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In the End, It's the Tweaks that Count.

When you take a bite out of your snickers bar, what are you eating? Are you eating a chocolate coated, array of nuts in a caramel coating? In most cases, you're just eating a chocolate bar. Why should it be any different in video games? Are reviewers that picky? Does a bullet brushing your shoulder necessarily have to make a whizzing sound, or can it just be settled with a shwoosh? To the average gamer it can, to most reviewers it can't...

How is it that with every game in existance, if a single waterdrop isn't crystal clear, it doesn't recieve 5 stars, 10 out of 10 or 100. Why is that? It's just annoying to see a game which deservedly should have recieved full score, lost the extra few points because the sound wasn't perfect or it scrolled to fast with a sharp turn of an analog stick. This didn't just happen to a single game, it happens to countless games over and over.

This needs to stop. People buy these games based off of your ratings. Stop overrating and underrating games because of popularity and minor flaws. Seriously, if you're going to rate a game, rate it fairly. People could be losing their money's worth, or missing out on a great oppurtunity. Even if a game only deserves a 6, don't give it a 1/10 for an emblem or whatever.

Tradition: One Step Farther from Perfect

Many games, in particular series games and predecessors hold true to their developed formula and never wonder beyond those borders. So, the question remains, how come side scrollers that "screen-push," fighting games that button mash, dungeon games that are weak in story line but developed in gameplay and many other games of the same mindset never near a perfect ten? In many cases, tradition is an impact.

Now, not always do games screw up when they offer the same portfolio of the previous generation or game, but chances are deceiving. One example of a game that pulls through by offering the new and improved is Metal Gear Solid 4. Gamespot member NuKkU wrote in his review and I quote "Everything that was in the last game has improved drastically and everything new is just awesome." Now taking the devil's advocate, it is arguable that games not always mess up. A total remake of the super mario bros. or "New Super Mario Bros." offers the same gameplay mechanics but still manages a 9.0 in GameSpot reviewer Jeff Gertsmann's eyes. Why this game succeeds isn't such a mystery however. For people growing up with Mario, it was exactly what was expected.

Onto the core of the topic, how come traditional gameplay and story lines many time fail as an entirety? Thats because gamers would find it tedious to visit the same temples from the previous game in the new edition to save Zelda from the same exact bosses with the same exact weapons. My point here is that tradition can become tiresome and tedious if the cycle isn't abolished once in a while. Look at the transition, not only between games, but with scores as well for Pikmin and Pikmin 2. Several factors are responsible for the original's 8.9 (great) to the second's 9.2 (superb.) In short, it's just a simple sentence crafted by reviewer Ricardo Torres, "With Pikmin 2, Nintendo has addressed the bulk of the shortcomings of its predecessor by crafting a game that tops the original in nearly every way." This game tweaked with tradition, and look at the outcome.

What makes tedious even worse, is the ever-growing, ever-changing society of community and technology. In the generation of the virtual console, many if not most of the games where hits. What Nintendo did nowadays with the Wii, is charge us to revive those games, but we've far overgrown them by now, and only gamers from way back will buy the points to purchase a set of vc games. While all the greatest hits reigned supreme, many games such as Kid Icarus or Donkey Kong died in the translation from the two console all the meanwhile both games have the same potential. Why? Because many gamers want to relive the memories, but many choose to waste their money on games of this generation: the new brand.

Take a gaming series like Call of Duty for example. They always have the same gameplay mechanics but each game has a distinct difference. For one thing, the graphics for a refreshed feel. Second, the story which in turn also decides the enemies, the weapons, the vehicles, the time frame, the character, the feel and other things as well. Each game are close together, but are also worlds apart.

Who's to say however that games can't affect each other in negative or positive ways. Heres an example. Say someone didn't enjoy a game such as resident evil on the Wii because they thought the sensitivity of the WiiMote was off, or because the Wii didn't have proper posture a gun should have. This might affect their chances of buying Red Steel from fear of the same happening. On the other hand, this might also boost the chances for getting Red Steel because they expected more from Resident Evil.

