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I got sunshine in a bag, but not for long

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Well, yesterday ended my first year of college at the Pennsylvania State University. I know its been awhile since my last post, but I've been focusing on my schoolwork and more importantly my job as a busboy. Today I'm headed to a friend's house to have a good time and go on a "University sponsored" road trip to New York City. I'm so pumped, I feel more excited when I first started college. No more homework, exams, and group work. I plan on going to the Nintendo World Store in NYC, and that's the main reason I want to go (along with seeing all the sights to see). We'll be playing Smash Bros. Melee for the majority of the night. Then on Monday I'm starting a new job for the Department of Transportation. Cool beams, cool beams.

Recently, I've been logging a lot of hours into the Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the PS3. I've got a feeling I'm going to Platinum the game pretty soon. Spider-man's suits alone give the game more meaning a time to play and explore. The only step back is the darn Menace system. I just want to swing around and fight thugs Beenox! I shouldn't be penalized for not helping a crime every two seconds (plus how is there a fire in one of the buildings constantly?!?). Some of the missions should be more rare. I also wrote a review for the game on the page. Even though I gave it a 6, it's mainly because it could be improved on by a major slice of time and programming. But, eh, its released, they won't touch it now.

Another thing that's been on my mind is why do people immediately trade in games once they beat them? I feel those are the people who forget what happens in games easily. Cash in, cash out is what they may say. I mean unless the gamer is a trophy or achievement hunter, they would have to be uber-dedicated to the game. Gamers should cherish and share their games, but only with the ones you trust to return them. Games are meant to be replayed, reenjoyed, relived. Although it may collect dust, go back to it in a couple of years. Go see what you didn't find. We're all collectors, or hoarders, in our own right, but some games a just trash. Maybe that's why some trade them in immediately? I just don't know the mentality of completing the game then going back to the store to return it. There has to be still some essence to the game, like a hidden weapon or code. Don't trade, game on.