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The new Oddworld Inhabitants site looks like... Junk!

Oddworld Inhabitants said 5 years ago they were constructing their site to make it look better. Unfourtunately after spending those 5 wasted years, they made it look like crap. It's too white and the border layout is damaged. Why spend 5 years if it's gonna look like rubbish. Did they have any ideas?

I am an Oddworld fan and always have been since the age of 4-5 years old (I am 15 years old now). But seriously, they didn't even attempt to recreate the site, and I'm sure they didn't have any theories on what the site could look like.

So this is what I say to Oddworld Inhabitants, "You can do better than that. You're game geniuses!"

Ubisoft announces new free DLC for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood!

Ubisoft has announced the new Animus Project Update 1.0, meaning DLC Pack 1 for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. In the DLC, there will be a new multiplayer game mode refreshing your brains for once. It is called, Advanced Alliance. Advanced Alliance is the same as the original Alliance mode, but a lot more tougher because of target identification and engagement has been decreased making it challenging for players.

Also, multiplayer mode will be introducing a new map called "Mont Saint-Michel", located on a rocky tidal island of Normandy in France. Ubi promises an environment full of "narrow streets, high-perched bell tower and multi-leveled architecture.

The release date for the DLC is December 14th 2010.

Do not buy Tony Hawks: RIDE!

Do not buy Tony Hawks: RIDE, it is possibly the worst game on the Xbox 360 yet. A few months ago, I bought this game for 30 pounds in GAME, and I am telling you now, it was a waste of money! I sold it back, no joke. It is so bad and terrible and I will tell you why. The graphics suck, the gameplay sucks and the board sucks. The board is so unresponsive it isn't called a board, its sensor radius prevents the ability to pull off tricks and play properly, the graphics are obnoxious and the game modes are bad! They have a freeride mode where it is basically the same level, just without the tracks and the timer! Listen here, this is no joke, If you buy it, you will regret it so much you would just love to feel that paper with the pound sign on it again, you will be sniffing out for that luxurious smell of paper that gets you what you want to buy, you will be dying of game starvation that your brain will go insane! So trust me, please do not buy this game!

A dream recorder....Seriously??

I've found out that scientists are now capable of recording people's dreams. How fantastic is this! I would certainly love to see what I dreamt afterwards... well... if you wanted to show your parents what you've been dreaming, just be careful you didn't dream about anything..well.. y'know ;P But, it's definately great news and we can all see techonology has advanced quite fast. But, if scientists do sell dream recorders, remember to keep your wallet full.

My top two PS1 games

Well, if you all know the 1996 to 2010 world's amazing two adventure games that have been incredible and successful.. well.. those two have to be the "Oddworld" series and "Tomb Raider" series. These are the first two games I ever played in my life, and are my top 1 games yet. We all know Oddworld and Tomb Raider are great, because... well... they're awesome!

ACB - Shrunken Head (Help)

Hi there, guys. I have everything I need for the Exotica shop quest at the blacksmith except I need one more Shrunken Head. Apparently there is only two in the game, which I don't believe. I can't seem to get the bandits to attack me at night, I've tried pickpockets and borgia messengers, but still nothing yet. I've also replayed one of the courtesan missions where there are Bandits on a slave trade boat and looted them, but still nothing. Could you please help me in any way on how to get Shrunken Heads easily? Because I know there isn't just two in the game if you can receive plenty of other trade items constantly. :)