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Cloverfield ROCKED!!!

I saw cloverfield on opening day with dizzydennis and then i saw again with my girlfirend 2 days later it was a very good movie. At the end you see a "flashback" kinda thing and you see a satalite crash into the water (mutates a fish inot the monster and wakes it up) and at the end of the credits you hear a ditorted message "help us ...(something you can't understand)" if you play the hard to hear part backwords it says "it's still alive" i give it a 9.5 out of 10


i f there is any one who likes to make unions please make a halo haters union because i am sick of that overrated crap and im to lazy to start and manage my own union. So fellow halo haters unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Worst has happened to Smash Bros Brawl

They put in diddy kong. Why would they do that. First he replaced DK jr in mario power tennis then in mario kart dd. They over use him. Diddy used to be cool on the n64 but not any more.And one more thing. why are those sub space creatures riding in a ship that looks like meta night?

Is any one a sprite ripper!!!!!!

If there is any one out there who rips sprite i would realy like your help. I need 3 sprite sheets all from the sme game

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. on the gennisis(yes it's incorrect spelling). The sprites i need are The green ranger the red ranger and goldar.

thank you very much


I realy need help in viewtiful joe red hot rumble for the game cube. I can't un lock young captain blue. I know you need to beat the hidden hide out to get him but i don't know how to get the hidden hide out somone please help!!!!

Finaly Mario Kart for the WII

Yes wii owners praise the nintendo lord Mario kart for the wii has been anounced it has online great graphics and it comes with the wii steering wheel. Othe games from nintendo Metroid Prime 3 Coruption Mario Galaxy Samsh Bros (release december 3rd). I think Nintendo is winning the consol wars right now

Transformers Rocked My Socks!!!!!

The Transformers movie was GREAT. The explosions were AWESOME. The cgi was INCREDIBLE. The girl was HOT. Optimus Prime vs Megatron was Fricken awesome. I was having a nerdgasm the whole time. All i need to say about this movie is **** A!!


As we all know a new transformers movie is comming out so i decided to find out if i was a autobot or decipticon. Me i was a decipticon and my name is magnotron.But what side are you on.Click the link to find out. All you have to do is type in what your friends call you (mine is pete) and the it gives you a side and a name.