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My new Blog

Hey everyone who checks out my blogs on here......if there is anyone. I have started a more professional blog separate from any gaming web site. Please check it out.


HOLY CRAP what do you know Vic Ireland is still alive doing something........

RPG's and Ancient Japanese

My life has been insane.....lets see my I run over a large sharp screw and my car has to have all its tires replaced because they were going bad anyways. My wife is sick and throwing up...then my daughter gets it...then my daughter has a bad rash infect goes to the hospital and then my wife gets sick again throwing up. I had four mid terms last week and started a new job where I translate Japanese for a department of my college. Oh and though I shouldn't be drinking energy drinks I found out that red bull is the only one that doens't give me heart palpitations....meaning I'm low tolerant towards caffine. But at least the red bull works. Also One of my tests was in Ancient Japanese............not an easy language or test.



Games: Lets see I bought rumble roses for the 360 for 7 bucks the other day.....and it was very much worth it....the graphics are nice and the gameplay is alright...the grappling system is amazing like the previous game....but the character customize! I'm back! Also picked up the poorly rated Might and magic game which I actually enjoy! Its very linear but besides that it isn't too bad. Graphics are better than oblivion...well where characters are involved. Also I just saw the Japanese trailer for Ar tonelico 3 .................means I have to beat the other 2 because this looks ff13 epic to me...............maybe thats just me.


Me and by brothers play our own version of final fantasy tacitcs like the parent's basement dwellers we are with figurines....because we swing that way....anyhow we decide we wanted a few new we bought a DnD random pack, inticed by the awesome frost titan on the back....or the possibility of the giant Djinn with the flame sword.........and we got a crappy plastic tornado least the other figures were cool.

I guess I will take time later to make this blog in Japanese also.

FF fan boy rant

CutiBetrix said: Japan is only 1/5 of the gaming market.... wtf were they thinking!congratulations Square-Enix, you just lost another life-long FF fan.... heck it isnt even made by the original FF team! They moved to Microsoft & Mistwalker(makers of Shadow Hearts) and made Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey!*phew*

Zaciroth:Please if your going to rant do it properly. Shadow hearts was created by Sacnoth (later known as Nautilus) and recently published by xseed. weather you agree or not FF12 was an amazing game and it didn't have creator either! Plus after doing the majority of work on ff7 and games after most of the real creative pull has been Nomura and Amano....the WHOLE freaking team but Sakaguchi and Uematsu are there and if you played lost odyssey (which I loved) though a good game they seem to be in more of a rut of same of **** than the current ff crew. And what are you **** about its coming out on both freaking consoles in the USA and everywhere else and probably will be released on the 360 in Japan as the international version with better **** Seriously if your going to throw a fan boy be ready for bigger fan boys to throw bigger fits ...........just insulted myself LMAO :)

By the way I'm really geared up for this gaming season. RPG and fighters HOOOOOOOOO!

Halo vs other fanboys

This is a conversation on with me and some guy.

bloodomen2 said: more like a sequal to halo 2 on the ORIGINAL XBOX poor xbots gonna be dissapointed once theyll play it but they are still gonna live in denial and praise it!this game is a overhyped flop just like haze :][

Me: First of all just because you own an xbox doesn't mean you worship halo. I actually bought mine because it had more Japanese games on it than SONY and NINTENDO'S CRAP (both of which I have also). And second I'm not a halo fan but I know everything you just said was wrong. Its not a sequel (spelled this way just so you know) to halo 2 its a spin off and its not using the engine from the Original Xbox but from Halo 3. And the thing is I love Final fantasy but I'm sure someone who doesn't love it will think that its just over hyped crap too.....but I'll love it anyways. Were all the same can't you people just shut the hell up with this arguing all the freaking time!? I have had enough of it from the eighties on.

Square Enix 2010

Square Enix......means alot to me. Why? Because I am a lame ass fan boy...but hear me out. Since I was a child the stories in these games not only interested me but touched my life. The characters in it all ment something like friends or some sad sappy crap like that. Whatever the case the company still holds the same meaning to me....but here lately I think they have lost their vibe. When I was younger every Square soft or enix game would instantly should the companies name just by the art or the feeling...but here lately....I'm just hoping they get it back....we haven't had a final fantasy in 3 years (besides Crisis core which does kick all sorts of ass) and we have had plenty of remakes but nothing new like Parasite eve was back in the day ( and allowing Tri ace to make games for you doesn't mean your doing it). Come on guys lets get back out there and fight. Its the 2000s soon to be 2010 lets let the 20 teens be the new 90s for RPG games!

Dragon Quest Union

I am now leader of a Dragon Quest Union Please visit and if you like DQ join!

RPG research 1:..........Camelot?

Okay this is the first blog in my many rpg research blogs. Its mostly for fans out there who want to deep their love for games.
First Camelot. I remember this company well....but only because of the golden sun games. Is this bad? And should us hard core gamers know them? Well they created the original Shinning force series for Sega masters system and CD and..........well thats about all. After working for Sega they seem to have became an affiliate company of Nintendo creating third party mario games. However the two games they are most known for are. Beyond the Beyond. a Psone game which is very underrated and besides arc the lad and wild arms helped shape the psone and well future rpg's all together and pave a path for games like ff7 and suikoden.

The other game is Golden sun.

And in case you all dont remember it here is a refresher.
Anyhow according to a new trailer
A new golden sun is coming. Maybe its worth checking out? But has the fan base died for this series?
I think it looks extremely promising and already has my money.