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Alan Wake is back!

It was quite a pleasure surprise too see that a new trailer for Alan Wake has surfaced. Its been quite some time since the last update. But about the trailer...

This new trailer gives a little more idea of what this game really is. It shows Alan Wake arriving at some small town and shows some towns people and scenery. And somehow as I understood everything that Alan writes comes true. Still...this game is really strange. It seems very constrained and very psychological. Dont know how they can make a fun game out of it. Maybe its kinda like Indigo Prophecy that I recently finished. Im really interested to know how the gameplay is gonna work out. I just hope the action wont revolve around quick time events like in that game.

So yeah...still dont know pretty much nothing about the game but its good to see some proof of it still existing and yes...Im intrigued.

Summers out...Schools in !

So 5 months...5 months since I last updated my blog. Whats up with that ??

The main reason is that I havent been around a computer very often. And also there hasnt been any game related (or otherwise for that matter) news to report.

During the whole summer I finished only one game - Dracula Origin. Nothing really to say about that. It was an Ok adventure game which means there is not much reason to play it. Good atmosphere and solid cutscenes. But Yeah...falls a little flat. I only picked it up because its from Frogwares, the same company that makes the Sherlock Holmes games (which I like quite a lot especially Awakened). So there´s that.

So now when I am more at home I can finally start playing some games. First up is Bionic Commando Rearmed. I have never played the original so it´s all new for me. To make it short: It is really fun...and Hard. I havent played a 2D era game like this for a long time. And it feels very different from modern games. I missed the frustration and commitment that these games take to play through. And I really like it. Nowadays you just hit a quicksave or the checkpoints are really close together. Here you just play and play repeatedly the same level and when you finally defeat the end boss it feels like you have achieved something big. Just before I started to write this blog I finished a level which I had been trying to finish for two days. reminds me the good old days when you didnt blow through a game in 5-10 hours...I remember playing DuckTales for about a month and I never beat the last level in the original Mario. So...really liking this thus far.

Just wanted to mention the new GameSpot design which came to me as a surprise when I came back after a month. I really like it. Its much more cleaner and it is just easier to navigate. Although I wish that all my emblems were shown right away.

Ok...thats it for now. Hope to write more from here on out (although I said the same thing in one of my previous blog entries but this time Im going to keep it).

Also a fan made poster for the Dark Knight (See it! if you havent but I think that most people already have) sequel.


A bit of everything...

In the wake of the new Rainbow Six Vegas game, I decided to try whats all the fuzz about and started playing the first Vegas (PC). It has got very positive reviews so I have thought of playing it for some time now but took the time at last to give it a shot. And unsurprisingly its very good. Right now Im in the second to last level. The gameplay is excellent throughout the game. I havent really enjoyed the tactical shooter genre (mano a army has been more my thing) but this is very good and at the same time not very complicated or hard. Downsides are the generic and quite dull story (which as I have understand doesnt get better in Vegas 2) and the occasionally stupid AI. Some times its very good and uses cover and blind fire but at other times a guy is just standing still when I open the door waiting to get shot in the face. Its not that big of a problem though.

The bigger problem is on the technical side of things. Specifically the occasional frame rate drops. And the unusual thing is that it usually drops when Im walking along a calm corridor with no action or enemies. During intense firefights its usually quite good.

All in all a great game which I hope to finish soon and start Vegas 2.

I have also finished BioShock, sort of. I didnt actually finish it more like I just stopped playing it. I had a huge break playing it because I had no time. And I just couldnt force myself back to playing it. Its not a bad game dont get me wrong I just....I dont know... I didnt uninstall it because of the installation limits and I hope to start it all over again some time and finish it properly.

Also, I say this again Audiosurf is excellent. They update it quite often and they also add some indy bands every few weeks for free.... Give it a try if you havent already. Only 10$.

What else....hmmm....

Oh.... an article which made me laugh very hard. Spankys Quest...:P

One more thing...I havent laughed so much at a Garfield comic a long time, so here it is....

Audiosurf is cool

Just thought I recommend you all a game I have recently discovered. Its called Audiosurf.

Basic premise: The game lets you play the songs you have on your computer and forms levels based on the songs.

You can learn more by downloading the demo (available right here on Gamespot).

Anyway...its very cool and also quite addictive.

