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This guitar pick is just awesome

I have tryed out the hetfield black fang picks (i only used 1 of the picks cause the ultamitely the same) Downward stroke is aggressive it has the bitey tone and the 1.14 mm pick as the same ones as James Hetfield uses on stage i know he also use the tortex .88 hes got one that designed by him its the black pick that say's "Pap Het" and a wheel on it.

Favorite Guitars Pick's

Number One is Still The Jazz III

Number Two is The Hetfield Black Fang

Number Three is the Tortex Standard.

Tell on the blog messages what guitar pickd you use and tell me if your with Cult of Jazz III.

Laterz got to play more with Black Fang.

Keep on Rockin


Dunlop Signature Pick tins

So today after my doctors appointment i went into a music store and bought myself to James "Papa Het" Hetfield Signature pick tins so i ordered two Hetfield Black Fang tin in 1.14mm from a music store with the same name.

Update on Guitar So That i seroiusly havent updated on my guitar playing. My sound on the Guitar my teacher said is cleaner and even tone cause i've been practicing with the pulm muting techique also inproved on my alternate picking so yeah its goin well. I've been playing guitar for 3 years now. I the Main Picks i use are the Dunlop Jazz III's

Tossing my Mind about SW TOR

Yes thats it im tossing my if i want to play star wars which im a fan by playing my game card. Yeah its really a big dissicion to talk about getting another Mmorpg even though i play wow i know one person at my tafe tells me the game is great and its based 3000 years before the first movie. So in WoW i play as allaince so in Stars Wars : the old republic im going to be with galatic empire if do decide to buy it. I'll think for a couple of months so dont go pressuring me.

I REALLY HATE PRESSURE OK i really dont like getting pressured to quickly in buying stuff.

So Far So Good for Operation Rainfall.

Operation Rainfall is finally Got its 2nd Wish come true that The Last Story (i know this quite old news from Feburaray This Year) is coming to North America Great work i know there are alot of die hard RPG fans in America so i know that Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming to as well in April.

So you got one more game to go thats Pandora's Tower i know you guys can do it i believe in the Die Hard RPG Gamers that want to play it i may have the last story and xenoblade im not going to spoil anything about the game and i know i'll keep the promise.

Im Buying Mario Party 9 Today

Yes that right i know the mario party union is dead but im going to make the union go underground with a following of me on Twitter Called MPUleader with that i'll have as well GamingMesiah. And Talk about my time playing mario party on MPUleader and also talking about my theroys i can right now the charater selection screen looks like mario party 3 boards are based off the very first one.

Thats all i have to say but i something else i bought last story i find that game quite diffecult with the first boss. So be sure to follow me mostly on Twiiter with MPUleader and GamingMesiah. I was the last and best leader of the mario party union.

Now i Have it!!

Yes thats right today i bought a 3ds betcha ya guys did'nt see that one coming and i bought with it Mario Kart 7 its bloody amazing that game.

But i still have to get tales of abyss :( that'll have to happen next week. So yes after 10 months and finally snapping and just buying the damn console or handheld what ever you like to call it makes me happy today. Allmost done all of 50cc in Mario Kart 7. Man im good at collecting those coins super easy!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah thats just about it just to tell you that FINALLLY AFTER 10 LONG MONTHS I HAVE GOT A 3DS.

Panic 3DS Price Drop Again in Aus

Yes that right the pressures on me to get a 3ds either flame red or cosmos black.

2 Games i'll get are Tales of Abyss i love my JRPG's and of it literally needs no introducition in Mario The Game that star ranked on DS on the DS version but now for the 3ds Mario Kart 7. I'm starting to panic right now with spending i did on the dsi's This very year but i can keep them sercet. I have a black and white dsi and the dsi xl colour that origanally came out in australia Bronze and Burgandy.

Also cant wait until The last Story , MP 9 and Pandora's Tower last not forget Dragon Quest X.

My Awesome Combo Tail

This i made something 1st with all Jd's Bourbons (Single barrell , Gentlemens Jacks , JD's Old No.7) with Jager and Baileys and then last i put the Coke in Last its look like a MilkShake more like a Deathshake.


1st Put in JD'S SB followed by Gentleman's Jacks and JD'S OLD NO. 7

2nd Put the Jager in with it

3rd Put the Baileys last

Last Put the Coke in and See how sickaning it looks.

Last Step wake up with a Horrible Hangover.

Update : I could'nt stand looking at it i 3 little goes at it and poored down the kitchen sink.

This yeareahh is gonna be awesome.

Quick summary so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Allready this year i have bought 2 dsi xls (Burgendary and Bronze) and two dsi (regular size) black and white
  • I Bought Jd single barrell , jd's old no 7 and also gentlemens jacks and Baileys and yes from the band that Vinnie Paul is in Hellyeah i bought more Jager
  • well for the wii this year i hope get Mario Party 9 , The Last Story and Pandora's Towers
  • I cant stop watching Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2 Constantly
  • Been whating the hellyeah vedio on Jagermiester

Cant thing of anything else