In the grand scheme of things, traditional value is not something to toy with. If a game was manageable and no one complained on gameplay or story, it's a sign to continue what you were doing. On the other hand, if there was something that could have been altered that ticked or bothered the fans and reviewers, see to it developers. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Please post your feelings or thoughts on the matter.

GameSpot Wide: For Better or For Worse

GameSpot as you should know by now has started supporting a widespread sheet rather than the older version which was relatively skinnier in respect. Finally, GameSpot has updated itself from the last major change that ocurred 4 years ago. This is just another blog talking about the new GameSpot: GameSpot Wide.

Finally, GameSpot has produced a new level of design that by far surpasses it's older roots. Not just that, it's also offering more nifty features to keep us in the community. It's nice when a site becomes so attached to it's community that it is willing to make the changes GameSpot's made. The Emblems unfortunately, have altered to the more pointy squares and have dissapeared namely to the "only can be viewed by rolling on" section of our profiles.

Personally, GameSpot Wide looks refreshing from what we were all use to. Because I didn't use the beta, it gives me more chances to explore and rediscover GameSpot.

When Things Just Don't Make Sense Anymore

In the process of creating the next best seller, the freshest graphics or the console of the generation, many companies in the gaming industry are forgetting simple logic and replacing it with something basic, something simple, something... non-practical. With so much appraise, Nintendo royally screws up by trying to appeal to a group of people out of it's reach. The PS3 makes it's debut, only to introduce nothing new but exclusive games that turn out to be not-so-exclusive when Final Fantasy spreads to Microsoft's Xbox 360.

We would think that Nintendo would have the vantage point, so to speak, for it's innovative control scheme and promising line of games. But when the Wii becomes a bit too much user-friendly for everyone, it's not for the better. At E3 2008, where we surprised to see minimal games that proposed to the hard-core gamer, or were we expecting the games to appeal to people who ironically enough, never play videogames and in that sense wouldn't even be watching E3? People always say that Nintendo shouldn't be blamed for trying something new but they are taking it to the extreme where nobody wants to be. In the end, Nintendo is completely liable for falling flat on it's face and is as we soon discovered "lie-able."

Next we have Sony, with the cutting edge graphics that it brings to the table. Sadly enough, the difference between the PS1 and PS3 was that and only that... well that and the box. A hidden tactic Nintendo has forced upon us that nearly no one seemed to notice was the stopped production of Gamecube games. By stopping the production of the predecessor console's, it truly changed the course of Nintendo to focus on the DS and Wii, all the meanwhile Sony launches it's next phase of "different" gaming consoles whilst the PS2 is alive and kicking. You're basically paying a four hundred dollar difference for improved graphics.

Point through, we now have Final Fantasy, a series that seemingly never disappoints. When the PS3 announced the arrival of a new, exclusive, Final Fantasy game, it was a big factor for the growth of the PS3. Soon enough, Final Fantasy sought for more than just the PS3 and Sony shrunk back down to original size. In an attempt to rule system wars, each company displays a lot of effort, but also make many boo-boos at the same time.

Lately, brainstorming too fast was the result of horrible ratings that in turn portrayed a dunce-faced visual of the company as a whole. Big Beach Sports, Anubis Two, Open Season, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Beijing 2008, Hour of Victory, History Channel: Battle for the Pacific, Bladestorm: The Hundred Year's War, Viking: Battle for Asgard and Q*Bert are all examples of what-were-they-thinking games brought to you by your favorite gaming consoles. For one, gaming consoles should stop focusing so much on their past and look to the future. Rather than charging for a game you played sometime when you were five, make a sequel with graphics that match the present and gameplay that is suitable for this generation's hardcore gamers.

Games with potential are often the most annoying thing about gaming if they turn out to be a waste of time. When someone wants to enjoy their game, chances are they aren't looking for online as much as single-player mode gaming. To further irritate several religions and social and political groups, recent games call for real time ethnicity that is plainly unnecessary. Why are Americans always the "good guys" in Call of Duty? Why are Germans and Arabs always a threat in Call of Duty? Heres a topic to think about.