If you are playing the game then feel free to put your Audiosurf user name in the comments below.

Mine is: mardike


Plus, if you purchase this through Steam (like myself) then you get the Orange Box soundtrack with the game.

Been a long time...

Its been a long time since I last wrote something here, but Im about to correct that mistake...

Part of the reason I havent wrote anything is that Im just been so busy, unfortunately not with the great games that have come out, but mainly with school.

And the other part is that theres just not much to talk abut...

Im STILL playing BioShock and at this point its beginning to seem that I wont finish it anytime soon. Its not because the game is bad, but that I was on holiday for a week and its just hard to get back into, cuz when you start playing, it totally sucks you in. Its just so immersing. All the sounds and splicers talking to themselves and the radio messages and the little sisters singing and ohh... like the Gamespot review said, its like a work of interactive fiction. Once you start playing, its just hard to get out. Guess Im just a little afraid to enter that world again. Its like reading an interesting book, you are kinda afraid to turn the next page, cuz you never know what might`re always on the tip of your toes...If you get what I mean :D

But Im pretty close to the end so I`ll definitely finish it soon...because I really want to get Orange Box.

Thats probably the only game this year that I can afford. All those other games I´ll probably play early next year, when things are a little bit calmer (right now its just crazy!)

Which brings to my other point...

All year there were one, two maybe three really great games, but now its just unbelievable.

I mean 6 or 7 games that have gotten a score of 9.0 or above in the last couple of months...its just crazy...CRAZY !!!

And my wallet isnt up for that level of craziness....

On a other note, I also started to play Puzzle Quest for the PC, which probably wasnt a very good idea...considering I want to finish everyone have already said its very addictive.

OK..all for now... I hope to write more often from this point on...

Enjoy the onslaught of games :D

A close one


Im still playing BioShock and taking it slow and enjoying it very much. But yesterday happened a very weird thing.

I tried to load the game, but I got a error that BioShock.exe had to close. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game, but the same thing happened. And today as suddenly as this problem occurred it disappeared too. Very weird indeed.

I thought for some time that I wouldnt be able to enjoy this great game anymore, which made me very sad. :cry:

But luckily everything is ok now.

The thing that makes me most angry is that I wasted 2 of my 5 installations that this game allows(this thing that you can only install it 5 times is just screwing with the customer. Its bad beyond words). So Ive only got 2 more:evil:

Anyway, back to playing BioShock.... :D

Come, Watson, come!

So, yesterday I finished Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. Let me just say for starters that this is a great game and worth a look to everyone who loves a good adventure and logical puzzles.

The bad things first:

· Some minor frame rate issues (not very noticeable)

· Also some sound issues or lack of some sound effects to be more precise. For example, when you close a door you hear it open, but dont hear when it closes, even when it should not close so quietly. This also isnt very big of a deal, but still noticeable.

· The graphics are a little out of date, especially the textures and trees and such. However, the facial animations and water are quite nice and realistic.

But, should these stop you from playing the game ? Absolutely not. These are just the technical stuff. The real highlights of this game are:

· A very good story, that keeps you guessing til the very last moment (its Sherlock Holmes after all). A story makes the adventure game good or bad. And this is definitely very good.

· Great voice acting and memorable characters. There are quite many characters in this game and they all sound different and have their own personality.

· The gameplay is very familiar if you`ve played adventure games before. Its easy to get into and works very well. Its simplicity itself and thats not necessarily a bad thing.

I wasnt and still am not a very big adventure game fan, but this game is great whether or not you like the genre. The technial stuff brings it a little down, but its still a great mystery ready to be solved. Are you up for it ? :D

Also, started to play BioShock!

It Arrives!!

I finally got my hands on...

It arrived today. I bought the Steel edition, which looks very cool...and its quite heavy.

Although I`ve waited for this quite some time now I wont start playing it til next week. I have to finish Sherlock Holmes: The Awaikened first, which Im playing right now. Im pretty close to the end and I really want to find out where the story goes. Its very good and I recommend it to everybody, who wants to put their brain into good use.I`ll write about that more thoroughly in my next blog.

Til then..

Waiting for BioShock

Ok, so today I finally ordered BioShock. At first I was planning to get the LE, but that went out of stock so quickly that I didnt get a shot. That figurine would have been cool though...but what can you do. I cant wait to find out whats all the fuzz about :P
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