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Title: The Era of Darkness Slavery

System: PC


The story is set in the year 3000 from the creation of the world when the Great Creator Arthan left on earth the Phantelion Dinasty to lead in peace the live of humans from the earth. But the beautiful days are now in the past and now the people lives with fear, and are deprived of their liberty in the Era of Darkness Slavery imposed by King Garthalan, who was convinced by Salton, a fallen servant from graces of The Great Creator Arthan, and he killed his brother, the King Sandlan and established a reign of terror and horror .

But in a far away forest from "First Mountains" lives 3 brothers with their sister and mother. They had a quiet and peacefull life and nobody don't disturb them or knows about their existence. However in a beautiful day when the sun entered in the seventh circle of the year, they mom come to them and told them: "My childs I grow you up how I know better, but today is the end of our beautiful life. Today I need to say with regret in my heart that we must separate and even if I want like your sister to stay with me I need to let and her to go. Your destiny is just start now and you must to liberate the people from slavery and to bring again the peacefull and freedom in this lands. I can't told you more because I can change your destiny with my words but you must to know in every second that you can fulfill your destiny just if you stay togheter and love each other. You must go tonight my childs"

And from here the adventure starts. You will need to made a lot of quest to gain confidence from the people, and with supports from the people you will have many battle boss in your try to conquer the cities from the King Garthalan. And finally you will fight for freedom and peacefull and to abolite The Era of Darkness Slavery. But in your way you will find new things about the destiny of their four brothers and every decision have you made can change the fate of the battle so be careful in your decisions and keep your way with any costs.


Lanchart – is the first brother with an extraordinary force who can destroyed his enemies very easy with his stature.

Special Powers:

- Avatar
-Bear Hug
-Bear Paw
-The Power of the Earth

Strenght: 75, Agility 30, Inteligence 26, Charisma 30

Martonal – the second brother who is define with a amazing agility.
Special Powers: - Lightning Shot
-Fast and furios
-The Power of the Water
Strenght 28, Agility 77, Inteligence 31, Charisma 29

Alsana – the sister, posses an indescribable beauty.

Special Powers :

- Fatal Beauty
-Heal beauty
-Screaming beauty
-The Power of the Fire
Strenght 23, Agility 31, Inteligence 40, Charisma 80

Iltandir- the last brother, but with an impressive inteligence.

Special Powers:
-Air shot
-Power of converting
-Word shot
-The Power of the Air
Strenght 28, Agility 30, Inteligence 78, Charisma 30


King Garthalan – is the king of the earth who stole the power from his brother, King Sandlan, who killed him with help from Salton a fallen servant from graces of The Great Creator Arthan, who convinced him. He estrablished an Era of Darkness Slavery and every people grom the earth was helpless in front of him. For eliberate the people those four heroes need to defeat him. He possed the Power of the Darkness, and after years of leading, now he is stronger than ever, otherwise he is closed to create an army of immortals men with Salton help. Also he has The Power of the Air, The Power of the Fire , The Power of the Earth and The Power of the Water who makes him the most powerfull man from the earth and to beat him requires all four heroes

Why is worth playing: This is a fantastic and original story who will atract every gamer and we lead him in a world of hope.

why :(

I've been tagged by my cousin last night

10 facts about me:

1. I got a job
2. I don't know why, but i'm a magnet to polish girls ... weird :P
3. For over 10 days i've been searching for a girlfriend, so far no luck :(
4. These days i didn't had much time for gaming; working at a full-time job is frustrating
5. My music taste
6. We are all doomed in 2012, i'm scared
7. My first french kiss was at 15
8. It may sound funny for those who live in Romania, but i actually love my country :)
9. My favorite movie is "Ice Age"
10. I want to be PRESIDENT OF ROMANIA.... The Vlad Tepes (Dracul) 2 !!! muahha:P

A new game , a new challenge

Now i start to play Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. It's a very nice and funny game... and is not only for children is for everyone :D, i recomand this game for all ... 8)

Click here to see some images with Scrat vs Monster fish :)

Life in Romania

Romania a country located in S-E Europe, EU member, where the animals lead a life in the harsh struggle for survival, leading a life free of painful love of a good and loving master.

Click here

...and here part 2

After 2 months of pain

My exams are over :D

So what i've been playing these days ?

Well lets see:

First of all, i finished Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and i must say the game is awesome and i recommend it to everyone if you haven't played it yet. If you are a RTS fan, then this is the perfect game for you. I spend over 45 hours on it and i still find pleasure in it each time i play. Orcs are my favourite clas.s because ... well, i don't know why, but i like them :D

Another cool game i played is Street Racing Syndicate. It's a nice game and and i hope i can finish it somewhere around next week or in July cause the game is hard and takes a lot of effort to beat it. So what makes SRS a wonderfull experience ? well you guessed it, THE GIRLS :D . Each time you beat a Team or complete a challenge you get a hot girl and also some cool cars to race with them. Overall the game runs smooth but it could have been better.

... and Painkiller Overdose.

Nothing to say, the game sucks :?

Well now that my exams are over i can be more active on Gamespot and make new friends, who knows. Again sorry for my bad english :oops: , i'm trying to improve but it takes some time :D.

What have you been playing ?

See ya !

long time no blog

Hey all :P ... i know i don't have many friends here, yet, but i just want to say that those who know me won't be able to chat with me these days because i have some exams to pass next week ...

But even with exams going on i still play games :P

Here's another one i got from Danutz last week: Street Racing Syndicate.

See ya

my first blog

Hi ! I'm Marius from Romania. I'm kinda new here on Gamespot. I'm a big fan of RTS games (Age of Empires, Knights of Honor, Warcraft), shooters (CS 1.6, SWAT 4, RTC Wolfenstein) and sport games (FIFA 07/08, Trackmania, Virtua Tennis) . Recently i got Sid Meier's Pirates and i must say this is one of the best games i've played this months.

Well if you wanna know more about me you can pm me. Since i'm new i accept all friend requests.

See ya later :P

i've just finished KoH :)

PS: if you have a xfire account you can add me there: cojo3