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no blogs in may? what sorrcery is this?

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anyway. im looking forward to the few new my little pony games being made right now.

"fighting is magic" "my little investagations" "cutie-mark crusade" "ledgens of equestria" and "pony emblem"

i hope you all enjoy june.

trying to get used to skyward sword.

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due to how my room is set up

its a little hard to control links movements with the sword or other objects

sooner or later ill beat the game. its just gonna take forever.

how are all of you doing?

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ive been fine. played some skyward sword. working at a co-op job.

its good right now.

i took the pony personality quiz earlyer today.

how wonderful that im a fluttershy :D

ill be seeing you on some other day again. since it seems like i can never blog on a normal bases

where does one update there graphics card?

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i have this cool computer. but its craphics card are so out of date. it can barly play any online games on the computer. and i need to update it so it works properly. does anyone know where to update it?

so let me get this straight...

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sonic generations gets a 8.0 out of 10 just because switching between 2 sonics is confusing?

at least give it a 9.0 out of 10 if thats all there is to argue about... geez gamespot...