With all the spotlight games out there, gaming is slowly becoming a past time rather than a hobby. If you have the recent AAA games your company has to offer, their is relevantly nothing left unless of course you're a fan of a particular theme or show that happened to turn into a game. Too many games nowadays are becoming too hard for children, too childish for adults or too mature for children, not popular with adults such as Dewy's Adventure, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, Iron Man (psp), Hellboy: Science of Evil.

Wrapping everything up, things just don't make sense anymore as the title suggests. Stating the obvious here, appealing to non-gamers on a gaming console means FAIL. Nothing new, overpriced with slightly better graphics means FAIL. Games that are too easy, too short, too mature, childish or too hard takes the fun out of games. Gaming is a great, if not the greatest hobby, that spells out innovation, art and anything else good, but things are getting weird on behalf of the gaming industry.

New PSP!

Well, I'm not a very popular guy on gamespot and inturn I don't get many comments on my blogs which makes life melancholy at times... :cry: ...For those of you who do know me well or well enough to understand that I get occasional hiccups, I have a partial jewfro, I'm a soccer fanatic so on and so fourth you'll know that I was detained in a Russian airport not too long ago whereas I slept in a lounge secretly which cost my family more than the five star hotel we originally booked. With that being said, losing my psp (or actually getting it stolen) was the cherry on top. Fortunately, I was in China and managed to get a new psp that works fine, isn't fake, can run on American voltage, play American games, and make coffee. Ok so I was lying... it can't run on American voltage...Just kidding :lol:

The story is as follows, we went to a market completely technology based, non-fake but completely debateble. It's a big base with tons of gaming software, computers etc and best of all, it's airconditioned. Now the cool part is that once you buy a psp or ds, they download five games of your choice into the memory card for free, so it's like getting five free games. And I thought you needed to be Japanese for this kinda stuff! Anyhow, they have all kinds of colors such as light blue, red, purple, silver, white, black and pink (and i'm talking about the slims) for the needy. We just so happened to stop on one guy who sold what all the other competitors didn't! Behold my new PSP:

Yup! I also got God of War: Chains of Olympus, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Need for Speed (not my choice lol) and Winning 11 (which is a soccer game to compensate for the fifa 08 they didn't have that I lost in the old PSP.) Yeah, it's bronze! Feel free to comment! I spent around $200/$250 (lol don't really remember price) on the psp with the five games so it's basically like I bought another psp game formula being $200 - 5 games. Again, feel free to comment!

Is Your Personality Good for Your Health?

Direct or indirect, certain traits within a persona may lead to disease or otherwise alarming exposures. It's been established for example, that populace containing shy sentiments are likelier to undergo more severe and frequent colds during winter season; because they may contain fewer lymph nodes important for protecting your body from viruses. On the other hand, an impulsive audience are more likely to get stomach ulcers. Studies suggest that impulsive characters hold a risk of 2.4 times greater than other traits for stomach ulcers reason being that these personalities may hold a higher acid production rate which in turn triggers peptic ulcers. Certain personalities call for variations of exposure, stronger or weaker body systems etc which rolls a domino effect on your health and will keep on going in cycles.

Being cheery is a generally good for your social-life, but may impact your health in other ways. Cheery types live life to the fullest motto being "you only live once," but being blissful and content all the time is over doing it. Research done by like-minded universities and colleges indicate that promoting pleasure all the time leaves one to overlook the details including health such as nutrition. In this case, happy-go-lucky means shorter overall vitality.

Generally speaking, it's not an infrequent case whereas someone's stereotype doesn't respond the way common cases do. Narrowing down the foundation for an upset stomach doesn't always begin with a personality of the casualty, many times such incidents are relative to food being habits or whatnot. It seems more practical to label an ache to be caused by food then by personality. With that being said, it is important to bring to attention that variations of personality does not alter the given mindset and two different or even parallel qualities can still think the same was. For example, an anxious type and and extrovert playing chess. When proclaimed "checkmated," the reaction or reflex would be searching for any ways out, rather then getting frustrated or shaking hands. This is the case where both personalities think and progress the same way.

