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How it brings a tear to my eye..

I feel deeply saddened. A union I held in high regard has seemed to have wilted and died like a plant with no food or water.

The Fun Club was a huge part of my (GS) experience and I loved being a part of the union (I even became an officer!) but unfortunatly for me my life became busy and I was no longer able to spend many hours having friendly arguements about things that would never matter in the real world, only the gaming world. It made me feel part of an unusual community that everybody was equal no matter where you were from or how you looked, whereas in the real world these things matter.

I decided to go back after months to The Fun Club and see how everybody was doing only to notice that nobody was posting in the board forums or no new members were introducing themselves.

I understand to some people this maybe a stupid things to blog about but to me it is a sad moment as I will no longer see CheesyJon contradict Apitz all the time or who was enjoying the worst films, knowing quite rightly they would be teared about for enjoying a RomCom the moment they posted the title.

Dear GameSpot...




is there a lack of content and news involving the Wii and 3DS systems. I understand that overall these are, and always have been, referred to as "inferior" consoles but what about the people who enjoy them more than the "hardcore" consoles. There can't actually be a lack of news surrounding them as Nintendo aren't a company to keep the lid on many of their projects (knowingly they shout them from the rooftops). I am a really keen 3DS gamer and went to know about everything to do with it. Every day I log onto the site and notice that "Sony have said this", or "Microsoft have said that" but all we seem to get from Nintendo is "price cuts are doing well" or "companies aren't keen on the price cuts". To be honest the price cut doesn't affect me as I bought mine the weekend it release so I want to know "real" news involving games and software.

p.s Why hasn't mgs3DS got a release date for it when all the shops are saying it comes out in the winter?

Thank you, rant over.

Nearly 2 months!

OMG WOW...nearly 2 months I have been away doing nothing! Nah I lie, I've been busy. Nearly finished my college course like 2 weeks left! Getting all my work finished has been hard but its all paying off now.

My band! My band are doing wonderful now. We've started to play better venues like the HMV Institute and the o2 Academy (how cool ay?). Hope you guys will follow our music

Enough about me, how have you guys been? Well...what guys (and girls) are left, seems all my "followers" have disappeared :cry:

So yeah, please leave a comment telling me what you've been up to? New games? New....partner maybe?

I've missed you lot! :D

Makes me laugh...

I have just bought Killzone 3 tonight and enjoyed playing the multiplayer but...weirdly even the Killzone website doesn't even know the game is out. Nothing is set up and keeps telling me to order the game.

Thought it was funny.

Boo YaH!

Boo Yah expresses my lovable excitement for everything in the world at this moment! XD

Everything is going swimmingly beautiful for me and all improving. I bought the 3DS on sunday and is AMAZING! Easily the best purchase I have made in recent years...there are many quirks including paying all that money and STILL got to wait until the end of May for the finished product completely with all the added features..but it shall be worth the wait! I only got one game with it, Pro Evo 2011, and it is exactly like the console versions so my BIG question is what game will I get....I have geared towards Star Wars III: The Clone Wars but with the poor(ish) review and the last DS game using the touch screen WAY too much I'm unsure whether to or not. I know that the DS is all touch screen and stuffs but from what I have seen the 3DS has already started to use the touch screen a lot less than the original DS so this is a bonus for people who enjoy to just have a quick game instead of having to bust out the stylus every second.

Another bonus is I got Goldeneye for the Wii...if anybody does play this online etc please send me your Wii code it would be awesome to play it with other people I know (kind of) for once :D

Another another bonus is my band finally split...well we haven't but I'm no longer in charge (THANK GOD!) and can continue to keep my head level on my writing and sixth form work :D

Bring on the high life! This panda is OUT!

New Stuff!

Can't Wait for my new stuff!

hopefully this weekend coming I shall get Goldeneye with the gold pro a few weeks I shall have the 3DS and Killzone 3.

Gleaming! Gonna be awesome!


3DS, here I come!

YEAH BABY! The 3DS is here so so soon we can nearly touch it and I can't wait to get my hands on it...obviously I shall wait another month because then more, better bundles will be available!