ***Spoiler***

ZOMG, I have a Gamertag

Yes, if you look at my profile now, I have a XBL Gamertag. Now, before you ask, no, I don't have a 360...yet. But I plan to get one in the near future, maybe before or after Christmas. But for now, I can still add friends via the websites:) So add me now, so we shall play in the future:wink:

recent gaming.

So, it's been a while since my last blog, no surprise, I've become more busy of late with school and work. But, now I have time to properly make a blog.

So as of late I finished Fallout 3, and Resistance 2, both were fantastic.

Fallout 3 is an amazing game no doubt, I don't even use most of the aid items I get. The stroy is just great, and gameplay is good, although gets tedious after a while. I will also point out that when you can wear a suit of power armour that says cheesy lines when your about to fight, makes it just fun to play. I still have to do a neutral and evil playthroughs, can't wait to go on mass murder streaks once I get a good evil character.

Resistance 2 is another great game, although it gets so fustrating at times. It is one of those "you learn by dying" games. As in, you'll be going through a level, then get pounced by a chameleon and you die, now you know it's there, so you play again and kill it, but then get killed from behind, and so on and so forth.Butwhat truly makes this game fun is the co-op and competitive online. More and more these days, we have games that are allowing for online co-op which is great, much better than the days of splitscreen co-op, where you can barely see anything your screen is so small. But anyway, back on topic, the co-op is great, and is only over-shadowed by the 60 player, no lag competitive. The whole conflict is just epic. Although I prefer the smaller TDM to the huge 60 player ones, so much easier to work as a group, and no squad system.

I've also had a chance to play CoD: WaW. Now, I was surprised at this game. For one, CoD went back to WW2, and two, Treyarch developed it this time. The game is great, I played through most of it on Veteren, and man it's tough. I'd have to go through some parts 20-30 times before I could beat it. But hey, you beat the levels on Veteren, you get a shiny new trophy:P I never did beat it completely, ahad to go back to the rental place:( As for online, it's pretty much the same as CoD4. the most common weapons I see are MP40's, Thompsons, and Type 100's. They are the SMG class of course. But I like to challenge myself so I've been using mostly the bolt-action class. They have slow fire rates but high power. But most of the time now, no one goes down in one hit like they should considering the bolt-action class are the sniper class. I just use it without a scope. The bayonet you can attach to weaons are a godsend, it's pretty much a 4 foot knife:P I also think they should have added some online achievements. Like surviving a dog attack or killing 5 dogs during one, which I have done, quite annoying to do so, but I did it.

That's it for now, but I can't forget this


Recent Acquisitions

Ok, first blog in a bit, just wanna talk about some recent purchases:P

1. Fallout 3 :D

The game is amazing! I'm currently playing through it with a female character and it is going great.

2. Burnout Paradise

Havn't been able to play much, but this is another fun game

3. BioShock

If it wasn't for the release of Fallout 3, I'd be playing this more:P

I'm actually surprised at how much fun this game is, this is my first SOCOM game too, I recently played in the GS Game Night for this and took home the MVP:D

5. Bleach: Vol. 20-24

For those who don't know...most of you, I am a big Bleach fan, and I just finished collecting all the released English volumes. Now I just have to wait for more.:P

That's it for now... but one last thing:P