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Playing update

Dear all,

Since it has been a while, I wanted to keep you posted about my most recent gaming progress. Maybe some will be inspired and/or want to share same experiences.

Current game I am playing now is Assassin's Creed II, first one was great when it came out, this one is certainly better, more variance, broader worlds and since it's playing in cities I have been myself a couple of times, a very nice sense of recognizing the environment. And, feeling an assassin is very amusing.

Gaming progress update


As promised in the previous blog, here I am back with some news about my game progress. Also a small question to the game community in the end, so don't stop reading (also the ones who know a bit more about me :)

I was able to make progress in my games. I did finish Assassin's Creed I, reached DIRT I up to Tier 3 (all won in Pro Am mode), restarted and finished up to 90% GTA IV (did all side missions, only missing are 15 stunt jumps and a lot of pigeons) and have now restarted Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, with all C-events done and only 1 B-event still to do (all won also). For the other Gran Turismo fans, I would love to know your favorite cars, would be a nice poll to do, no?

Still one question to the game-community. I suppose there are a lot of female gamers also (my wife is not so fond of gaming, so bad person to ask) and I would like to know which type of games are more attractive to the female gamers. Is it all the same (so the bloody FPS, sport games, racing games) or are the clichés confirmed (Sims, Wii ...)

Let me know, big thanks in advance ....


Recent game facts


I would like to share with you all the recent games I played and progress in these. As said in my last blog, I was playing some race and some action adventures/FPS games mixed together.

My strategy now is to play FPS or Action Adventure games or Racing games. Non simultaneously but to avoid being bored by one of the 2. As such, recently I restarted playing Assassin's Creed I, what a game!!! I had already played it, but not untill the end, something I was able to do now, so I have played the complete game...
I am ready for AC II, let it come!!!

Now I am involved again in racing, at the moment off-road racing with Dirt I. I am at 24% at Tier 3 in the career and trying to win all games in Pro Mode.I have succeeded in this for about 80% of past races, but now it's starting to be very difficult and time-consuming to win all in Pro. Therefore I will change to Pro Am mode, and try to win it all, to be ready for Dirt 2, demo downloaded, but not bought yet. I will continue to complete Tier 3 and then start racing another one (circuit racing) to keep it funny.

Next games to play are
- for FPS: GTA 4 (currently at 65%)or Resistance 2 (in the middle I think), still doubting
- for racing: Grant Turismo 5 Prologue (all Bronze levels done) and next Moterstorm I (only 3 or 4 races to complete)

As you can see, my wish list is filled with 8 games, and some of there are close to launched. NBA 2K10 will be next to buy and I will start playing itimmediately ...

Hope you like the reading, don't hesitate to comment, I always like it ...

Life of an old gamer

Hi all,

Just posting this blog to tell you all a little bit about my game life. Some facts about myself, I am 35 years old (hence the "old" in the title), live since 8 months in the Spanish capital Madrid, where I moved to with family end of 2008, to work here as an expat for my company.

When moving, I of course took my PS 3 gaming system and HP Pavillion laptop to be sure to continue playing in Spain. Not always so simple with a son of 2 years, a lot of nice weather with swimming pool in garden and a country to explore in the spare free time (since working in Spain is not as fun as it seems, you have to do quite some hours).

However, since I am the one who needs the less amount of sleep in the house, I do get my playing time in the afternoon (during siesta time for son and wife) and in the evening/night. As such the last months, I played GTAIV (not done yet, at around 70%), GRID (in 2nd license), DIRT (15%) and now Resistance 2 (no idea how far I am) and Far Cry 2 as most recent addition to my owned games list. Still about 7 games on my wish list, mostly racing games and NBA.

As you can see, I have added a nr of game reviews, I hope you like it and it can help you when choosing games. To be honest, I am not too disappointed in my choice of games (regularly checking Gamespot is helping), the only ripoff I have in my collection is Need for Speed Prostreet which is just not a good game.

Keep an eye, I will certainly post another blog somewhere in the future.