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The Day My Mom Forgot

I had a very scary experience yesterday. My mother had fallen and could not get up. My one sister was home from school because my mom thought she had strep throat. My mom, calling off work, returned home after fixing a tire and grabbing some groceries. She was not in the house for 10 minutes and she had slipped on the arctic tundra outside and hit her head. She asked if the puppies needed to be taken out, and I told her I had taken them out 30 minutes before. I was in the living room trying to complete my calculus homework and I hear a faint thud. Seconds later, I hear "JOOOOSSSEEEPPHHH!"

It was at this moment many questions entered my mind. What happened? Did she fall on a dog, crippling it? Where are you at? Again, what happened? She had fallen right outside the garage and could barely get up. She hit her head so hard that she had forgotten everything she had done this morning. My mother cried like an infant that had lost its parents. Imagine forgetting everything for a day, no alcohol or drugs to help you. You just forgot everyday. Anyway, my sister and I tried to keep her as calm as possible and eventually started the car to go to the Emergency Room. As we drove, she began to remember everything so vividly and perfect.

Then she would relapse and ask them same questions over and over. What happened? My sister and I met my dad at the ER and then I had to leave for a PSU class. She got a CT scan and pain relievers from the doctor. Its a great thing I'm a calm person and an Eagle Scout. If I wasn't going to be a Computer Engineer, I'd definitely be a Doctor or someone of that nature. I can help people, you just have to talk them through their experience. Saving lives people, saving lives.