Because growth is an everchanging asset in the human body, our views and takes on certain subjects will evolve as well. From being a sponge-brain square-head to clinging on to an idealistic view, I'm 16 and I hate my dad phase to maturing as an adult, and then back to square 1 as the elder of elders, your thinking becomes ever changing in the aging process. As we all can construe, thinking also helps determine one's personality. You can assume someone's a conscientious person by hints of hard-working, mindful and caring about what others think about them. However, you can't confer that at a young age, they will come home soaking wet, ice-cream smeared on face and nose etc because that's the nature of kids.

All the meanwhile, the brain and the body seem to be two entirely different contents that are both impacting and impacted by personality. An aggresive type is someone who is easily provoked. However, the nature of the person depends on their mindset. Some aggresive people become bullies while others are timid untill angered. Some become big bosses in the financial world who controls others through fear, others are just workers who are troubled with their bosses and move from one job to another "quitting" in the process to avoid getting fired. Personality and thinking relate only in slight proportions but personality, health and mannerisms relate a lot.

Now after digesting all this, take a moment to think about you. Is your social life stable. Are you maintaing good health habit wise? What type are you? Are you pessimistic? Optimistic? Shy? Impulsive? Cheerful? Anxious? Aggressive? Conscientious? Extrovert? Help yourself with health and social life for a second, make a plan, a diet, a new lifestyle.

Health Diagnosis -

= = = = = = = = =

Pessimistic - Puts you in risk later on in life for the "Parkinson's Disease."

Optimistic - Grants 7.5 years of longer life, shields people from psychological stress and improve immune system.

Shy - Fewer lymph nodes = less protection from colds and such.

Impulsive - More suspectible to stomach aches.

Cheerful - (Theory) Live less because of poorer health habits (don't pay attention to them.)

Anxious - Great risk of high blood pressure.

Aggressive - Wounds take longer to heal.

Conscientious - Chances for living longer, maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol.

Extrovert - Risk of heart disease lowered, could raise risk of obesity.

suzanne called me cheerful ...suzanne called me cheerful ...suzanne called me cheerful ...

Funny Naruto Video Links

Heres a long list pertaining to some funny Naruto Videos I found on youtube. The link titles will be altered so you can get the basic idea of the video. Please do not be offended by any of these, it's not an opinion it's just funny links. Keep in mind I did not make these vid's so I cannot be held responsible if it is removed etc... Caution: May Contain Spoilers! Feel free to comment afterwards!

Akatsuki The Musical

Akatsuki The Musical 2

Akatsuki Goes Shopping

Hilarious!: Trying To Get Beer

Funny Safari Song

Hilarious: Opening

Funny: Another Opening!

Yet Another Super Funny Opening!

The Real Reason Itachi Killed Uchiha!

Random Funny 1

Random Funny 2

Random Funny 3

Random Funny 4

Random Funny 5

Random Funny 6

Sakura Age 26

What Naruto Really Thinks About Hinata

Feel free to tell me what you think! :D I think It's Hilarious! :lol:

Visit My Forums Please

Now that I'm a subscriber I created a "User Board" or in other terms, my own personal forums page where I am the administrator. The forum is basically anything you want it to be, and you won't be penalized for anything except offensive behavior. The forums is currently unactive because no one really knows what it is so they don't acces it. If you want to be a moderator, please pm otherwise please post a thread or post in the forums.

MangoNetwork - please visit this link, thank you!

I Am Now A Subscriber!

Woot! Many things have changed now that i'm a subscriber. To start, you will notice that every post I write in a forum, my name will now be orange, which I think represents the mango scheme well, don't you? Further more, my emblem is upgraded from now untill I stop paying, an unlikely event. At a glance, my emblem will apear to be two arrows of the same size atop the other, with the same silver backround commenting the color choice of arrows. Yes, this is one of the offical symbols of the paid subscriber!

