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Heads up!

hey everyone (that's if anyone actually reads this) i've decided to try and write my own reviews for all the games i own, now my game library isn't huge but it does span many generations and i'm still working out just how i want to structure the reviews

now i will be posting them here as blogs and not using Gamespots personal review system because their numbering system is slightly different to the one i will be using which i will explain soon

now some may note i have already done a review on Gamespot for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 using the Gamespot review system and i will also be redoing that review using my scoring system and with more information because that was the first review of a game i had ever written and i didn't really know what i was doing (for anyone interested here is a link )


Scoring System Explained

ok so heres how my scoring system is going to work

1= utter crap, 2= terrible, 3= bad, 4= below average, 5= average, 6= above average, 7= great, 8= really great, 9= fantastic and 10= utter perfection

now i'm not sure when my first one will be done i still have to decide what game to review first as it's a big thing being my first official review

so please be kind if it has a few mistakes and hopefully i will get better as time goes by

All my Consoles

just thought i would share all my consoles with you all

First up the NES


and now my SNES, N64 and Gamecube


and now my Master Syaten 1 & 2, Megadrive and Dreamcast (never had a Saturn)


my PS1


my PS3 Slim, PS2 Slim and Nintendo Wii

PS3,PS2 and Wii



and finally my XBOX 360


the thing is i still play them all as well and the one i play the most is probably the PS2