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Vote MAM Campaign

VOTE MAM Campaign

Why should you vote MAM, you say? MAM is not just a person; he is a symbol of what is right and just in the world. Did you know that MAM once saved a whole village from an exploding volcano by sacrificing himself to the God's? The rumors are true; MAM is from a divine descent, but he is one of you. Half Man half God. But if he ever heard you utter the words God he would damn you to the depths of the Universe, that's how much MAM cares and chooses to be human.

What does MAM stand for? MAM stands for the right to chew gum while walking. Yes, he believes in chocolate covered broccoli and the ability to stay underwater for more then five minutes. Those rights have been taken away from you, and MAM will not stand by that. Those rights that were given to you by the God's themselves have been stripped away by the tyranny we call the Super Internet.

Many of you are too you to remember when the internet was young and so innocent. Once could surf the web for hours at a time, without patrol or reason. What happen to those simple pleasures? MAM believes that the Super Internet took those away when it found out how much Monopoly money it could actually make by charging you to surf the web. If you vote MAM in the coming election you will not regret it.

If you VOTE MAM, he will bring peace to the internet and break the chains from the intergalactic corporations of the world, that they so willingly placed upon us. He will allow you to chew gum on the streets, drink juice at 1:30 in the morning, he will deliver us from this hell we live in and shed light to the pathway of Eden. Family, friends, lend me your ears and souls for I promise that MAM will take us to UTOPIA.

How Night was created.

As I lay on the thin blades of grass of the Topika Mountains that April morning I thought about my ability to manipulate the sky and its clouds. Could I create a tornado? Could I create a state of chaos? Maybe, but as I began to have an epiphany the Sun decided to shoot its rays into my soul and clear any thought of creation.

I yelled in agony as the sun shot a solar flare across the sky, why do you scream at me Sun? The Sun replied, I do not mean you no harm, my only wish is to exist here with you. Confused at the thought of two Gods on one planet, I began to energize my abilities, and think of a response towards the sun.

Do you not know the laws of this universe? One God to one planet, that is it, no more no less. My rebuttal took a couple seconds to hit the ears of the Sun, so I waited under a cherry blossom for its response. Within a few minutes the sky lit up in a fiery rage as the Sun came closer to earth to hear my call.

How dare you to speak to an elder being that way. I can inhabit any planet and universe I choose, for I am the sun that lights the skies, the fire that keeps the universe alive. The sun looked at me with a childish glare as it came even closer to earth.

I was now at full power when the waters of the North Sea began to boil. With a flick of my fingers I grew to a competing size and was now able to look at the sun in the eye. The elders are no more. How dare you challenge the new ways I have set. Your punishment I will complete. No longer have you the entire day for I will create a brother Night that will share your power.

With a swift punch into the Sun's core I created brother Night to share the Sun's glory. No longer will you rule the day for Night has been created to balance you. The Sun backed away and fell into mother earths lap, as Night was now upon us. The light blue cloudy sky was now replaced by a star filled atmosphere.

…So, let it be known that I Marco Martinez punched the Sun in the face, because of the way it looked at me, and that's how we got Night Time.


Bears and Hands

The M and The Bear

I'll cut to the good part...

I was looking up at the bear, all bloodied and battered from the 1000 punches to the head I had given it an hour ago, and I knew this was a kill or be killed situation. My right arm started to give out as I swung and missed the bear's nose. The bear growled into my left ear drum shattering any hopes of sound or advantage in this hopeless fight. Within seconds a left hook followed by a right upper cut knocked me to the forest floor sending my jaw to the back of my neck.

Looking around for any advantage, I noticed a large branch above the bear. Could I jump over him or would I fall into the grasps of this furry giant? With no time to think I lunged towards the branch with my left arm and made perfect contact with the base, swinging right over the bear. A loud angry growl followed by a missed swipe at my legs turned this once hopeless fight into my advantage.

I quickly looked around for a tree to knock my dislocated right arm into place. With a couple hits against the truck of the tree I was able to gain some functionality in my arm. But the forest was silent. Where was my enemy? Was I now fighting a ninja bear?

Out of the bushes behind me I felt the ground shake in fury as the bear charged at my body, but I was ready. The strength in my left arm was limitless. I turned around starting death in its face and swung my left arm into the jaws of my enemy. The bear collapsed to the ground, but I knew I needed to finish natures circle. As the bear lay helplessly I grabbed its neck and ripped the life right out of it.

My enemy was no more, but that wasn't the last of him or his kind….

Pt. II coming soon.


Bioshock 2 - Day 1 (Spoliers)

I got my hands on a copy of BioShock 2 yesterday. When I got home I threw down my bag and entered the world of Rapture. Now, the intro for BioShock was awesome. The plane crash and the lighthouse in the middle of the ocean gave you that sense of discovery and awe. I didn't know what to expect then.

BioShock 2's beginning was a bit shock, but not awe. It was interesting to see that the Big Daddy you played was made to kill himself, and that some how was able to survive a gunshot to the head. It was also cool to see a flashback of Rapture before its end. But other than that I wasn't interested in wandering around Rapture like I was before, until I was introduced to the ability to explore Rapture in a new way.

When you meet the Big Sister for the first time she breaks through a rooms glass wall and lets all of the water fill the room introducing a new exploration dynamic that BioShock lacked. I could now walk in the ocean water freely without dying. I could explore new parts of Rapture with my Big Daddy suit that I couldn't before playing as Jack. When I walked out into the ocean I looked up to finally feel that I was at the bottom of Rapture.

In BioShock I always felt that I was moving forwards and backwards never up or down. You have this enormus city and all I could do was move vertically. I'm hoping with this new exploration mechanic, that they allow us to move upwards in Rapture, maybe at the top of one of the tall sky scrapers.

Indie Spotlight: Which

Looking through the indie blogs I found a creepy first person game that startled me the first time I played it. "Which" is a first person horror game where you must collect hidden keys to exit a building that your trapped in. The entire game uses a black and white palette with subtlesound effects that creep in once in awhile. I highly recommend this game if you have 10 minutes.

You can download this game here!

Chinatown Wars

I haven't updated my personal blog in awhile, but I thought now's a good time. I'm playing GTA: Chinatown Wars, which is awesome. I wish the driving physics could be ported over to GTA IV.