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One Down, Seven to Go.

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First semester went pretty well. Spring 2014 looks intense, but I got dis. Encouragement of any kind is always helpful gamers and gamettes. I've set myself some goals for this Christmas break involving video games, last minute gift shopping, and games on my wish list. Everywhere I've worked offered me a bonus so I may be able to complete my final Gamecube collection list. I don't know why but I feel like the Gamecube still has a lot to offer me, although it came out in 2001. The only three games are: TimeSplitter's Future Perfect, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2, and Tales of Symphonia.

First off, my PS3 trophy goals. I'm a casual and intense gamer, and found out about the reputation you can build via every games' trophies. Platinum is the most worthy, marking your completion and overall faith in a fantastic game. I've selected three games from my most played and enjoyed list, Assassin's Creed 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, and I have yet to pick a third one (I'm thinking Sly 2: Band of Thieves, but also The Amazing Spider-Man). What can I tell you? I love video games practically to death. Anyway, I finally got the Platinum for Assassin's Creed 2 about two or three days ago. It feels good to have "Master Assassin" as my title for a little while. Batman Arkham Asylum is hard to jump back into from playing Origins. Enemies that would be in range of hitting you don't in Asylum. It feels weird. Spidey and Sly could be easy Platinums if I could just focus on one. I'll choose Spider-Man for now.

Last minute gifts? I found out that buying something for your parents involves some immense thought. Anyone's dad is usually an easy buy, you just by a gift card to his favorite distributor or a piece of clothing with his favorite team. Mothers are a whole other thing. You'll figure out like I did that Mom, and women for that matter, have very particular interests. Certain things about a gift you may choose could set them off and then they end up returning it for money. You have to find something they really love almost too much, like me and video games. They also usually hint at something when its not Christmas time, and eventually you forget and are scrounging for ideas. The light bulb came on about seven days before Christmas. I was searching around the virtual marketplace of Amazon and found a Tru Blood beer stein cup and Carnivale by Glenn Hough. My mom's a big HBO person so I decided. Hopefully I don't get bit in the ass.

I'm also going to buy my books for next semester with my cash stash. Speech, Physics, Calculus 2, Chemistry Lab, and "Writing on the Job." I only need to buy two really cheap books! I lucked out. Book prices depress me. I wish we could just donate our $300 books to a lending library so we could all just not pay for books and borrow them when we need them. Generation to generation would be using the particular book for years. I think I'm catching on to something here.