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..Whoa... Wait... What?

Oh, geez, I completely forgot this place even existed... Or that I had a blog here. How slack is that?

So, uh... Here's a random post. No idea what to say or anything, so I'll just... Leave it here? LOL, does anyone even remember me?

Shameless Self Advertising

So, Gamespot has been mean. Wouldn't load for me.

Now it will. *cough* (This thing refuses to link for me... >>)

So, yeah. Just saying that. I'll catch up with blogs and such tomorrow...

TWEWY, GTA IV, Xbox Live~

As the title says, I have some new stuff~

I'm just using this as an excuse to actually post a blog, but anyway...

Been playing The World Ends With You for about, I dunno, three days? I won't say where I'm up to, cause the game does it in such a way that you have to spoil it unless the person you're talking to is up to there as well. Anyway, it's a really fun game, quite original for its genre. The two screen battle system can be sort of confusing at first, but you get used to it. Interesting story, a lot of plot twists you won't see coming... Expect a review~

Despite original views on it, I got Grand Theft Auto IV. I wasn't expecting much, but I was sooooooooo wrong. The game's just full of so many little touches that make it seem so much more realistic, and the story's probably the best yet, better than that gangster **** you got in San Andreas. I'm still not used to the car physics, so I end up crashing a lot, but I personally find it fun to try and follow the road rules. The slower speed makes driving easier anyway. > > I know I didn't say much about it, but again, expect a review~

Also, I got Xbox Live. So... Yes. I've been waiting for a while, so I decided to stop being cheap and bought the adapter. >> I refuse to put it up yet though, because I only have, what, a gamerscore of 5? I had to make a new gamertag, so there goes all my progress.

Anyway, not much else to say.

Oh, wow, I just noticed...

I've been a member of Gamespot for two years, 21 days. >>

Yeah, this is just a random filler blog. So, I'm just gonna say, Mario Kart Wii is still awesome, and my FC is 2492-4467-4852 if anyone else has it and wants to add me. >>

Mario Kart Wii

Well, Mario Kart Wii came out in Australia yesterday, spent most of the day playing it, which is why I didn't post this blog then!

Anyway, if anyone else has it, tell me your friend codes and add me please~

And just so you all know, my code is 2492-4467-4852.

Persona 3 Review

Again, I dunno much about HTML, so it's just a plain link. To respond to who said it in my last blog (you know who you are), html help would be lovely~ >>;; Please.

I was gonna upload another video today, too, but GS won't let me. I'm gonna remove some of them too, cause... I dunno. There's so many music videos there. May as well clear it out.

Anyway, Mario Kart Wii comes in tomorrow. They just rang me, the game's gonna be in for 9AM tomorrow (which probably means they got it today, I guess), so... yeah. New game. :P

That about sums it up. Mainly posted this for the review. Ciao~

Lost Odyssey Review (Persona Tomorrow)

I'm aware that pretty much no one read my blog yesterday, but either way, I said I was gonna write a Lost Odyssey and Persona 3 review. I wrote the Lost Odyssey one just now, AND HERE IT IS~ I feel I sorta eclectic with my opinions, and it might be a bit long, maaaaaaaaaaybe with a few spelling mistakes... I'm considering re-writing it, but anyway, gimmie your thoughts please.

I dunno how to use HTML code very well, so I'll just post the entire link. Sorry, enjoy anyway~

I'll write my Persona one tomorrow, because, I dunno, just not in a total reviewing mood, but I felt like reviewing something.

Not much else to say, really. I decided to stop bombarding you with videos for once, but I'm thinking on uploading the other two from the ad campaign NEW LOOK was in.

Not much progress in games, either. Tried to finish Retro Cup 150cc on Mario Kart DS, but gave up after being cheated out of first at the last minute for about the fifth time. Will try again later. Mario Kart Wii in two days~

That's about it, I guess. Bye all~

I wanna get a New Look (lolfail)


Yes, this is what the title meant. I found a full version of this song (I posted a live one in my last blog), and just felt like posting it, cause I like the song.

Still, lawl. I'm SO gonna get banned for all these music videos, aren't I?

Anyway, Mario Kart Wii in 4 days, again, anyone else getting it must race with me~

Still working on snaking in Mario Kart DS while I wait for Mario Kart Wii... It's a very Mario Kart month for me, isn't it?

Gonna stop with Fire Emblem for a while, it just isn't interesting enough to keep my attention.... I've gotta find Path of Radiance...

Also, I got Persona 3, like, three weeks ago, and I'm stuck on this one boss pretty late into the game, just after you get all the party members. I still can't beat it, so I'm gonna train up again and retry it. Wish me luck please~ Otherwise, it's a good game. The premise was a little odd... What with the Evokers and all (some fans should know what I'm talking about), as it's my first Persona game, but now that I'm used to it, it's definetely one of my favourite games. Expect a review~

I also said I was gonna review Lost Odyssey ages ago, so expect that tomorrow too.

I need to start learning how to use Photoshop or something too... My profile's starting to annoy me, it's been this way for, like, a year and a half... >.>;; I dunno, just throwing that out there.

Anyway, I'll leave it there. Bye~

Take 2

Yeah, I made a blog yesterday.

It didn't show up.

So I'm gonna try again. Nothing much to say though. Starting to enjoy Radiant Dawn a little less (The GBA ones are better, really...), also got Mario Kart DS.

I decied to be impatient and get it while I waited for MKWii to come out. And, so far, I like it. It's better than most of the other Mario Kart games I've played. (Plus it has Dry Bones. :P)

Yeaah, so, if anyone has the game too, FC's if you ever wanna race. I'm still trying to learn how to snake properly though...

Uploaded two more videos just for fun. I'll just leave it there. Bye all~



Just note that the NEW LOOK video isn't the whole song. It's supposed to be a little longer, but I don't think there is a longer version with a video.

...Uh... Heheh...

I always seem to do this, eh? xD Say I'm gonna be more active and then end up not coming... So... I'm not gonna say that this time, but I just thought I'd post a blog anyway.

Though I basically have nothing to say. I uploaded a new song I found (Through a certain someone...), so I'll blog that to take up space, because...

I have no idea what to say.

In the games department, I recently got Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on the Wii... Just came out here in Australia. I've gotta say, it is one of the most ANNOYING games I've played recently. But it's fun, requires alot more strategic planning than other Fire Emblem games, so it's still good.

Also, Mario Kart Wii is on pre-order. So, anyone else who's getting it, WE MUST RACE~

Yeah, that's about it.

Here's the video:


Now, some of the content MIGHT make this video filter-worthy, but I dunno. Just gimmie your take on whether it should be or not.