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Home is cool to play mini games and win avatars, useless items and sometimes early access to betas or demos.

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Persona 4 Golden, Soul Sacrifice and Dragon's Crown (i know its on ps3 too, but it feels so good on the Vita!)(Guacamelee! too)

PSN+ will provide the rest! (until Tearaway comes out)

And if you loved and missed PS1 classics, the Vita is the best place to replay them. I just bought Crash 2, Spyro 2 and Medievil today and im loving replaying them on the Vita! (looks bad on a 50' tv, but cool on the Vita)

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Following the usual SCEE Nazi censor spree, Beyond Two Souls has 2 censored scenes in EU.

Sony still thinks that US adults are more mature than EU adults...


This was discovered by a German previewer, and since SCEE stopped doing Germany-only versions, only a single EU version, that means ALL EUROPE will be censored (but for some weird reason they still do UK-only versions stripped of all the extra languages).


More info at:

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"The secondary chip for ultra-low power operation will mostly activate at night from 1 to 4 AM and download any required update automatically."

If this means you still need to update psn like once a week then f*ck that :lol: is that what theyre saying?

How many timea do you need to update XBL? like twice a year?


Turns on by itself? Spystation 4 confirmed.ninjapirate2000
I don't like the sound of that.

Its fully customizable, it will turn on by itself if you set it that way.

They have said so already.

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Im seeing a lot of features that they "plan" to add in the future. Meh. Typical sony



So you are saying the X1 wont have any more features than the ones it launches with?

And that it is a good thing?


Grow up...

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now confirmed by multiple people that TGS build is exactly same as gamescom



Yeah it was confirmed by Panello MS in other words.


By the way the article is not comparing TGS footage to gamescom footage is comparing E3 footage to TGS footage,no matter what you claim that video is a joke,it show why Forza really is 1080p 60FPS.

If only Penello had lied or given wrong info before...  oh wait

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Update: According to Microsofts Albert Penello there was no issue with the build at Tokyo Game Show as he stated on Twitter responding to a fan.

This seems to chalk the issue to badly calibrated monitors (its very unlikely that Nakamura-san would just intentionally misrepresent the game, especially considering his usual very positive stance on the game and on the franchise in general).


So everybody that buys a X1 will have "badly calibrated monitors"....  ROTFL

Don't most monitors work on Auto mode in these events? How bad can the difference be from Auto to perfect calibration? (A lot it seems...)

Do they calibrate each single monitor in an event like this (and what bad luck MS, they calibrated them to "bad" setting)

but but but GPU upclock... CPU upclock... eSRAM triple power mega fast 200+ gb/s... "mono" driver".... WE MADE DIRECTX for fuq sake! ...300x X1 CLOUD POWER!...

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That has nothing to do with the cartoons i watched in the 80s...

Comparing that to gems like "Les Mystérieuses Cités D'Or" or "Thundercats" or "Ghostbusters" is almost a crime.

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The PSvita with Wifi originally launched at $250.00 While the PSvita with Wifi/3G launched at $300.00 The 3G version supports the social media apps like Near, Party and group messaging plus it enables you to use social apps like foursquare, niconico, facebook, music unlimeted, colors, flickr netfix

Since some of these app consume data that is why the PSvita with 3G comes with data plans. 250mb for $15.00 a month. And 2GB for $24.99 depending on what service provider you have Verizon in the U.S.A and T-mobile was also to sign on. In Japan and U.K their had their own service providers with Data Plans.

But a PSvita with Wifi is fine if you just want to play the games. PSvita 3G allows for social media and the data plans to support them on the go.

Since both the PSvita wifi and PSvita wifi/3G are both $199.99 it is up to you which one you get. Sony has cut the price on all systems. Clearing stock for the eventually introduction of PSvita slim 2000. and hopefully PSvita T.V micro console for $99.99

So if you use social media get the 3G. 


I have a Wifi Vita and i have all those apps, connecting through Wifi.

The 3G model is now even being sold for the same price as the wifi one, and in bundles like the Killzone bundle just to get rid of them.

The 3G model never sold well.

At least with the latest firmware, all apps are usable with Wifi only.

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Im LOVING Puppeteer!

The best 30 euros i´ve spent this year.

Its so bizarre the way the game happens in a puppet theater with the background changing constantly (at the start its even hard to keep pace with it, then you get used to it).

The soundtrack is one of the best i´ve found in a game, each level has the perfect suited background music.

I´ve only played half of it, and it keeps surprising me with things like musical levels. There is also many secrets in each level to be found.

Also funny is the audience reactions  to the cutscenes and some things you do, they will clap, boo or ahh.

There is a lot of love put in that game by the devs. Its not a GOTY, but im sure they are very proud of the game they created.