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e3 2010

Year 2010 brings a new bigger, better, full of entertainment E3. Ofcourse it has it's own share of jaw dropping moments since not only the Big 3 but game publishing companies have also joined in on press conferences. EA, Ubisoft etc. I'll share some of my drooling moments with you too and it would be great if you share some with me !




Very First Blog And On E3

Well nothing better then to write the very first blog on E3 of 2009. I am keenly following it and so far got my 3 Conference emblems yayyyyyy. Very excited as it's something that i follow every year since many years now. Please keep an ee on my profile as it will update with new emblems as E3 goes on. Tomorrow is the 3rd and last day. Too bad i missed the 1st day. Lot of exciting news on 2nd day but it's hard to see all of it as it 10+ hours long i guess. Happy E3ing this year

some stories that i liked were :

Batman Arkham Asylum

The new MGS

Alan Wake

And many more ... Assasin's Creed 2, The new Splinter Cell looked awesome, Mass Effect 2 all of them are right now on my close watch list. And yes not to mention Sims 3 which i am playing right now and turned out to be super awesome.