Along many other advantages subscribers recieve, you may come to see soon that I have opened a user created board dedicated to anime, one of my beloved hobbies. Utilizing the user created board is entirely up to you, but I suggest you do as you won't find many other chances to do so. Feel free to post anything anime related! However, theres a catch, if you want to use the board, you will have to keep in contact with me or in other words, be my friend. If you enjoy participating in polls or finding out which choice is more popular, join now!

Im greatly happy to announce that im a new breed of gamespoter! Enjoy my new "MangoNetwork!" :D If you want to be a moderator, Pm me! Im currently accepting them!

My thoughts on E3 Nintendo.

The Announcers: Each announcer presented with their own style, some that I thought seemed reasonable and convincing, others that were just shallow and didn't belong in the presentation in a whole. The voices, speed, and use of language all contributes to their presentation and my epic thoughts on them.

Reggie: Reggie's style of presenting is slow and steady and means slow and steady. He will never be caught speaking fast, and uses the whole stage to walk around. Throughout the process of the presentation, I don't recall any mistake by Reggie, which is always vital when it comes to talking to large sums of people. Reggie generally felt convincing but it bugged me that we didn't see more out of him.

Denise: Denise was alright in the grand scheme of things. Unlike Reggie, she isn't as likely to try to look convinving, but rather to play the voice of your best friend. What I found ironic about Denise was that she was one of nintendo's representatives, meaning she carried a large title on her shoulder. However, as a part of nintendo, she was unable to perform well playing on the Wii Sprots Resort in the flying disc game. Overall, Denis portrayed the DS while Reggie the Wii, which calls for applause seeing how lengthy the even turned out to be. On a side note, I don't like the way Denise uses here vocabulary. For example: "The DS is mushrooming." .....Huh? You mean sprouting?

Cammie: In the overall picture, Cammie barely had any grip on the presentation. His portions were little but he did help for translating Myamoto. However, we didn't get much from Cammie as he wasn't of level with Reggie and Denise.


This Year's Features: We were introduced to a new item yesterday which was the Wii MotionPlus, which works in the way that it basically establishes better and more reliable actions and is able to translate your movements much cleaner then the play wii mote. On one hand, the feature seems smooth and well compromised for the wii's lack of 1:1. One the other hand, we were promised this months before the Wii came out, which disturbs me to think that we will have to pay money for something we were promised along side the wii.

Another innovation we saw in the press conference was the new games compatible with the balance board and the way those games display it. We saw a preview of a new Rayman Raving Rabbits game whereas a girl was sitting on the board and hold the wiimote and nunchuck directly in front of her, one on left one on right. The outcome of these actions on the screen portrayed one of the rabbits on screen driving on a water jet.

Overall, the innovation Nintendo put into these "accesories" shined in their presentation and was fun to watch demos of them. There are debates over how much the MotionPlus should cost, some with my point of view, some claiming that we should never expect a newly launched accesory to be less than ten dollars and question why we think it should be.


The games: Naturally, when watching a company based on gaming present on their gaming tools and technology, the only thing you really think about about is the games. That being said, this year's game seemed disastorous. Nintendo claimed that they were reviving some of their old games, when really all we saw was Animal Crossing leeching that idea. Furthermore, I was surprised to see that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was the only mature appeal in this years brand announcments. The only thing I really loved was the demo on WiiMusic which blew me away. All the bases of the Wii such as WiiFit and WiiSports seem to only play as an introduction to the wiimote, or an introduction to the balance board, and in WiiPlay Resort, the motionplus. But in WiiMusic, it's all about the different uses of the wiimote for using instruments which attracts my appeal. However, I was a bit devistated seeing that the Wii's major title this year happened to be WiiMusic. I was expecting by now something a bit more developed.


Overall: Overall their is no comparision between this years and the previous years E3...Well thats it...