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Finally done with College!

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Finally, never thought I would see the day I graduated from college! Woot! Feels like whole lot pf pressure got off me. Anyway, off to do masters! LOL

Anyhow, how are you guys doing and enjoying the summer?

Updates on present and future things.

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So, it's been almost a year since I haven't blogged, mainly since I've been finishing college (which I have) and finishing on my personal website and blog. I know a few of you who know me and some who will be like "whi the hell are you?" I understand, since I haven't been very active.

Anyway, I will soon post my blog site, for those interested in reading up on news, thoughts on gaming, anime and others.

As always, thank you for your attention to reading this blog. Stay tuned for a future link for you guys interested to follow. :)

It's summer and lot of things to do!

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So after hard work at colelge it's time to relax and enjo le summer. Time to head to the beach and play some games oh yeah! After seeing E3, I'm looking forward to lot of games this year. They all looked very promising! Let's see what other goodies will appear!

Top 10 games I will look forward to!

1. Tomb Raider

2. Assassin's Creed Revelations

3. Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

4. Ninja Gaiden 3

5. Mass Effect 3


7. Battlefield 3

8. Final Fantasy XIII-2

9. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

10. Batman Arkham City

So what games are you guys looking forward to this year? :D

I'm Alive!

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Sorry guys that I past rarely, but I've been busy with a lot of things (including college). I'll try post every once in a while. Since I got some time to breath and relax lol. Anyways, I'm gonna leave you guys with a question.

You guys planning to buy any goodies this holiday? :)

This year's E3

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So we got to see lots and lots of cool games this year.

Nintendo specially...wasn't expecting all the good games to come back like that. good job.

MS and Sony looked interesting with Kinect and Move.

What I did see was that the three shared was the 3D aspect for gaming. seeing how they are going through that path, I'm guessing 3D gaming will be the next gen instead of an xbox720 or ps4 or Wii 2? lol.

Also, I did not expect Twisted Metal to come back, nor goldeneye, nor donkey kong country. This year's E3 was exciting and fun for me.

What about you guys?

Just around the corner...

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It's the last week of April meaning summer is just around the corner. I think I can finally take a break from college work heh or maybe I'll get a part-time or an intern...depends on the situation i guess. Anyways, you guys planning on doing anything?

Well, have I must be really lucky lol

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Hey guys, been a while. College won't let me take a break lol. Anyway, letting you guys know I'm still alive and well...also on my way to picking up a Sony Bravia 40" I won in a contest lol. Anyways, I'll let you guys know anything else, sorry for any inconvenience. Talk to you all later... :)

My bad guys

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It's been quite a while since my last blog(time flies) and I'm sorry for it. I will be updating it it soon with some new series I've finished watching and other things. Also, my 360 died Friday lol, I'm more surprised than sad because it lived for 3 years...longer than any of the other ones i had. Fortunately I got a new one, so I'm happy and I've sent the other one for a repair anyways.

Anyways, maybe I"ll update this week, but then again maybe not, since I'm in college finals. but we'll see.

Anime Watch!

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Ok guys and gals, I'm little by little becoming active here at GS :P

So, today I'll be talking a bit of some animes I've been watching in the my past days/weeks/months.

For today I'll be talking about 4 anime!

Shall we start?

1. Kurokami:

Kurokami Front

I finished watching this anime a few days ago actually, and the reason it took me along time(started like 2-3 weeks ago) was because I watched one episode per day (sometimes 2 he he). Nonetheless, this anime is action packed. If you are one of those that love full detailed fighting scenes and shocking storyline, then I'd recommend you this anime. I won't give away anything, for those that haven't watched it yet. and those of you who have, I'm sure you enjoyed it too.

next up is...

2. Soul Eater:

Soul Eater

Now, I'm going to be honest, this anime is laugh out loud kind of anime. It has deep storyline, humorous scenes and epic fighting. It has everything you need in it. There are some scenes I had to watch over and over because of the epicness that it had. xD.

Anyways, this anime is quite long (51 episodes) and short (compared to other anime). But I will guarantee that this anime is pure awesome. Again, won't give away ad neither those who had watched it :).

Continuing on we have...

3.Code Geass:

Code Geass

Ok, ok ok....I'm sure this anime is pretty popular all over the world. So I won't go into a lot of details. I'll numerate the core things this anime has:

1-Epic battles

2-Mysterious and shocking storyline (meaning it's really really good)


So those of haven't watched...go now and cry with joy.

Alrighty 1 left...and it is...

4. Nabari No Ou


Alright, hum...I'm currently watching this anime, but I'm almost finished so I'll just put it here. Ok, this anime is basically what some people call a more "sophisticated" Naruto anime. Shorter, character designs are more detailed and storyline is straight to the point. However there is a difference in the anime...which is that throughout the series, there's a close relationship going on between the main character and another character. You might be asking..."Mafia...that's normal". Yes it is, but for me...well, it's not gay relationship...but like someone told me, it's a boy love (NOT GAY LOVE, making sure), sometimes you would feel like....eck lol. Anyways, if you want something different with a ninja/samurai taste you should see Nabari.

Alright guys and gals that's it for me today I have an angry mob of Naruto fans waiting and for me outside my house with pitchforks and torches. I'll post another blog with more anime later on, and once I get rid of this angry mob.;)

Cya later!And please do write which anime you would recommend for me to watch! I like deep story plot, awesome action, humor, shounen, drama, just a bit of everything :P

New updated images

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Well, guys and gals, today I'm here to inform you of the new updated images I've been doing in the past few days/hours, it's a new forum signature(should be in my image gallery son) and blog banner(as you can see). Took me a while to look for good pictures that fit my interest, so yeah. If there's anything that can be improved, do tell me. I always like to mess around with my images. :P