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Tebow to Jacksonville

You heard it here first. Tomorrow, Tim Tebow will become a Jacksonville Jaguar. I'm not sure how I feel about this, and part of me hopes I'm wrong, but rationally I know it willhappen.

This could be the worst move in franchise history. It could be a great marketing scheme. It could be part of a gigantic plan. But whatever it is, it's coming.

So be prepared. (Can't wait to hear feedback from you, Shiro!)

Jacksonville Jaguars: A New Era

It's a day many Jags fans have been clammoring for in recent years: the release of Jack Del Rio as head coach. Personally, it was getting hard to even watch the game every weekend, with an abysmal offense and terrible play calling. Jack has been the face of this franchise for far too long and it's nice to know we've finally made change where change is due. Good luck to Mr. Tucker as interim head coach.

But that's not all. Wayne Weaver also announced he is selling the team to Mr. Kahn, a businessman who has committed to staying in Jacksonville, and has allegedly purchased a house already in the Jax area. This is a welcome change as well, in my opinion. WW was getting too old and should focus on family. The only question that remains is whether Kahn will be loyal to the city, or if he has a secret agenda to move the team to LA.

Either way, I'll be behind the team 100%. Today, more than ever, I'm proud to say GO JAGS!!!

RIP Steve

I am at a loss for words. Although many of us knew, and dreaded, this day was coming, I never wanted to accept it as true. RIP Steve, you will always be an inspiration to me. The world may never realize the impact you've had on our lives.

Exit Garrard, Enter McCown

Jags released David Garrard today in a move similar to cutting Leftwich in 2007. Can't say I'm not surprised. David was inconsistent and shaky, but he was ultimately a nice dude with a lot of passion for the game.

Good luck Mr. McCown, you'll probably need it.

It's Gonna Be a Long One


Looks like another long season to be a Jags fan. Garrard is getting too old and shaky to be a franchise QB and honestly Trent is not the future of this team.

Looking for a good draft pick this season and we'll hopefully be a serious contender. For now, I hope Trent gets the start!

Here's to a long season boys!

62nd Primetime Emmys!

I was stoked to see Eric Stonestreet win for Cameron in Modern Family, and of course Modern Family itself. Not really sure about this whole "Mad Men" thing though. Everyone keeps saying it's uninteresting but it keeps winning awards. Worth checking out? Who knows. :P

April Fools!

This whole OT fiasco has been revealed to be an elaboate ruse by the Mod team, and was orchestrated by none other than Spazz himself.

I admit, I fell for it, even if I did suspect some rather odd behavior :P. So the mods, I give props to you on perhaps the greatest prank in internet history!

In memory of this event, I'm putting a "I survived the April Fools brilliance of Spazzx625" in my sig. You should do the same :lol:


I think not. More like the UNsuper bowl.

Ok, I will admit that it was one of the greatest games I've ever watched, it's just the outcome that really ticks me off. When Kurt threw the TD pass to Larry late in the 4th, I was bouncing off the walls, screaming my head off, and jumping for joy. Then Ben Roethlisberger has to walk on the field. NOT to mention the amount of bad calls by the officials.

Moral of the story: Never, EVER bet $10 on the Cards. It's bad luck.

Anyways, the last 5 super bowl games I've picked the correct winner until this one. So I'm 5-1. Not bad. :P

Here We Go (7-28-08 - 8-4-08)

Just a few sentences that sum up my life this week.

Work is well... work. But at least I get paid right?

School suppllies dropping to 15 cents each is never a good sign.

The Dark Knight is actually amazing.

Dressing up like the Joker is harder than I thought. But the makeup came out pretty good anyway. :P

The first preseason game started which means football is around the corner. Let's go Jags!